StrangeTown Monty 1.10 (#10) Hyde Dynamic 1

Bianca Monty talking to her Watcher (Human Player) in a Machinima Show

Bianca Monty visits Hyde Dynamic. She learns some things about Sims Universes, but what will this new knowledge mean for her?

(DO NOT accuse Dr Hyde of being a “Gary Stu” because STM is “a show about PLAYING sims” as much as it’s a Scientific Conspiracy show.)

(STM 1.10 & 1.11) Hyde Dynamic 1 & 2 are “concept episodes”, since they contain ideas and very subtle references that will get stronger as Season 2 progresses.

Orig uploaded: Oct 25, 2012.
Views: 3000

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Here are some wikipedia links to clarify some of the concepts in this episode, but you should only click them AFTER you’ve finished watching (contains spoilers).

[Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3]     …   [NEXT] STM 1.11 – Hyde Dynamic 2

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