StrangeTown Monty 2.12: Veronaville Secrets

The Veronaville Disaster started it all. So its mysteries need to be unfurled before full closure is possible.

How exactly did Monty siblings Bianca and Antonio cheat death?

What about Vidcund Curious’ attempt to discredit Kent Capp?

Who else have the Windmarks (Loki and Circe Beaker) brought down with them?

As we enter the last quarter of the Last Lap, enjoy the Grand Finale, as the final whistle blows after almost 8 years…

StrangeTown Monty (STM) Series
Status: Completed
Run: December 20 2010 – November 8 2018

“Last Lap”: This is a full episode in the main STM universe, available only in screenshot story form (no video), because the author only has time for screenshots these days.

Dr Prometheus Hyde and Kent Capp explain what happened that day in Hyde Dynamic to Bianca and Antonio Monty


Dr Prometheus Hyde: That day in 2010 in Hyde Dynamic , Vidcund and Bald Kent were alone in the monitoring chamber, since Xu and Ivanov were in a meeting with me.

Dr Prometheus Hyde, RM Duncan Xu and RM Trent Ivanov having a meeting in Hyde Dynamic

Vidcund went out to buy a drink. He bumped into Lazlo, who talked to him longer than intended.

Lazlo & Vidcund Curious on break at work

Meanwhile, Bald Kent wondered what was taking Vidcund so long.

Kent Capp dizzy in the lab

At this time, the chemical was momentarily reverse-engineered, causing a whiff of smoke to knock him out.

Kent Capp unconscious in the lab for several minutes

But after a few minutes, he was conscious again, and the chemical had returned back to “normal”. By then, it was the end of regular working hours, so he packed up without waiting for Vidcund.

Kent Capp regains consciousness alone in the lab

Bianca Monty: Did Vidcund ever find out about the smoke incident?

Kent Capp: Bald Kent was too dazed, and forgot to write it down.

Bianca: But that’s a breach of protocol!

Kent: Vidcund is under the impression that Bald Kent got infected only by prolonged exposure in the chamber. He still thinks I’m Bald Kent returned from the dead.

Hyde: Exactly. On December 4 2010, Bald Kent’s Hyde Dynamic stint ended. He returned to Veronaville as the carrier of a major contagion.

You, Bianca, were the first to meet him at SimBurger for the entire evening. He walked you home, bumping unexpectedly into your parents, who had closed their restaurant for the night, and the Summerdream family, who were their last customers.

Patrizio & Isabella Monty disapprove of Bianca Monty fraternizing with Kent Capp, while the Summerdream family passes by - Veronaville Gondola Park

Bianca: The following afternoon (#), Mom collapsed after yelling into the megaphone. Dad expired peacefully shortly after. Romeo and Mercutio succumbed several days later.

Antonio Monty: All this while, I was away at Three Lakes with my twins. We tried to fly back as soon as we could, when we heard of Mom and Dad’s deaths.

Kent: The following evening, Consort Capp (Kent’s father) from this universe insisted upon a family dinner, presumably to celebrate the death of his nemeses, which Bald Kent reluctantly attended. The contagion spread to the entire Capp family that night.

Capp family: last restaurant dinner before the Veronaville Disaster in 2010

Bianca: Why didn’t it kill Vidcund, or any strangers Bald Kent may have encountered on the streets?

Antonio: Perhaps it targeted only Monty and Capp DNA?

Kent: That doesn’t explain the Summerdreams, Albany and Cornwall Capp.

Capp family's dinner together at a restaurant

Hyde: The mutated contagion targeted itself at “Veronaville premade playables, teen and above”.

Antonio: No wonder everyone under 13 was unaffected.

Bianca: What exactly does the contagion do?

Hyde: It causes perception problems, leading them to seemingly “bad luck” situations, resulting in their deaths.

Bianca: But why did Bald Kent die last?

Kent: The contagion “knew” it had completed its task, so it turned on its host, Bald Kent, and killed him.

Kent Capp dies of disease in the Veronaville Disaster

Antonio & Bianca Monty wonder how they survived the Veronaville Disaster

Antonio: So how did Bianca and I survive?

Hyde: The two of you were inoculated since childhood. In 1988, Isabella Monty created a secret spice for grilled salmon. (^)

Patrizio & Isabella Monty in 1988
1988: Patrizio and Isabella Monty (parents of Antonio and Bianca) with their grilled salmon.

Antonio: How did you know? Bianca, did you tell…

Bianca: Antonio, he’s a Watcher.

Antonio & Bianca Monty as children in 1988
1988: Antonio and Bianca Monty eat the grilled salmon for dinner.

Hyde: Isabella Monty did not know that this spice contained a chemical that bonded to her young children’s bodies, giving them extra resistance to death. But the ingredients of this spice were rare and expensive, so she did not include this “special salmon” in her commercial menu.

Monty family dinner 1988: Patrizio, Isabella, Claudio, Antonio, Bianca
1988: Monty family dinner, featuring grilled salmon.

Antonio: This salmon was our family dish. We had it every week. But Claudio hated fish, so he never ate any, and didn’t cook it for his sons. Why couldn’t the chemical protect Mom and Dad?

Hyde: It had to be administered from childhood. Your parents and teenage Claudio were too old to benefit.

Claudio Monty as a teen in 1988
1988: Claudio Monty, late brother of Antonio and Bianca, never ate the family salmon.

Antonio: (sighs) This spice is time-consuming to prepare. I only had time to cook this dish for Bea and Ben before adopting the other four kids. Dr Hyde, can you test my twins for this chemical? (Hyde nods)

Antonio Monty with kids Beatrice and Benedick
In easier years before the Veronaville Disaster, Antonio Monty “only” had two children, Beatrice and Benedick — so he had time to cook the family’s special salmon for them.

Antonio: I haven’t been cooking this for the other kids, and most of them are teens now. But it’s not too late for Ariel yet…

Bianca: So you knew everything all along, from the mutated contagion, to the secret spice, but did and said nothing?

Hyde: Since the primary perpetrators of the Feud did NOT want to change, the mutated contagion had to deal with the Feud in a most dramatic fashion. (thinking) Just to create a bizarre show for the other Watchers.

AldoHyde / Dr Prometheus Hyde looks at the audience in the eye
Yes, I am looking at YOU in the eye.

Hyde: … But you three can’t say that you didn’t feel a great sense of relief that you could finally move on, freed from the shackles of family prejudices.

Antonio: This is overwhelming.

Bianca: I have to admit I felt relief to some extent, because the Feud had poisoned our lives for so long. On the other hand, it’s inevitable for sims to feel some indignation when Watchers take certain matters into their own hands.

I have mixed feelings about the older generation, but would prefer that the younger ones got to survive. But overall, it could’ve been a lot worse, and I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

Erin Beaker carries baby Jane Loner while being interrogated by Cops Claire Charming & Elden Hick


Cop Claire: Did you help Loki and Circe escape from prison?

Erin Beaker: No, they ran away on their own. They came to me because they had no one else to turn to.

Cop Elden: You knew they were fugitives. Why would you help them?

Erin: He’s my brother.

Ajay Loner interrogated by cops Olivia and Peter

Cop Olivia: Did you help them with plastic surgery?

Ajay Loner: Erin insisted, because she wanted to help her brother. She operated the machine most of the time, and I helped a bit.

Cop Peter: Did you know their prison term wasn’t over?

Ajay: Yes. Erin told me. But I had no choice because she insisted, and I didn’t want to upset her.

Cop Claire: You know what happened after you tried to “help” your brother and sister-in-law. They tried to kill two people, and nearly succeeded.

Erin: But who else will help him if I don’t? Do you expect me to turn him over to the police?

Ajay Loner calmly accepts his fate, as cops Peter & Olivia end the interrogation

Cop Peter: Ajay, you really should have called the cops. Now you and your wife are going to jail for being accomplices to known criminals.

Erin Beaker sobs in the interrogation room as her baby Jane Loner is taken by cops Claire Charming & Elden Hick

Erin: (sobbing) What’s going to happen to my baby now?

Cop Claire: Your daughter, Jane Loner, will be safe in the orphanage with her cousin, Louis Beaker.

Cop Elden: If you and your husband behave in prison, you’ll get her back once your terms are over. Maybe they may even let you take Louis too, since his parents will be in jail for much longer.

Bianca Monty & Kent Capp try to find a resolution


Kent: Bianca? Have you gotten the answers you needed? I need my answers too.

Bianca: (studies him intently) Well, you weren’t the Kent I expected, but you are the Kent I have now.

Bianca Monty delivers her verdict to Kent Capp. Is this response in line with what Antonio Monty & Prometheus Hyde are hoping for?

Bianca: … Your predecessor may have given you a head start, but I’m happy with the good memories I had with you, and hope to have more of those in future. I’m open to have as deep a relationship with you, as much as you are comfortable with.

Kent: Guess I can say the same of you. You’ve proved to be someone who accepts me, even after hearing my deepest and darkest secrets.

Hyde: I hope we’ve settled the issue of Kent’s identity once and for all.

Kent: Actually, no.

Kent Capp has something up his sleeve that Prometheus Hyde didn't expect

Kent: I think “Kent Monty” sounds nicer than “Kent Capp”.

Bianca: How are you going to get that name?

Kent: By being Ms Monty’s husband, if she likes. Sorry, I don’t have a ring right now, but later…

Bianca: Of course I do, Kent. You have your answer now, so we can think of the formalities later.

Kent Capp and Bianca Monty are finally happy

Antonio Monty and Prometheus Hyde are happy with the outcome too

Bianca: Wait a minute, Kent.

Kent: Yes?

Bianca: Since you just proposed, won’t that make me “Bianca Capp” instead?

Kent: The records shall not mess with the last name of the StrangeTown Montys.

Bianca Monty & Kent Capp's wedding is attended by residents of StrangeTown & Veronaville
Almost everyone attends the wedding of the StrangeTown Montys.

Wedding Guests: Monty, Capp, Summerdream, Grunt and Curious families
[Row 1] Beatrice Monty, Benedick Monty;
[Row 2] Ariel Capp, Hal Capp;
[Row 3] Bottom Summerdream, Desdemona Capp;
[Row 4] Tank Grunt, Ripp Grunt;
[Row 5] Pascal Curious, Lazlo Curious

Wedding Guests: Monty, Racing Men, Grimm, Nigmos, Smith households
[Row 1] Antonio Monty, Prometheus Hyde;
[Row 2] Duncan Xu, Trent Ivanov;
[Row 3] Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, Nick Grimm;
[Row 4] Buck Grunt, Jill Smith;
[Row 5] Jenny Smith, Pollination Technician #9 Smith

Vidcund Curious babysitting alien kids Newton, Vivian and Zoe

Dear Bianca and Kent,

Please accept my apologies for not being able to attend your wedding, as I am feeling unwell today, and the kids need babysitting anyway.

Kent, I deeply regret the pain I caused you by digging up the old records that led to the Veronaville Disaster. I understand if you’ll find it difficult to forgive me, but you can rest assured that I’ll keep a comfortable distance from your marriage, as I have my own family to care for. I look forward to more peaceful years working with you in Hyde Dynamic.

Bianca, I don’t blame you for thinking I’m dangerous, or a son of a boolprop, or worse. My intentions back then are now clear for all to see, and I regret resorting to underhanded means to make you think of me as a better choice.

I realized it has done the exact opposite, so I’m making the best of the consequences. All the best in your marriage, Bianca, and I hope you can eventually forgive me, and be friends again.

See you both around in HD.

Vidcund Curious

Erin Beaker & Ajay Loner are led off by Cop Elden Hick, to join James & Susan Windmark (Loki & Circe Beaker) in prison
Ajay Loner & Erin Beaker join James & Susan Windmark (Loki & Circe Beaker) in jail.

Tank, Ripp & Buck Grunt visit General Buzz Grunt at the asylum
Grunt brothers Tank, Ripp and Buck visit their father General Buzz at St Elden’s Asylum.

Antonio Monty's new restaurant & chef employees Lazlo Curious & Ripp Grunt
Antonio Monty opens a new restaurant, and is pleased with his new chefs Lazlo Curious and Ripp Grunt.

Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) with his car at Specter Yard
Nick Grimm eventually recovered from his injuries, and is back on his feet as the master of Specter Yard.

Hyde Dynamic Racing Men BBQ: Dr Prometheus Hyde, Duncan Xu, Trent Ivanov, RM Ahmed, RM Roberts, RM Lumiere, Walter Baptiste, Sepp Rossi, Frank Morgen
Hyde Dynamic Racing Men take a break from their scientific, refereeing and Observer duties to celebrate a major milestone with Dr Prometheus Hyde.

Bianca Monty & Kent Capp finally share the same bed
Bianca and Kent Monty finally sleep in the same bed.

Dear Vidcund,

Please give us some time to fully let go of the past, and for us to gradually trust you again.

We’re sure you’ll find fulfillment in raising your family, and will be proud of Vivian (Newton and Zoe too).

Meanwhile, please don’t be a stranger in HD. We look forward to hanging out with you, your brothers and kids in future, just like old times.

Bianca and Kent Monty

Meanwhile, in both the Football Universe and the STM Main Universe

Horatio Monty, born in 2019 to Bianca & Kent Monty

Horatio Monty, born on November 8 2019 to Bianca and Kent Monty.

(#) STM 1.00 Veronaville Disaster. The Sims deaths gameplay video that was the foundation of the STM Series.

(^) Variants of this salmon dish, with or without its special qualities, also appeared in STM 2.01, 2.07(A), 2.07(B), 2.09, 2.10 and 2.11. This Chekhov’s Gun finally fired in the last quarter of the Last Lap!

This is it.

We’ve crossed the finish line of the Last Lap.

The STM Series is finally completed!

Even as the full-time whistle blows to mark the end of this era, all STM-related universes are still highly unusual and complex by Sims standards, and will continue to live on.

2015-2016: PVCS vs STM 2015
2016: PVCS vs STM 2035

2017: Goals of Daniel Pleasant
2018: StrangeTown Specter Yard Conspiracy / Olive Specter’s Timeline

2010-2018: StrangeTown Monty

Over the years, I have upheld my end of the bargain: That none of my Sims projects were cancelled, unless I explicitly said so on my blog.

Despite the ups and downs, I have completed every Sims project I started.

Perhaps one day, you would see my work again, be it reliving these eccentric STM adventures

… or my larger-scale future projects, in this next universe I’m crossing into, as I enter into the post-Sims-stories era of my life.

Yes, you read that correctly. With the completion of STM, AldoHyde has retired from Sims machinima and stories (unless explicitly said otherwise in future on this STM blog), to focus on bigger projects in larger universes.

Thank you everyone who had been faithfully watching, reading, commenting, staying subscribed, checking my updates, and/or had been a positive part of this journey all these years 🙂

Hyde Dynamic Racing Men celebrate Dr Prometheus Hyde's milestone: the completion of the STM series
AldoHyde celebrates the completion of the StrangeTown Monty (STM) Series with the Racing Men.

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