#4: Sims Football 2035 Match – Before the Kickoff

In This Chapter: [Hey Alien!] [Spectators’ Stand] [Tunnel Secrets] [Managers] [Monty Chat] [Lineups]

Two hours before the kickoff…

Albert Beaker: Hey, alien! Why are you wearing the PVCS jersey and not the STM jersey? Are you lost or something?

Juan Caliente: Probably because I’m born IN Pleasantview?

Albert Beaker vs Juan Caliente

Albert: What? Since when do aliens get born in other cities? Oh, let me guess, because you’re a “bad” alien, so they moved you to a city where you belong, a place with so much drama, that they could actually make a soap about it.

Juan: What are you smart talking about, scientist kid?
(Zoe Curious walks by. Juan gets distracted and follows her…)

Albert: Scientist kid?! Is that the only thing you can think of, you… alien? Where the Fringe did that son of a boolprop go? Green rotten plant…

Albert Beaker & Juan Caliente didn't start off on a positive note...

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At the Spectators’ Stand

Bianca and Antonio Monty sit with each other on the STM side of the audience. Don Lothario (Juan Caliente’s “Uncle Don”) sits in the same row as them.

Don Lothario sits near the Montys (& Capps)

Antonio immediately swaps seats with Bianca.

Don is unsure if Antonio is her brother or husband.
He only recalls to have seen this man before.
So Don decides not to try anything.

However, Bianca senses mild attraction bolts from Don.
It seems almost as if Don had since acquired an aura, which he did not seem to have during the 2015 match.

Bianca Monty is NOT staring at her brother Antonio...

She takes another peek at Don, but reason gets the better of her. Bianca’s relationship with Kent is strong, and she’ll never exchange her life with Kent for anything else.

Other female members of the audience, both young and old, find themselves involuntarily staring at Don too…

Nick Specter sits near his cousin Ophelia

Nick Specter sits down two seats away from Ophelia Smith. If he HAS to sit next to someone, only his first cousin Ophelia will understand why he needs two seats for himself, and why that glass of water is not for drinking…

Nick Specter & Ophelia Smith's Secret

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Tunnel Secrets

In the Dressing Room Tunnel…

Linesman Xu: Ivanov, I’ve got great news for you…

Linesman Ivanov: Oh?

The Linesmen Chat

Xu: I just got a phone call from Roberts. He said that the Black Box‘s revised blueprints have been approved by Hyde, so the Black Box is scheduled to be rebuilt in early 2036

Ivanov: Oh! That’s great to hear, Xu! I kinda missed that building after it exploded last year

Xu: Yeah, lets not mention that… By the way… Can you remember? What we did with the Black Box 20 years ago?

Ivanov: Haha, those were the days… When we used the Device in the Black Box to project that stadium illusion for the 2015 Match, and called it the “Llama Memorial Stadium”! Nobody knew, or felt the difference!

Xu: Yeah, with TVs real enough for Consort Capp to smash! (they both laugh) Also because there are too many stadiums with that same name…

2015 Llama Memorial Stadium - Bizarre Truth

Ivanov: Wish we could’ve done that trick again this year, but you know what happened…

Xu: Yes. But on the bright side, now we’ve built our own stadium! This time, the Hyde Dynamic Arena‘s gonna be here permanently, unlike the previous phantom of a stadium…

I mean, if we could build our previous Black Box in half a year, we knew this stadium would be a piece of cake…

Ivanov: Yeah it was easy, because our successful stadium projection experiment in 2015 confirmed that our scale model and blueprints are structurally feasible.

Referee Baptiste: Guys… let’s grab some hotdogs. The match will start in about 2 hours, and I’m pretty hungry. I’ll take the red car. Let’s race to the snack bar! Whoever arrives last shall pay!

Ivanov: Sounds good to me! Let’s go!

The Refereeing Team takes a Break

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The 4 Managers

Minutes before the kickoff…

Daniel Pleasant shakes hands with both General Buzz Grunt and Kent Monty.

Daniel: Good luck for the match.

Grunt & Kent: Thanks!

PVCS Managers: Daniel Pleasant & Regan Capp - STM Managers: General Buzz Grunt & Kent Monty

Daniel knows the Veronaville Feud is still ongoing, and remembers Consort Capp’s actions from two decades ago, so he observes Consort’s daughter, Regan Capp, carefully.

Regan shakes Grunt’s hand, then Kent’s hand, catching Daniel by surprise.

Daniel: Wow, you shook Kent’s hand.

Regan: Why not? He’s my brother.

Daniel: Your brother?!! I thought…

Regan: Yes, he’s a Monty now, because he married into their family. My father disowned him for that, but he’s still my brother. Remember, he played for their side, and became “Sim of the Match” 20 years ago?

Daniel: I see. Yes, I recall.

Daniel Pleasant clarifies matters with Regan Capp

Grunt: The Capp lady didn’t seem to hate you.

Kent: I don’t hate her either. She’s my sister.

Grunt: I thought the Feud is still ongoing?

Kent: Yes, but we can choose if we want to be involved. Maybe she’s also bored with it.

General Buzz Grunt asks Kent Monty about the Veronaville Feud

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On the pitch, Mercutio Monty has a quick chat with his niece, Claudia Monty.

Merc: Claudia, 20 years ago, your “1st Dad” and I were standing here in front of the goal post, talking about Tybalt Capp, before the match started.

Claudia: Yes, Uncle Merc. I miss him and my “1st Mom” very much. She was only subbed in during the 2nd Half, wasn’t she?

Merc: Yes, Juliette only came on after I was red-carded. (Referee Baptiste walks by) Be careful of this referee, Claudia. He’s very strict.

Claudia: Yes, I’ll be careful. (Merc nods) Wait… he looks very… young. I think he’s about 35 years old. Uncle Merc, was this referee 15 years old when he sent you off?

Merc: (stares at Baptiste) Yeah, he doesn’t seem to have aged a day. He looked exactly like this 20 years ago. Maybe he drank the Elixir of Life.

Claudia: (stares and nods) Are the 2 linesmen the same too?

Merc: (looks around) Yes, they are. Maybe I should take a good look at both of them too.

Mercutio Monty chats with Claudia Monty

VAR:  Lumiere, Roberts, Ahmed

STM vs PVCS (2035 Match)

Stadium: Hyde Dynamic Arena

Main Referee: Walter Baptiste (Twikkii Island)
Linesmen: Duncan Xu (Shang Simla), Trent Ivanov (Sim Petersburg)

Video Assistant Referees (VAR):
Lumiere (Champs Les Sims), Roberts (Three Lakes), Ahmed (Al Simhara)

Match Commentators: AldoHyde (AH) & Sims2Player (S2P)

STM Team Lineups 2035

PVCS Team Lineups 2035

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Next Chapter: [1st Half]: A mixture of player/manager thoughts & dialogues, sports commentator talk, & Live Update parody.


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[2015 Match]

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