StrangeTown Monty 2.06(D-AU): Ophelia’s Alternative

STM EXTRA: The events in this chapter DID NOT happen in the main plot, but ONLY in one of the many STM Alternate Universes.

**Spoiler Alert**: This is a FULL screenshot story chapter, taking place immediately after STM 2.06(C): The Patriarch P3.
DO NOT continue reading until you have watched till that episode!

[Canon vs Fanon: Staying Interested in Sims Games and Storytelling]

[STM 2.05(A) – 2.06(D-AU): Magic, Science & Watcher “Intervention” in the STM Universe]

How much does Ophelia Nigmos REALLY know?

Ophelia Nigmos shows up at the Hyde Dynamic lobby

Hyde Dynamic Strangetown, Main Lobby,
immediately after 2.06(C).

Receptionist: Can I help you, young lady?

Ophelia: I need to see Dr Duncan Xu and Dr Trent Ivanov.

Receptionist: Why you wish to see them?

Ophelia: They investigated a case at my house. My name is Ophelia Nigmos, and I live at 13 Dead End Lane, Strangetown. It’s urgent.

Ophelia Nigmos introduces herself at the Hyde Dynamic lobby

After a few phone calls…

Receptionist: This way please, Ophelia.

Ophelia: Good afternoon, Dr Xu and Dr Ivanov.

Ophelia Nigmos is granted clearance to meet Ivanov & Xu

(Exit Receptionist)

Ivanov: Ophelia, how can we help you?

Ophelia: I’m sorry. I lied to both of you(1).

Ophelia Nigmos begins her confession

Ophelia: When my Aunt Olive Specter was alive, she had a cemetery in our yard. I’ve always suspected that she’s a murderer, but I never dared to say anything to anyone, until now.

Xu: Ophelia, does your Cousin Nick know you are here?

Ivanov & Xu

Ophelia: No. Cousin Nick doesn’t know.

Xu: (gently) Ophelia, what stopped you from telling us the truth that day?

Ophelia: I didn’t want to betray my Aunt, who took good care of me until she died, and Cousin Nick took over.

Ivanov: I see. Did Cousin Nick warn you not to say anything?

Ophelia: No. But he loves his mother, my Aunt Olive, very much. Maybe I’m a little scared of him too.

Olive Specter & Nervous Subject

Ophelia’s two guardians: Olive Specter (late Aunt)
& Nick Grimm (first cousin, formerly “Nervous Subject”)

Xu: What are you afraid that he’ll do?

Ophelia: Yell at me, ground me.

Ivanov: Anything worse that that?


Ophelia: No, Sir. I don’t think Cousin Nick will do anything worse than that to me.

Ophelia Nigmos admits to be somewhat afraid of her guardian, Cousin Nick

Xu: That’s good. Ophelia, how long did your Aunt have that graveyard?

Ophelia: It was there since I moved in, when I was orphaned at age 9. I never actually saw Aunt Olive kill anyone, but the number of tombstones kept increasing. I never dared to look in detail.

Ophelia Nigmos finally tells the truth about Olive Specter's graveyard

Ivanov: When exactly did the graveyard disappear?

Ophelia: It was intact in the morning on the day of my Aunt’s death(2). After her death, all the tombstones suddenly mysteriously disappeared.

Xu & Ivanov: Mysteriously disappeared?!

Ivanov & Xu are shocked by the confession

Ophelia: Yes. Cousin Nick and I have no idea how it happened. Mr Buzz Grunt, as in the former General, must have seen the graveyard on his way in, when he came to confront my Aunt. It must have been gone by the time he went out again.

Xu: What did Grunt confront your Aunt about?

Ophelia: He was very vague. But now when I look back, I think he suspected my Aunt in his wife’s disappearance. I don’t know for sure if Aunt Olive was really responsible for what happened to Mrs Grunt. Their family believes she was murdered.

Ophelia Nigmos tells a very different story from what she told Ivanov & Xu in STM 2.05(A) Grimm Prospects P1

Ivanov: Why decide to tell us now?

Ophelia: Mr Grunt’s sons are my friends at school. Their mother disappeared several years before… and now their father is taken from them too…

Because of this, Mr Grunt lost his career and reputation, his eldest son enlisted early in the army, his middle son was forced into boarding school, and his youngest son is in foster care. All because I lied!!

Ophelia breaks down and weeps.
Xu and Ivanov watch compassionately.

Ophelia Nigmos breaks down

Ophelia: I can’t sleep at night… please help me, Dr Ivanov, Dr Xu…

Ivanov: What would you like us to do?

Ivanov & Xu

Ophelia: Tell President Wolff that Mr Grunt is not insane, that he really did see the graveyard, and let him go back to his family.

But will you both get into trouble? I’m guessing after your investigation, you reported that there was no graveyard…

Xu: Ophelia, we will only get into trouble if you are lying this time. I’m not saying that you are, but you have to promise us that days, months and years from now, you’ll stick with what you said today. Do we have your word?

Ivanov & Xu ask Ophelia Nigmos to commit to her statement

Ophelia: Yes.

Xu: Very good. Give us a moment.

Exit Xu and Ivanov, to their private room.
They are on the phone with Hyde.

Ivanov & Xu on the phone with Dr Prometheus Hyde

Ophelia’s phone buzzes. She types a quick reply to Cousin Nick’s text message:

Ophelia Nigmos's Text Message Conversation with Cousin Nick

Re-enter Ivanov and Xu.

Ivanov: Ophelia, we’ll call you to come back in a few days’ time, to read and sign an official statement. We hope not, but if Cousin Nick gives you any trouble because of this, please call the police, or let us know. Don’t ever suffer in silence.

Ophelia: Thank you, Sirs.

Ivanov & Xu agree to help Ophelia Nigmos

If THIS is what could have happened if Ophelia decided to speak up, why didn’t she do so in the main plot?

Does Ophelia indeed have a suppressed dark side, as a result of living in a supposedly evil environment for such a long time?

Or are her wild fancies (in STM 2.06(C)) simply a nod to the fact that everyone is guilty of evil thoughts at some point of their lives?

Whatever the reason, Ophelia is quite possibly the most powerful witness who could set General Buzz Grunt free.

Such a pity that this did NOT happen in the main plot. :/

Stay tuned for STM 2.07(A), back in Machinima format…

– The Hyde Dynamic logo was created by Vpetmad, as a parody of the Massive Dynamic logo from Fringe.

(1) For those who are unfamiliar with the STM Machinima Series, the Hyde Dynamic scientists first interrogated Ophelia Nigmos and Nick Grimm in in STM 2.05(A) Grimm Prospects P1.

(2) Olive Specter’s death – STM 1.09 Saved.

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25 Replies to “StrangeTown Monty 2.06(D-AU): Ophelia’s Alternative”

  1. Interesting stuff 😉 It is indeed a shame for the Grunts that this didn’t happen in the main storyline – although hopefully things will work out ok in that universe too 😮

    It was fun seeing my logo too – thanks for the credit 😛

    1. Besides “why didn’t this happen?”… we can also ask ourselves “why didn’t the author/Watcher allow this to happen in the main storyline?”

      After this scenario in 2.06(D-AU), what more can we say about the “silence” in 2.06(C)?

      After all, STM is a gray world in which things are not as straightforward as in “typical fairy tales”… 😮

  2. Maybe the reason she’s so nervous to tell anyone the truth is because Cousin Nick is making her homelife so uncomfortable, trusting anyone outside home would just make it worse. Maybe Olive made it hard to trust anyone out with her suspicious activities and the neighborhood believing the house to be cursed.

    Nice AU idea thou, it would be interesting to see how Cousin Nick reacted to further investigation or if they had to determine why the results of their investigation didn’t match Ophelia’s confession.

    1. The possibilities and scenarios you mentioned are indeed complicated, and are potentially nightmarish to all the characters involved 😮

      Could the way STM 2.06(C) ended be ironically, a “neat” way of resolving the issue, to avoid opening further cans of worms? After all, General Grunt DID insist on poking his nose into matters with consequences he could not fully preempt… and paid the price?!! 😮

  3. Great job with 2.06 (D-AU)! Pity this will never happen in the main storyline, but as you said STM is a pshycological drama. The 2016 trailer is very good as well, especially that we could see all the Racing Men in their everyday clothes (I still can’t understand your thing with beards, but it’s your the Watcher so you decide☺. Hyde’s house is very cool (I suppose it’s expansive, isn’t it?). If your not still bothered with my long commen😂 can you show us the house? I’m not going to replicate it, I’m just curious.

    1. Glad you enjoyed 2.06(D-AU). Like I said in the earlier comment, while Ophelia’s confession appears to have gone well, it is effectively a huge can of worms 😮 Could this be one of the reasons why this didn’t happen in the main storyline? 😉

      Many of the RM’s everyday wear matches their GTR98 car colors.

      Here are some possibilities to interpret the RM Beards:

      1. They are the closest sims to the Watcher, so they are the best candidates to physically resemble him.

      2. They are the opposite of the bald and hairless Fringe Observers: see SimsDynamic Kent 😉

      Hyde’s 2016 house is a new similar version of the house in STM 1.10 & 1.11. The large living area of the 2016 house is likely to appear in the late part of Season 2 :p

  4. I wonder how an alternate reality where Bianca tells the scientists what she saw would go. There are many ways and I imagine that there are many alternate realities for all the different ways.

    1. Technically, this is true. But for practical reasons, I have to pick and choose the paths to follow, for a limited number of storylines.

  5. Seeing the two Alternate Universes of STM (and all the others from STM 1.10) made me realize that there’s an infinite number of alternate universes where just a little detail is diffrent from the others. If Hyde’s a Watcher, does it mean that he has unlimited powers? And if it does, why wouldn’t he expose the truth about Tybalt’s criminal activity? Why is so hard for Ivanov, Xu and the President to believe that Grunt was right? After all ghost, werwolves, aliens etc. exist, why can’t they believe that a graveyard disappeard? Does Hyde knows about the romantic relationship between Olive and Death and how they manipulated the soil tests?

    1. You’re asking all the correct questions.

      So I took some time to write an answer, which ended up as a short “Analysis” essay, which will be published on the STM blog soon 😮

  6. i could speculate that eventually someone speaks up to get general buzz grunt out of the asylum. presumably bianca monty?

  7. In STM 1.9 Olive Specter died and her graveyard vanished into thin air. Why? Do the graves disappeared because of Olive’s death like in those fantastic movies where if you defeat the antagonist and his/her dark magic things will change back as they were at the beginning, being untouched by the evil (if so, the victims would come from the afterlife…?) or it was all part of Thanatos and his wife’s plan of destroying Grunt’s reputation?

    Another thing (please!), what did you do to the graves: did you deleted them or placed them in someone’s Inventory? What would be Kristen, Lola and Chloe’s death (e.g. Starvation, Disease, Fire…) in the game? I

    1. Your first theory looks feasible… UNTIL we think of the fact that Specter’s magical influence doesn’t seem to have stopped even after her death. Given what she did in 2.02, your second theory is more accurate 😉

      When I switched computers in between STM 1.08 & 1.09, and transported the saved game files over, the graveyard was no longer there when I loaded Specter’s house (as a result of a glitch). So I decided to turn this into a plot line for Season 2 – another example of how this show blurs the lines between machinima and gameplay 😮

      Some time later, I restarted a fresh set of game files. So I put all the default Specter tombstones into Olive’s inventory, and moved her out into…

      the Veronaville Disaster Memorial Lot 😮 😮
      Logistically, this saves me the need of boolpropping many “Tombstones of Life and Death” for THAT set 😛

      **Never, NEVER delete graves (or delete sims) in Sims2, because those actions corrupt the character .package files, and subsequently corrupts your neighborhood.**

      In terms of gameplay, Kristen, Lola and Chloe’s deaths can be categorized as “disease”.

      1. Gosh! I’d never thought that glitches were the real reasons of the vanishing graveyard. Now we all know how the three Singles really ended up. Do you treat Specter’s victims’ death the same… did they ALL drank the Tea? Is Olive so cruel that she can simply murder her parents and make her niece suffer for loosing her parents without any sign of regret?!

        Also, what’s your theory about the death of C&O Monty (Claudio and Olivia Monty) and C&C Capp (Caliban and Cordelia Capp)? Were they all killed by the opposite family or did they killed themselves (I don’t know why but I feel that Tybalt is involved in this story ;))) )?

      2. Not necessarily. I think Olive’s parents (Peponi & Lerato Muenda), Ophelia’s parents (Creon & Willow Nigmos), and Ichabod Specter were NOT murdered. (There’s a backstory pic showing the Grim Reaper and Hula Girls coming for Ichabod, at what looks like their wedding honeymoon.) The rest may have either died on their jobs (hence the different ghost colors), or drank the tea.

        I didn’t put much thought into the storytelling reasons behind the deaths of Caliban & Cordelia Capp, Claudio & Olivia Monty and Hero Monty. However, I consider Contessa Capp to have died of Old Age.

        It’s logical to assume that the opposite families caused their deaths. Tybalt was VERY young at that time, so if he were truly involved, he must have the Evil trait from a very young age 😮

  8. I was always curious about Ajay’s bedroom. Now I’ll finally see it in the second part of Breaking Point. Back at the beginning of STM, the 18 Ways to kill a Sim left with a couple of questions:

    1. What is the order of the Veronaville residents’ deaths?
    2. Was that Monty-like building the Monty Ranch or something else?
    3. In terms of machinima and storytelling, how can you explain the fence which surrounded Consort Capp when he was burned to death, the apparition of the cowplant who ate Romeo Monty, the flies who chewed Regan Capp etc.?
    4. What about the Veronaville Disaster Memorial? Is that house a mausoleum?
    5. Why are the Montys buried along with the Capps, their sworn enemies?

    CAN’T WAIT FOR 2.07 (B)!!!!!!!!

    1. When I made the VV Disaster video, I didn’t have a sequel series in mind. I simply made a new lot that looks similar to Monty Ranch, for the purposes of killing sims for this 2010 gameplay video.

      I don’t remember in which exact order did the sims die during gameplay, but I do recall prioritizing them by age group.

      The VV Disaster Memorial is simply a residential lot turned into a graveyard. It’s possible to interpret the building as a mausoleum.

      Remember that in 1.01, Antonio chose to renounce the Feud when he accepted the Capp children, during the time when Bianca was unconscious. So it was likely he who made the decision to put them all together on the same lot.

      I should not spoil the machinima interpretations for any of these questions.

      It’s a thin line that I’m treading, retconning story-style reasons for literal uses of “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” in a pre-existing gameplay video. The reasons may not be done to the level of detail that some viewers may expect, because I focus more on the general principles.

      Think instead of the level of difficulty this story poses to a writer who prefers not to tread the “predictable path to popularity and many views/subscribers”, but perpetually experiments with so many calculated risks and crosses so many lines… 😮

  9. I guess you can say that, in terms of machinima, the fence and the other things are somehow breaking the fourth wall. Also someone asked about Olive’s victims’ deaths… I’ve been playing The Sims 2 for a long time and I had to uninstall the game multiple times due to my poor knowledge about game/neighborhood corruption, especially from her victims. I like to play the Specter household but there’s something that annoys me: the random appearance of some of the victims’ ghosts whenever they emerge from their grave (it also happens with Caliban Capp and I hate when he comes out at night either with punk clothes and long straight hair or alien-like clothes and elf ears). Is there anyway I can remove all the glitches from the poor, innocent dead Sims’ (minus Earl E. DeMise… you m***** f*****, you deserved to die!!!) character file? And how can I stop ghost from having a random appearance?

  10. Thank you for answering me at all my questions!!! You’re awesome!!! Only one question please!!! I don’t want to bug you with my questions but one little thing please: I found at Mod The Sims all of the gravestones from The Sims 3 available as deco objects for The Sims 2 four years ago. I liked them but then I started to hate the simple, grey, stone appearance of the default Sims 2 gravestones and then I was wondering if I can replace them with those from Mod The Sims. I know that they are very sensible and once you delete them you corrupt the dead sim’s .package file. Is there any safe way I can recolour the gravestones to be invisible? Or how can I make those deco graves to act like replacement? If you answer me this question, I will name the next baby in my Sims 2 game either AldoHyde or Prometheus Hyde (or your actual name if you are wiling to reveal us your real name, despite your wish to not reveal much personal info about you) ;))

    Link to the MTS for the gravestones:

    1. My friend, you probably have more “different identities” than most others I’ve interacted with, over the course of my online simming experience 😛

      As I do not preoccupy myself with object meshes, I cannot tell you how to recolor tombstones from Sims2, or how to reassign something else to be its default replacement. Nether have I tried to export object textures from one sims game, to be imported into another sims game.

      As for the Sims2 premade ghosts, I suggest you do not tamper with them in ANY way. If ghosts’ appearances annoy you, you can just deposit the tombstones onto another residential lot which you do not play with — by putting them into someone’s inventory, moving them there, putting down the tombstones, then moving back the living sim to their original lot. Then you can use those Sims3 tombstones as decor items to represent the Sims2 tombstones that you moved away.

      Sometimes, Sims2 tombstones just randomly disappear during standard gameplay, an accidental occurrence that may corrupt the neighborhood :/ It was so annoying, that once I got Sims 3, I just gave up “playing” Sims 2, and used the latter only for machinima / storytelling.

  11. I have the same problem as you: I like those custom graves. Aldohyde, please, do you know how to extract the graves from TS3 and import them in TS2 ’cause those from Mod The Sims by TheJim07 are incomplete (they don’t have the pictures of certain types of deaths e.g.: Jelly Beans, dehydration, shark attack and so on) Please!!

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