Sims Football 2035 Match – STM vs PVCS

2035 Match: Veronaville, Strangetown & Pleasantview 20 Years Later…… a screenshot story in an Alternate Sims STM Universe where the “Veronaville Disaster” did not happen.

The Veronaville Feud takes on a 21st century twist, where the animosity between the Capp and Monty families is as intense and famous as the World Cup football rivalry between the titans Argentina and Brazil – hence the jersey colors of the PVCS and STM teams.

2035 Match (Sequel)How will Dina Caliente’s son, Juan, fare as a goalkeeper?
Will the grown-up Curious alien babies shine on the football pitch as they do in science?
How about Antonio Monty’s children?

In 2015, the Monty & Capp team managers abused each other on the pitch.
How will their 2035 counterparts behave this time…?

The 2035 Match is more Capp-centric, as opposed to the Monty focus of my Main STM Series.

PVCS vs STM Jersey Color CodesThe 2035 Match is written with greater emphasis on the characters’ thoughts, emotions and motivations — unlike the 2015 Match, which is written as a simple parody of my Main STM Series.

Simmers with less affinity towards football/soccer may instead appreciate this tale for its near-impossible animation logistics, and how the Sims game sandbox is stretched beyond its typical gameplay potential — especially during the “First/Second Half” chapters, when the match is in progress.

By AldoHyde & Sims2Player (Nov 2015 – Mar 2016)


1. [20 Years Later: PVCS Families]
2. [20 Years Later: STM Families]
3. [Silo Incident & Secret Communications]
4. [Before the Kickoff]
5. [1st Half]
6. [Half-Time Break: Dressing Room Drama]
7A. [2nd Half – Part 1]
7B. [2nd Half – Part 2]
8A. [Final Whistle & Proposal – P1]
8B. [Final Whistle & Proposal – P2]
8C. [Final Whistle & Proposal – P3]
9. [Extra: Tybalt’s Exploits]
10. [Extra: Bloopers & Lots]
11. [Extra: Offside]
12. [Extra: PVCS vs STM Sims Characters Recreated in FIFA 17] – *NEW* (Jan 5 2017)

[PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ] – *NEW* June 2017

Status: Completed 🙂

This tale was branched off from the StrangeTown Monty (STM) Machinima Series.

22 Replies to “Sims Football 2035 Match – STM vs PVCS”

  1. As a lifelong sports-hater, if you’d have told me last year I would read a whole football story AND understand the terms ‘offside’ and ‘rabona’ I would have said you were crazy 😉 Thank you, guys, for making PVCS an entertaining and educational journey for me 🙂

    1. I am pleased that PVCS vs STM made football and its emotions more accessible to you, especially when contextualized in the familiar landscape of the Sims universe. Thank you for your open-mindedness and support throughout the series’ run time 🙂

      The sandbox of the Sims games can do wonders — your imagination is the limit 😉

  2. Both stories were awesome(2015 and 2035 matches)! I was very surprised when Goneril finally accepted that the Feud was over and visited her first grandchild. But please can you tell me what’s the name of Mercutio’s baby and how did you use those skin replacements? Thank you! 😊

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed both Matches 😉 Mercutio’s baby’s name/gender are deliberately left ambiguous, so I can be flexible if I want to write a story about him/her in future. As for the skin/eye replacements, please see the FAQ on my main blog [] for the links.

  3. Great story as usuall! And finally 2.06(C) is here! 😉 I understand why it took longer to finish: you were busy finishing those awesome matches. Please, can you show us Ripp Grunt’s illegitimate children and himself? ☺

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed 2.06(C) as well 🙂
      However, I did not clone Ripp to be placed in the “2035 Neighborhood”, so I don’t have any pics of him and his illegitimate children.

      Rather than deliberately remaking these very minor characters, I’d rather focus on the next task at hand: creating the set and screenshots for the Alternate Universe story chapter, STM 2.06(D-AU).

  4. Can’t wait for 2.06(D-AU)!!!! Also, Sepp’s hair a custom content, isn’t it? And if it does, how did you installed it in your game because everytime I try to install clothes or hairstyles in my game, I fail! So I hope that you can help me, Aldo.

    1. In the STM Football Alternate Universe, did Bella Goth recover her memories and find her family?
      Nice work with 2.06 (D-AU)!

      1. The Goths have never been the focus of the Football AU 😉
        It’s unclear if Ajay and Erin even found PV/ST Bella in the first place, though Isabel Loner is an “echo” of her parents’ case in the Main STM Universe 😮

  5. Pity Romeo and Juliet were killed, but not all chapters of a story must be happy. I hope that 2.07 will reveal more about Strangetown folks, but you decide. That mod which removed the numbers and plumbobs from the football uniforms is awsome (made by Neder from Mod The Sims). The link is on the FAQ page from the 2015 Match, but how did you use it? Did you applied it in Body Shop?

    1. The football jersey default replacement mods should be downloaded, unzipped, then placed in the folder:

      “My Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 \ Downloads” OR
      “Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 Double Deluxe \ Downloads” .

      Remember, it’s the EA Games folder in your DOCUMENTS, *NOT* PROGRAM FILES.

      If you don’t have a “Downloads” folder, please read the following instructions:

  6. Have you ever considered recreating the whole Veronaville families in Sims 4 like you did in (or at least a part) Sims 3? I think they are very cool and it’s a shame that Maxis didn’t kept them as they did to the Goths.

    1. The biggest challenge of recreating premade sims is to replicate the default facial structures as closely as possible.

      I only had the patience to do this for my “Main 3” (Bianca, Kent, Antonio) in Sims 4. If I want any more of of these premades, I’d search through the Sims 4 Gallery for other users’ creations.

      Never mind if EA didn’t bother to bring the Montys and Capps back (yet) in Sims 4, as Monte Vista and Roaring Heights only appeared later in the Sims 3 franchise.

  7. Also, how can you expalin (storytelling speaking) the genetic glitches (aka age and gender mismatch) of the Nigmos and Capp (Caliban) couple, Melissa and Vicki Sims, Luc Smith, Lucy Mole etc. Why do they have a randomized appearence when their ghost shows up?

    1. These intentional glitches and mismatches are likely to show “examples of game corruption”. Storywise, this can be interpreted to be how Specter’s graveyard has the magical ability to either create illusions or to conjure changes that become new realities.

  8. The next STM marathon of 2.07 will be great as usual. The way you explained the glitches of Specter’s victims was awesome but how can you explain the randomized appearence of Caliban Capp? Also, some one asked about Bianca’s 2035-2036 house’s windows (why are they open on the first floor but closed on the second); storytelling speaking, burglars would enter the house very easily. We know that it may represents something about Bianca’s mind but what exactly?

    1. Please understand that I only bothered showing Bianca’s 2035 house’s second storey *only because* of a fan request. As a result, I didn’t put too much thought into whether the windows were open/closed — for I’d only care about such details if the set were used directly *in the story* instead 😛

      In STM’s recent episodes, the windows are shut. The STM Analysis article “Bianca’s Windows and the Apparition” explains the significance.

      I’m not sure about Caliban Capp or any other (non-victim of Specter) who has the Broken Face Template, because I didn’t include them when I was conceptualizing for the story.

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