StrangeTown Monty 2.08(B): XB-602-1023 (Part 2)

Alarm bells sound at Hyde Dynamic Strangetown: how much does this have to do with Kent Capp‘s deepening crisis, and the Secret Project logbook that Vidcund Curious was so keen on obtaining?

How far can Bianca Monty‘s patience be tested? What about Jane Doe (Bella Goth), when she next opens her eyes?

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Bella Goth / Jane Doe in the UFO Vidcund Curious & Kent Capp - the difficult conversation Kent Capp & Vidcund Curious on the stairs


In the Hyde Dynamic Robotics Lab

Servo, check.
Cleanbot, check.
Hydrobot, check.
Sentrybot, check.
Munchiebot… missing in action 😮

Missing Munchiebot! Sentrybot, Hydrobot, Cleanbot and Servo are intact

The missing Munchiebot, having been created broken, takes the elevator autonomously…

Broken Munchiebot takes elevator autonomously

Spawning dirty dishes out of nowhere, littering the entrance lobby :/ Good thing I wasn’t filming THERE at that time… 😮

Broken Munchiebot brings dirty dishes

The line is crossed when the errant Munchiebot decides to mess up the Secret Project Lab, where filming is in progress 😮

Trent Ivanov: Vidcund, since you’re the only one moving in this scene, handle this malfunctioning AI!

Vidcund Curious: Sure, I’ll knock him Out for you.

Broken Munchiebot disrupts STM filming scene in progress. Ivanov is NOT impressed

Vidcund Curious makes good on his promise, returning the Munchiebot to dormant mode.

Vidcund Curious turns off malfunctioning Munchiebot

The next time the Hyde Dynamic lot is loaded, Duncan Xu decides to take preemptive action, repairing the Munchiebot before it can disrupt the set in subsequent scenes.

Even though this Robotics lab technically “belongs” to RM Lumiere, Roberts and Ahmed, all these three sims are placeholders on OTHER lots, so they weren’t the most convenient characters to conduct the repair works.

Duncan Xu repairs the broken Munchiebot, preventing further disruptions

The TEAM that sticks together, through calm and crisis, is a valuable asset to any organization 😉

Hyde Dynamic Secret Project team sticks together on spiral staircase

RM Roberts and Ahmed being discreet about their Magic Cube addiction. They thought nobody would notice, as long as they are in the back row.

RM Roberts & Ahmed secretly play with Magic Cubes

No, Xu, you’re not supposed to reclaim the controversial Book yet… it hasn’t caused its intended drama yet.

Duncan Xu's book walk... again

OUCH. That must hurt a great deal, Colony Don.

Colony Don Lothario gets stuck during a fall