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“StrangeTown Monty” (STM) is a Sims2 Simlish Machinima Series that features the default Strangetown (Science Fiction neighborhood), with touches from the default Veronaville (Shakespeare neighborhood).

AldoHyde wrote this scientific conspiracy and psychological drama for a 13+ audience.

This show does not feature conventionally attractive (or “pretty”) sims. Instead, it thrives on a strong script and thought-provoking dialogue.

Expect unconventional portrayals of situations and characters, experimental storytelling methods, and stories that are NOT confined to typical gameplay limitations. [Introduction to STM: For Non-Sims Players]

[For Sims players] Series Synopsis: Disaster strikes Veronaville, leaving only a pair of adult siblings and several children. The Monty-Capp family feud seems to have ended, but new and more sinister problems might be lurking in the shadows of Strangetown & (what remains of) Veronaville.

A bizarre tale starring Bianca Monty, Kent Capp, many other premade sims from StrangeTown / Veronaville, and the Hyde Dynamic Racing Men.

[Season 2 Story Arcs]

This STM Site is also the home of other tales of premade sims, set in related STM Universes.

Sims Football Universe:

PVCS vs STM Football Match 2015
PVCS vs STM 2015
STM vs PVCS Football Match 2015
PVCS vs STM 2035
Goals of Daniel Pleasant (GODP)
Goals of Daniel Pleasant

StrangeTown: Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC) Universe

StrangeTown: Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC)
STSYC: Battle of StrangeTown
Olive Specter's Timeline (OST)
Prequel: Olive Specter’s Timeline

Of course, let’s not forget the Main STM Universe, which starts and ends with the Veronaville Disaster:

StrangeTown Monty - Sims 2 Machinima Series (Simlish voices - English subtitles)
StrangeTown Monty (STM) Machinima Series

… as well as other quizzes, polls and game guides.

I wrote STM for a 13+ audience. If you are too young, you may not fully understand some of the difficult language and concepts. Perhaps when you’re older, you may appreciate the show much better, and also understand why Hyde’s video-making schedule is the way it is.

STM is a Machinima-Gameplay Hybrid. The series uses a bare minimum of custom content, since it’s set in the Sims Universe rather than the “real” world. Default EAxis characters are given only subtle makeovers, so that the original character remains largely recognizable. AldoHyde, writer of this show, inserts plenty of Fringe influences in this Simlish Scientific Conspiracy.

The characters speak Simlish, the barely decipherable gibberish Sim language. I like Simlish because I’m free to imagine what the characters are actually saying, rather than be locked down to definite words cast in stone.
(More Info on Simlish: see the AldoHyde FAQ Page.)

The entire series is filmed in a “merged neighborhood”, a combo of the 3 base game default neighborhoods, Strangetown, Veronaville & Pleasantview; created by the folks at MoreAwesomeThanYou (MATY). It requires the Base Game & Nightlife, and you must NOT ever add another “Downtown” (Nightlife EP) to this neighborhood. But it’s ok to add “Shopping Districts” (Open For Business EP) (as many as you like) to this neighborhood. [Download]

This is to ensure that I can move Monty safely from Veronaville to Strangetown without glitching my game. DO NOT EVER move sims from one neighborhood to another using the “Houses & Lots Bin”, as that will give you really terrible bugs. Instead…

1. Use a properly merged neighborhood, OR
2. Clone the sim’s likeness using SimPE OR
3. Download BodyShop clones of Maxis default characters from [this site].

For (2) & (3), use the Body Shop clones to recreate the characters in your target neighborhood.

Also see [STSYC #1: The Pleas], for a similar story element and gameplay warning.

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