StrangeTown Monty 2.11: Kenternate II

The night it happened: from a different perspective.

Monty siblings Bianca and Antonio continue to ask Kent Capp and Dr Prometheus Hyde questions about the parallel universes. What shocking similarities and differences finally explain the phenomena in the main universe?

What will the Windmark (Beaker) gardeners attempt next, in the aftermath of their extreme actions last episode?

How is Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject)’s condition after the last confrontation?

Buckle your seat belts. This third quarter of the last lap is gonna be a long ride.

“Last Lap”: This is a full episode in the main STM universe, available only in screenshot story form (no video), because the author only has time for screenshots these days.

James & Susan Windmark at the door


Susan Windmark / Circe Beaker:
Loki, you OK? Did you catch the old witch’s niece and hide her somewhere?

James Windmark / Loki Beaker: She escaped. Almost caught up with her, but I got tripped by this bearded man who appeared out of nowhere…

Susan: Do you know him?

James: Never seen him before. But I think he’s a private detective. I got up and tried to attack him, but he just stood there and said…

RM Lumiere: Don’t bother taking revenge on me. Don’t you have more important things to worry about, Loki Beaker? Haven’t you hurt those two enough already?

RM Lumiere lectures James Windmark

Susan: Uh oh… a vigilante who knows your true identity. Did you see where Ophelia went?

James: Not sure. But she probably called the cops by now.

Susan: True. We must take Louis and leave immediately.

James: We should have just sent Louis to Atom and Ceres, then he’ll have a chance at a normal life, and not have to live with the thought of having betrayed his parents.

Susan: Loki, stop being in denial. We lost our connection to Atom and Ceres when we lost our equipment in Beaker Castle, and we haven’t been able to recreate the connection with our limited resources here. We need to focus on our problems now… like what to do with Nervous.

James & Susan Windmark discuss their limited options

James: (sighs) You’re right. We have to leave Nervous. We don’t have our melting equipment (1)

Susan: Yeah. We don’t even have time to dig a hole.

Antonio Monty expresses his concerns to Dr Prometheus Hyde - topics that Bianca Monty & Kent Capp are all too familiar with


Antonio Monty: Dr Hyde, I asked Bianca to talk to you about the power plant in Veronaville, but she never got the chance. The kids couldn’t stand it, so I had no choice but to send them all away to boarding school.

Prometheus Hyde: There’s no way I could have toned it down. Unless you want the wormhole between universes to worsen into a vortex.

Bianca Monty: Why is there a wormhole there, of all places?

Kent Capp: Because I crossed universes at the Veronaville Disaster Memorial. Hyde’s device in the Black Box (2) is strategically placed to heal the breach. It heals universe degradation in both this universe and the other universe. If the situation worsens, the inter-dimensional war may become a reality.

Antonio: I see. But when I sent the kids away, it felt that I was letting them down. But my sanity was at stake.

Hyde: That’s part of the point. On one hand, the “extreme mode” settings were necessary, because the breach was that bad. On the other hand, if the machine wasn’t intimidating enough, you would not have let them go, and would never get to reestablish your culinary career.

Antonio Monty's reservations about Dr Prometheus Hyde's methods

Antonio: (shocked) You actually planned all that?

Bianca: Antonio, calm down. You did the right thing to release them to boarding school.

… Kent, was there a Bianca Monty in your universe of origin?

Kent: Yes, I grew up with her. She was a lot like you.

Bianca: In what ways?

Kent: She was intelligent, friendly and trusting. She was strong, and always looked out for others.

Kent Capp describes Bianca Monty's counterpart to her

Bianca: Were you close to her?

Kent: We hung out regularly as friends. The Feud was really bad. Then I got the posting to Hyde Dynamic. She wanted to follow me, but her family cornered her out of it.

Antonio: Why did you leave her to come to our universe?

Kent: The “Veronaville Disaster” in my universe was much worse than in yours. When I was traveling home from my exchange stint at Hyde Dynamic…

… a “Big Fiery Ball Visible From Space” (BFBVFS) fell onto my Veronaville, wiping out the entire infrastructure and all its residents…

Antonio & Bianca Monty stare agape

Kent: … But my ride had been delayed by an hour, so I was spared.

Bianca: I’m sorry you had to go through that, Kent. What happened next?

Kent: My aspiration meter crashed. All traces of my old life eliminated. I grieved deeply for the Bianca I grew up with.

One week later, I checked myself into the St Elden’s Asylum in my previous universe. I met the General Buzz Grunt from that side, who kept trying to drag me out of bed at 4 AM for his imaginary drills…

General Buzz Grunt tries to wake Kent Capp in St Elden's Asylum

Kent: … There was a Nervous Subject and Lazlo Curious too.

Bianca: Lazlo??!!

Antonio: Why were they institutionalized?

Kent: Grunt was fired because of a bad chance card. Nervous never fully recovered from the abuse from the Beakers.

Kent Capp in St Elden's Asylum with Nervous Subject, Lazlo Curious & General Buzz Grunt

Lazlo’s case was particularly tragic. When Pascal and Vidcund were at work, he accidentally set the kitchen on fire. The old Curious Observatory burned down, killing two of the three alien kids. Pascal’s son, Newton, survived because he was in school at that time.

(sighs) That’s why the Vidcund on the other side is so morose. He never forgave Lazlo for the loss of Vivian. He had her photo as his screensaver on his work desktop. The other Xu warned me never to ask Vidcund about his alien pregnancy (3).

Bianca: Oh dear, how terribly sad for them. They are so happy here.

Bianca Monty reflects on the tragic differences between the realms

Hyde: While they are all biological doubles, with similar personality traits and tendencies, events may happen differently (4).

Kent: Yeah… so, Dr Hyde came to see me at St Elden’s.

Antonio: You mean “Alternate Hyde”, the one from your side.

Kent: No, this same Dr Hyde here. There’s only one Watcher between this universe and my previous universe. Anyway, he said I wasn’t really insane, and offered me two choices:

Dr Prometheus Hyde interviews Kent Capp at St Elden's Asylum

Hyde: Option 1 – Kent could become a full employee of the Hyde Dynamic in his native universe.

OR Option 2 – Kent could cross over into your world to get a second chance to be with a Bianca Monty, and be employed with Hyde Dynamic in your universe.

Kent: Option 2 sounded too good to be true, so I asked if there was any catch.

Hyde: Bianca, you once told me you were willing to cross universes to retrieve Kent (5). But I talked you out of it because of the health risks. That’s exactly the chance Kent took for an opportunity to come to you.

Bianca: No wonder you didn’t want ME to cross over. So that’s why you, Kent, have those coughing fits.

Kent: Yes. They will never completely disappear, but their effects can be toned down with medication. Don’t worry, it REALLY isn’t contagious.

(pause) When I had made up my mind, I checked out of St Elden’s, and reported to Dr Hyde.

Dr Prometheus Hyde & Kent Capp discuss the plan at the Veronaville Disaster Memorial, while the Black Box looms nearby

Bianca: For instructions on the universe crossing.

Kent: Yes. He gave me intel on the Kent Capp on your side, who also had a stint at Hyde Dynamic, and returned home to another Veronaville Disaster. I thought about telling you from the start that I wasn’t the Kent you grew up with, but was afraid that you may treat me as a stranger.

Kent Capp & Dr Prometheus Hyde meeting at Veronaville Disaster Memorial

Bianca: (sighs) Kent, you should have told me earlier.

Kent: Another thing I should have told you earlier, Bianca… I’m bisexual. That’s why I hesitated to share a room with you, as I wasn’t sure if I’ll have second thoughts in having a romantic relationship with a woman. I didn’t want to risk losing you as a friend.

Kent Capp finally comes out to Bianca Monty

Bianca: Kent, I appreciate you telling me that you’re bi. Even if you said you were gay or trans instead, we can still be at least friends, because you’re still the same person no matter what. (sighs) This explains so much of your behavior… you really should have told me earlier.

Kent: My family background made it hard for me to admit this openly. They knew, but forced me to live as the skeleton in their closet. (sighs) It’s such a relief to finally come out.

Bianca: I understand it’s a huge weight off your chest to finally admit this openly. Though now, we still have other more serious issues to discuss…

What happened on your side on the day you transitioned universes?

Bianca Monty urges Kent Capp to continue his tale

Kent: On the night of crossing, Dr Hyde told me to report to a specific spot in my ruined Veronaville, which corresponds to the exact location of the Veronaville Disaster Memorial on your side.

In STM 1.11, Kent Capp reports to the exact coordinates for the task at hand

Hyde: I also gave him an orange track suit for the occasion.

Kent: I thought it was protective gear. But Hyde said the Kent from your side loved orange track suits, so I should wear that if I wanted to look like him.

In STM 1.11, Kent Capp appears at the right spot at the right time, witnessed by Bianca Monty & Dr Prometheus Hyde

Antonio: Yes, you are a legitimate Kent Capp in your own right. But by coming here, you are kind of masquerading as the Kent on our side.

Kent: Which was easy, since I AM him, in most ways.

Antonio: You had the intel. Why didn’t you shave your head?

Antonio Monty's third-party perspective on Kent Capp's confession

Kent: That’s one of the few ways in which I’m different from him. Part of me wanted to blend into this Kent’s life. Another part of me wanted Bianca to like me for me.

Bianca, I hope you’ll not think of me as an imposter, but as a man whose company you enjoy. It feels nice to live in the same house as you. I would very much like you to see me as “your” Kent, be it as a friend or anything more.

Kent Capp hopes his confession had redeemed him in the eyes of Bianca Monty, Antonio Monty & Prometheus Hyde

Windmark (Beaker) family greeted by cops, while RM Ahmed observes


Cop Olivia: Loki and Circe Beaker, where’s Nick Grimm?

James: Officers, there must be some mistake. Our name is not “Beaker”, but “Windmark”.

Cop Claire: Unlike Nick Grimm, you didn’t officially register your name changes.

Cop Peter: Circe Beaker, remember me? You tried to boolprop me with that “Barium Mitrite” joke(6).

Susan Windmark does NOT wish to remember Cop Peter

Cops detain the Windmarks (Beakers) outside, while looking for hostages inside

Cop Olivia: Your little one really takes after you two, at least before your plastic surgery. What’s his name?

Susan: Louis.

James: Louis Windmark. Would you mind, we’re in a hurry.

James Windmark (Loki Beaker) carrying his child, Louis Windmark Beaker

Cop Peter: Who did your plastic surgery? (The Windmarks remain silent) Don’t worry, we’ll find out.

Cop Elden Hick emerges from the Windmark (Beaker) house

Cop Elden: Nick Grimm is inside, unconscious and badly injured. You better hope he doesn’t die, or we’ll add murder to your charges.

Cop Claire Charming worries about injured victim Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject)

Cop Peter: Ow! The little rascal bit me! (7)

Susan: Haha, that’s my boy. He obviously doesn’t like you very much.

Cop Elden: Loki and Circe Beaker, you are both under arrest for prison escape, and for the attempted murders of Nick Grimm and Ophelia Nigmos. You have the right to remain silent…

Bianca Monty requires more answers from Kent Capp & Dr Prometheus Hyde, while Antonio Monty supports her


Bianca: Hold on. Dr Hyde, before I can answer this Kent, I need to know what happened to the other Kent I grew up with.

Kent: Wait… Bianca, on the day of the fire drill (8), when you saw me holding the Secret Project logbook, Vidcund accused me of starting the Veronaville Disaster.

Flashback - STM 208B: Vidcund Curious accuses Kent Capp

Bianca: Vidcund… what? How could he…? I mean… you only came to this universe AFTER I moved to StrangeTown, so if Vidcund is correct, then it’s the other Kent whom he’s accusing.

Kent: I doubt he knew we were different people.

Bianca: Are we ever going to tell him?

Kent: Nope. (everyone else nods in agreement) Anyway, Vidcund went out of the way to persuade Ivanov to sign out the logbook, and volunteered for menial data entry work, just to get the facts of what happened that day. (9)

Bianca: (thinking) Vidcund asked me for the book when he tried asking me out. (10) I didn’t think he was serious about the book back then! (aloud) Why would he do this? Does Vidcund see you as a rival?

Kent: I don’t think he sees me as a scientific rival, but a romantic one.

Kent Capp reflects, as Prometheus Hyde delivers a verdict

Hyde: Vidcund is intelligent, no doubt, but even the best scientists can mess up entire experiments by getting their base assumptions wrong.

Antonio: We can’t really blame him for assuming that this Kent is the same Kent that he knew before.

Bianca: Nonetheless, if Vidcund would open this old can of worms just to make me question Kent… he is dangerous, very dangerous indeed…

Flashback - STM 208A: Bianca Monty gets suspicious at work

Ophelia Nigmos writes in her diary while visiting Cousin Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) in the hospital


Dear Diary, I’m about to come of age, and will soon receive Aunt Olive’s inheritance. I’ll be going to college soon, but I’m sad to leave Cousin Nick in such a condition.

The Beakers are back in prison. They deserve to burn in hell for what they did to him. The doctors said the Beakers put poisonous plants into our yard, designed to put us into an artificial good mood, before eventually killing us.

I won’t be surprised if Aunt Olive’s magic is still in our yard, messing with the Beakers’ science and manipulating their pregnancy. It’s nice to think she may still be looking out for us.

Olive Specter's magic lingers in Specter Yard, 13 Dead End Lane, long after her death

Cousin Nick is recovering from his injuries. He is greatly affected by the toxin because of his years as the Beakers’ test subject. He can be cured, but over a long period of time.

The doctors say I have a stronger constitution, so I am mildly affected by the toxin, and will be treated as an outpatient.

Nick and I had our differences. But I hope he’ll fully recover, as he’s my only living biological relative left.

(1) The Beakers either “melted” or considered “melting” their captives in STM 1.07 and STSYC #7. Complex equipment and reagents are required for this procedure.

(2) Hyde’s “Veronaville Device” in the Black Box (Hyde Dynamic Veronaville): Its effects are clearly seen in STM 2.03 and STM 2.06(B).

(3) STM 2.08(A). Another clue that hints towards an alternate universe is the reversal of RM Xu and Ivanov’s physical appearances, though it was easy to attribute that to Kent’s memory problems.

(4) Similar events happening differently: Swing Incident 1988 – STM 1.09 version (Monty Ranch) happened in the primary universe. STM 2.03 version (Capp Manor) happened in the other universe: which is why Kent remembers this one, and wondered if Bianca “remembers it the same way” as he does.

(5) STM 1.10, after Bianca saw the many universes on TV.

(6) STM 1.07. During the first confrontation of the Beakers and these four cops, Circe underestimated Cop Peter’s intelligence, and ended up sounding absurdly lame.

(7) PVCS vs STM 2035, #7B, Second Half Part 2. Loki and Circe’s child in this universe, Albert Beaker, bites an opponent player, and gets red-carded for this offense.

In the main STM universe, the name “Louis” is a reference to Luis Suarez, a footballer who was once notorious for biting other players in a similar fashion.

(8) STM 2.08(B). During a fire drill, top secret stuff that doesn’t often leave the lab MAY get out, and be seen in unlikely places.

(9) STM 2.08(A). Vidcund executes his side quest to scientific precision.

(10) STM 2.05(B). When Vidcund first asked for the book, everyone thought it was simply an excuse to start a conversation with Bianca.

Meanwhile in the Football universe

Octavius Capp, born on October 8 2018 to Regan and Cornwall Capp.

Octavius Capp, born in 2018 to Regan & Cornwall Capp

Pity Octavius doesn’t exist in the main STM Universe, because the Veronaville Disaster is the foundation of the STM story in the first place.

More on this in 2.12

– After Kent’s confession, what else does Bianca need to know?

– How shocking will this other information be to Antonio?

– How will Vidcund Curious deal with the aftermath of his decision?

– Who else will be affected by the Windmarks / Beakers’ arrest?

Find out in the next episode, the [grand finale]

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  1. Kent’s lucky to have an understanding friend like Bianca – glad everyone seems to be ok (or at least getting some comeuppance :P)

    1. One of the greatest blessings in life is to have a Bianca-like person as a lifelong friend: someone who’d listen and understand… and make you wonder why you lived in fear of their non-existent rejection for so long.

      Someone so clear and straightforward, whose motto is “You Should Have Told Me Earlier” — which could very well be an kenternate (i mean “alternate”) title for this episode… 😛 We can’t really blame Kent for being so afraid of losing such a friend, can we?

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