StrangeTown Monty 1.11 (#11) Hyde Dynamic 2

Bianca Monty discovers more about the Veronaville Disaster & her purpose in Strangetown. What can she expect to get after all the trouble she’s gone through?

(STM 1.10 & 1.11) Hyde Dynamic 1 & 2 are “concept episodes”, since they contain ideas and very subtle references that will get stronger as Season 2 progresses.

Orig uploaded: Jan 1, 2013.
Views: 2672

“Hyde Dynamic” is the name of my Lab in the Sims World.
It is also a pun on the fact that the Watcher’s presence is a very obvious factor in the story.

Link Updated: Dec 15 2013 –
[Bianca’s Generation: Age Discrepancies from Sims 3 Monte Vista]

[Watch on YouTube page]

Bianca Monty talking to her Watcher (Human Player) in a Machinima Show


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