STM Season 2: Story Arcs

It is quite clear that I do not play every household in Strangetown and Veronaville equally. Instead, I pick and choose the characters who inspire me, and write a story focused on them.

STM is a gray world, shaded with Fringe Green and Hyde Blue. Characters are involved in problematic situations, where psychological issues, especially anger and control, are actively explored.

MAJOR: (Addressed every episode, approx 50% of total airtime) Bianca Monty & Kent Capp – their relationship with each other, with Antonio Monty and Hyde Dynamic. How the Veronaville Feud has influenced their ways of thinking, and how everything seems to tie back to the Veronaville Disaster.

MINOR 1: (Addressed at least once every 2 episodes, approx 30-33% of total airtime) Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) & Ophelia Nigmos – a guardian-ward relationship may get complicated when the age gap is small (less than 10 years). Worse still if the guardian had grown up badly…

MINOR 2: (Addressed at least once every few episodes, approx 17-20% of total airtime) The Bella Goth Case – The focus is NOT on Bella’s personal story, but on HOW Ajay Loner & Erin Beaker handle her case.

If you think STM should contain more about Bella, you have missed the point of the series. The title is “StrangeTown Monty”, not “StrangeTown Goth” o_0

It gets even more ironic when I recall that around STM 1.01, people were googling for “Strangetown MORTY” …

(Orig published on Dec 2, 2013)