StrangeTown Monty 2.10: Kenternate I

Bianca Monty processes her shock over the Kenternate conundrum, while Kent Capp wonders what he may have done differently if he could rewind time.

The UFO containing Colony Don Lothario and Bella Goth / Jane Doe – where did it land?

How quickly will the Windmark / Beaker gardeners’ baby betray their parents, if at all?

“Last Lap”: This is a full episode in the main STM universe, available only in screenshot story form (no video), because the author only has time for screenshots these days.

Antonio Monty approaches Bianca on the balcony of the Racing Man house


Bianca Monty leaves the dining room, and walks up to the indoor balcony. Antonio follows her.

Bianca Monty: (thinking aloud) My Kent, or not my Kent… that is the question. An imposter, all this while, and I couldn’t even tell.

Antonio Monty: (thinking) Oh fringe. She’s getting philosophical.

Bianca: Why would Hyde promise to bring back Kent, but substitute him with a biological double?

Antonio: (gently) Bianca.

Bianca: Not now, Antonio. I need to clear my head.

Antonio: Very well. You know I’m here for you.

Bianca: Antonio… Kent and Hyde had been messing with me all along. I’m not sure if I trust men anymore… (Antonio smiles) … except you, my brother.

Antonio Monty supports Bianca in her conundrum

Antonio: Sister, how was your relationship with this Kent?

Bianca: He was nice. I enjoyed spending time with him. I’m not sure if it’s all a lie.

Antonio: Bianca, when you were at the hospital long ago after the Veronaville Disaster, you cried when you found out you lost Kent. But now, you have a second chance to be with him.

Bianca: This Kent isn’t exactly the one I grew up with…

Antonio: But you just said you enjoyed being with him. Listen, he may not be the Kent you wanted, but he’s the Kent you have now.

Bianca: This Kent even looks like Dr Hyde now. Any surprise they are in it together?

Bianca Monty expresses her thoughts to Antonio

Antonio: They work closely together on some top secret stuff, am I right?

Bianca: Not just that. Hyde is the Watcher over our Sims Universe. That’s why his projects are untouchable.

Antonio: What? Say that again?

Bianca: Dr Prometheus Hyde is the Watcher over our Sims Universe.

Antonio: Are you sure? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? (pause) Listen, I’m not asking you to accept Kent now. But at least give him a chance to tell his story.

Kent Capp reflects on the secret with Dr Prometheus Hyde

Kent Capp: Oh boolprop. We should’ve told her right from the start.

Prometheus Hyde: But you were afraid she would treat you as an “alternate Kent”. You wanted to be HER Kent.

Kent: But now… I hope she’s still willing to be my friend.

Hyde: Just be sincere, and tell her the full story.

Kent: You sound so confident. Are you really a Watcher, or just some scientist who can do magic?

Hyde: I AM a Watcher, but science may look like magic if you are unsure of the principles behind it.

Bianca & Antonio Monty return to confront Kent Capp & Dr Prometheus Hyde

Bianca and Antonio re-enter the dining room.

Bianca: Dr Hyde, I wish you had been more forthcoming with me. You once told me that “if there’s anyone who can stand anything, it’s me.” (#)

If you had told me that you were going to send me a “Kenternate”, I would mentally prepare myself to accept it.

Hyde: I only said your reward was a “living and breathing Kent Capp”. I didn’t explicitly say that he was necessarily the Kent you grew up with.

Bianca: You’re saying that I just assumed you were going to give me my “original” Kent? (to Kent) Sorry, no offense.

Hyde: Exactly. You were too excited to notice the nuances of what I said.

Dr Prometheus Hyde defends his approach towards Kent Capp, Bianca & Antonio Monty

Atom & Ceres Beaker investigate a UFO crash in Lunar Lakes


Atom Beaker: Ceres, there are no other life forms on board the ship. Are those two alive?

Ceres Beaker: Neither of them.

Atom: What a break! We have two new cadavers to bring back to Oasis Landing.

Ceres: No fringin’ way, Atom. We can take some DNA samples, but we’re giving them a proper burial here.

Atom & Ceres Beaker discuss what to do with the bodies they found in the Lunar Lakes UFO crash

Atom: Can you read the man’s mind to get his name? I only managed to get the woman’s… “Bella Goth”.

Ceres: Yes, that’s her name. But the man’s brain is too badly damaged to read any information from it. (^)

Atom: It’s a wonder that we can even read anything, considering that their DNA went through excessive mutations.

Ceres: The man’s mutations are more complex than Bella Goth’s.

Bella Goth & Colony Don Lothario die in a UFO crash in Lunar Lakes

Atom: Can’t wait to find out. To think this is the first thing we encounter on our “holiday” here in Lunar Lakes.

Ceres: On the bright side, we’ve got some delightfully interesting samples to bring back to Oasis Landing.

Atom: Wish we could tell Dad.

Ceres: Yeah. Don’t know why our connection to him suddenly broke, and we haven’t found a way to fix it, even after trying for such a long time.

Atom: Maybe he’ll fix it. Or he may not if Mom…

Ceres: Yeah… if only Mom cared about us like Dad does. I won’t put it past HER to cut the connection, if she finally had a baby with Dad. A “natural” baby with her genes, unlike us genetically-engineered clones of Loki Beaker.

Atom & Ceres Beaker think about their family in the distant past

Atom: That’s so unfair. I’d like to meet our new sibling, if we have one.

Ceres: Me too.

Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) & Ophelia Nigmos visit the gardeners, while RM Lumiere observes


Ophelia Nigmos: Cousin Nick, I don’t feel good about this.

Nick Grimm / Nervous Subject: Come on, Ophelia. It’ll be fine. Their baby will be fine.

RM Lumiere stares intently at Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) reassuring Ophelia Nigmos

James & Susan Windmark tending to their toddler

The doorbell rings.

James Windmark / Loki Beaker: Oh boolprop. It’s Nervous and the old witch’s niece.

Susan Windmark / Circe Beaker: Let’s keep quiet. Hopefully they’ll leave.

The doorbell rings twice more.

James: They don’t look like they’re going away.

Susan: But we can’t show them our baby! If he’s even technically a “baby” anymore…

James: They’ll be even more suspicious if we don’t open up! Here’s the plan…

James & Susan Windmark (Loki & Circe Beaker) have another nefarious scheme

James Windmark invites Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) & Ophelia Nigmos in

James: Hi, Mr Grimm. Hi, Ophelia. Please come in.

Nick: James, how’s the baby?

James: Susan had a strange and difficult pregnancy, but mother and baby are well. This way please.

Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) & Ophelia Nigmos see the Windmark baby

Nick: Wow, they grow up so quickly. (pause) Wait a minute.

Louis Windmark Beaker, spawn of Loki & Circe

Nick: Loki? Circe?

Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) finally unmasks Loki & Circe Beaker

Susan: Nervous, come to Momma.

Susan Windmark (Circe Beaker) has her revenge on Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject)

Ophelia Nigmos flees from James Windmark (Loki Beaker)

RM Lumiere trips James Windmark en route to the Smith House


Ophelia: Help! Johnny! Mrs Smith! Mr Smith! Jill! It’s Ophelia! Someone’s going to kill me!

Ophelia Nigmos bangs frantically on the Smith family's door

Johnny Smith: (opens the door) Ophelia, what’s going on? What happened?

Ophelia: Johnny, lock all the doors. Loki and Circe Beaker are back in town!

Jenny Smith gives a maternal hug to Ophelia Nigmos, as Johnny Smith worries about her

Jenny Smith: Don’t worry, Ophelia. You’re safe here. What happened? Where’s Nick?

Ophelia: (crying) They shot Cousin Nick. I’m not sure if he’s still alive. They tried to shoot me too, but I ran as fast as I could. I saw the baby. It looks like Loki and Circe Beaker.

Johnny: What do you mean? The baby has Loki’s brow?

Ophelia: Yes, and Circe’s skintone.

Jenny: PT, I’m calling the cops. The Windmarks are the Beakers. They shot Nick Grimm. Ophelia, don’t worry. You’re safe here.

Ophelia Nigmos cries, while Johnny & Jill sit with her, and Jenny & Pollination Technician #9 Smith call the cops

(#) Hyde told Bianca many things in STM 1.11, but Bianca did not see the full implications of some of the intentionally vague remarks.

(^) Canonically, only Bella Goth’s grave is found in Lunar Lakes. Similar “Lunar Lakes treatment” had to be applied to Colony Don for this tale.

Sims 2 recreated Atom & Ceres Beaker of Oasis Landing Sims 2 recreated Lunar Lakes Bella Goth & Colony Don Lothario

Credit to Vpetmad for making Atom, Ceres, Lunar Lakes Bella and Colony Don in Sims 2 CAS 🙂

BLOOPER: Another “class” of Fringe Observer happens to walk by, while RM Lumiere delays James Windmark.

Another Observer walks by, as RM Lumiere thwarts James Windmark

Now that the can of worms is open, why was a Kent substitution preferable to a resurrection?

How different is this Kent’s native universe from the primary STM Universe?

Will Nick Grimm survive?

Will the Beakers escape?

Find out in the [next chapter]

4 Replies to “StrangeTown Monty 2.10: Kenternate I”

  1. Interesting that RM Lumiere tripped up James/Loki as they don’t usually intervene in events. Although I imagine in the case of attempted murder they’d probably make an exception. I predict that James/Loki will lash out at Lumiere with nasty consequences after all he doesn’t have the home-advantage nor the surprise factor any-more.

    I wonder whether Nick/Nervous will survive his encounter with Susan/Circe as being the son of death could help him survive. Alternatively he could be reunited with his mother and get to meet his father. Perhaps Grim will end up asking Nick/Nervous what his desire is.

    1. You’re right that Loki Beaker only seems to have a home ground advantage when he’s in Beaker Castle – somehow this modest gardener house doesn’t seem as dangerous. It’s almost as if the Beakers lost their dominant life force when removed from Beaker Castle and their original physical forms 😮

      If James/Loki goes after Lumiere now, it’s similar to Specter prioritizing revenge over the Beakers in STSYC…

      In 1.09, Nick already knows his father is Thanatos Grimm. So far that hasn’t given him any obvious “perks” yet. Right now, his situation seems to be a parallel of what transpired in STSYC #8…

  2. A lot of stuff going on, and a lot of doppelgangers it seems, what with the aliens too. Those Beaker genes are a dead giveaway.

    Great chapter, just one thing: if you’re making a Kent/clone pun, can’t believe you went for kenternate over repli-Kent! XD

    1. The Beakers in this universe got unlucky. This baby has the “reversed physical appearance” from Albert Beaker in PVCS 2035 (hair/eye/skin color, Loki brow on/off). If it had been Albert instead, most people would have been unlikely to recognize the baby (and parents) so quickly… resulting in significantly less drama.

      “Kenternate” is a reference to “Walternate Bishop” in the original Fringe series. Technically, there’s also a “Walternate” in the background of STM, the alternate universe counterpart of RM Baptiste.

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