#10: Sims Football 2035 Match – Bloopers & Lots

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Daniel Pleasant & General Buzz Grunt's secret handshake 1
(#4 Before the Kickoff: Four Managers)

General Buzz Grunt: Hey Dannyboy!
Daniel Pleasant: Yo, Buzzman! Long time no see!

Regan Capp & Kent Monty stare at old frat boys Daniel Pleasant & General Buzz Grunt
They proceed to do a complicated handshake, back from their fraternity days.
Regan Capp & Kent Monty: (thinking) What the Fringe? O_O

(Credit: Chronosim Twins for coming up with this caption 😉 )

Albert Beaker & Isabel Loner caught littering
(#6 Half-Time – STM Dressing Room)

The REAL reason why Albert Beaker was confronted by General Buzz Grunt during Half-Time…

Albert Beaker & Isabel Loner caught littering

… he and his cousin Isabel Loner were caught littering near the vending machine.

Octavius Capp lets the magic cube decide
(#6 Half-Time – Pride & Penalties)

Octavius Capp: All right, Tybalt, let the magic cube decide WHO shall take the penalties…

Tybalt Capp hits Octavius anyway
Tybalt Capp: Magic cube, my foot! You can have my fist!

Tybalt punches Octavius.
Regan was a few seconds too late.

Octavius Capp accuses Tybalt of being a bully

Octavius: How dare you hit me, you big bully, in front of my mother?

Tybalt: If you’re a man, you’ll stop crying for your mother, and punch me back!

Regan Capp's intervention came too late

Octavius: Are you crazy? I don’t want to be red-carded!

Regan Capp: Sorry, son, I couldn’t help you in time.
I want to red-card you, Tybalt, but it’s a pity I’m not the Referee.

John & Jennifer Burb mortified
(#7A: 2nd Half Part 1)

Lucy Burb’s parents, John and Jennifer, are mortified at her performance.

They thought the Referee was going to give her another Yellow Card for diving in the penalty area at 49″.

Tybalt Capp sees Tank Grunt fall

Tybalt: Haha, this soldier, Tank Grunt, is the REAL Clumsiano Ronaldo (instead of Lucy Burb). I didn’t hit him…

Octavius Capp's penalty saved by Benedick Monty

The outcome Tybalt wished for, when his young cousin Octavius took the penalty kick.

PVCS Goal Celebration Gone Wrong: Beau Broke accidentally hits Demetrius Dreamer's head
(#7B: 2nd Half Part 2)

PVCS Goal Celebration Gone Wrong: Beau Broke accidentally hits Demetrius Dreamer’s head.

STM Goal Celebration Gone Very Wrong: Beatrice Monty (accidentally) kicks Horatio
STM Goal Celebration Gone (Very) Wrong:

Bea Monty, watch where you’re kicking.
Horatio Monty, you may be secretly enjoying this, but I hope you’re wearing your athletic guard…

Bianca Monty makes a bold statement about Antonio
(#8A: Final Whistle & the Proposal P1)

Bianca Monty: Despite him being an in-law, it is fair that Kent gets to be the STM Manager, because my brother Antonio, the Monty patriarch, is too busy minding the family restaurant (and his corresponding belly).

Cornwall Capp comments on son Octavius' magic cube addiction
(#8B: Final Whistle & the Proposal P2)

Cornwall Capp: Son, since when did they allow players to bring magic cubes onto the football pitch?

RM Lumiere gets restless at his post near Goneril & Albany Capp

RM Lumiere gets restless in his consistent role of guarding Goneril and Albany Capp after the match.

Don Lothario is Abducted & Tortured by Aliens
(#8C: Final Whistle & the Proposal P3)

Don Lothario was tortured into accepting the aliens’ proposal…

Mercutio Monty stares at Tybalt Capp

Mercutio Monty wonders if Tybalt Capp has gone mad, being desperate enough to argue/fight with himself.

Mercutio Monty falls
#3 Silo Incident: Wrong Sim falls off… 😉

Horatio & Claudia Monty looking away from the computer
#2 STM Families: What did the siblings see? 😮

Gondola Man & Charity Greenwood
(#9: Tybalt’s Exploits)

The Gondola Man is set as Charity Greenwood‘s father in CAS.

“Charity, if you keep revealing personally-identifying information to strangers online, I’ll throw your computer into the river!”

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Lots used in the background story of the 2035 STM Football Universe. Some of them may appear in the Main STM Series too, so keep your eyes peeled 😉

Silo Farm (Created by Sims2Player): Mercutio Monty’s house in the Silo Incident.

Silo Farm 1 Silo Farm 2 Silo Farm 3 Silo Farm 4

Gondola Park (Created by Sims2Player): Site of the Summerdream Reconciliation Party.

Horatio and Claudia Monty go there often, as the latter wonders how such a beautiful place holds the mystery of her birth parents’ untimely end 😦

Gondola Park 1 Gondola Park 2 Gondola Park 3

2031 Restaurant (Created by Sims2Player): The Capp family dined there in Tybalt’s Exploits.

2031 Restaurant 1 2031 Restaurant 2 2031 Restaurant 3

Treebeard Forest (Created by AldoHyde): Where Regan Capp and Kent Monty’s secret communications channel was established.

Treebeard Forest Worst Possible Eavesdropper

Bianca & Kent’s 2035 House: Modified by Sims2Player, from AldoHyde’s “Bianca Monty’s Original STM House”.

Bedroom Layout of Bianca's Original STM House Modified Layout: Guest Room & Area for Living Room Computer Another Angle of Living Room Area Bianca & Kent Monty's 2035 House, Outside. Deliberately different from the rest of Veronaville.
2035 House: Upstairs, Bedroom Layout 2035 House: Upstairs, Bedroom Layout 2035 House: Upstairs, Common Area

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Assuming you’ve read all the chapters of this series, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey of PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035.

Special thanks to my co-writer, Sims2Player, for the football expertise, excellent lots, interesting ideas, crucial plot details (especially the Silo Incident) and fruitful discussions. 🙂

While the tale is still relatively fresh in your head, why not try the [PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ] and/or [PVCS vs STM 2035 Identify-the-Toddler Quiz] 😉

Stay tuned for the rest of the Main STM Machinima Series, and other side projects that may appear as inspiration strikes.

Who knows if these new tales will be weirder than PVCS vs STM? 😉

— AldoHyde (March 2016)


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