#7A: Sims Football 2035 Match – 2nd Half (Part 1)

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Just as PVCS Manager Regan Capp takes her seat on the bench, Linesman Ivanov discreetly gives her a thumbs-up. Regan quickly returns the thumbs-up, which Ivanov sees, before he runs off to his post on the opposite side of the pitch.

From his post on the near side of the pitch, Linesman Xu waits for STM Manager Kent Monty to take his seat on the bench, and for their gazes to meet each other. When their eyes meet, Xu nods discreetly, and Kent acknowledges this with a nod, and relief in his eyes.

Linesman Xu & Kent Monty communicate discreetly

The scouts from VFL Simburg (a prestigious football club) have also arrived in the audience. They apologize for being late, but have already watched the [1st Half] live on their mobile comms…

VFL Simburg Talent Scouts seek players of quality

46″ KICK-OFF: Team PVCS’ turn to start.

47″ SHOT ON TARGET (STM): Chauncey Specter gets the pass from Tank Grunt, and fires on target! But Juan Caliente fumbles with the shot, before eventually grabbing the ball.

Chauncey Specter denied by Juan Caliente

49″ CORNER KICK (PVCS): Taken by Beau Broke. Lucy Burb gets the ball… she can shoot!

Tackled? Lucy is down in the box! Is the referee pointing to the spot?

No!! STM defender Claudia Monty didn’t even touch Lucy! The referee gives LB7 a warning. She got lucky, as she already has a Yellow Card.

Lucy Burb is warned by Referee Baptiste

50″ SHOT OFF TARGET (PVCS): Tybalt Capp? No. Goes wide, again…

S2P: He could’ve just scored from that! PVCS hasn’t got it easy with Tybalt and Lucy…

52″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Tybalt Capp, for taking down Tank Grunt. Aggressive touch.

52″ INJURY (STM): Tank Grunt is down, but after some quick treatment, he can continue in the match.

Tank Grunt vs Tybalt Capp - the latter gets the Yellow Card

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55″: FIGHT after a header clash between Ariel Capp & Claudia Monty goes terribly wrong.

Ariel: Watch where you’re going!!

Claudia: Your studs are everywhere! You are no better than your lousy parents — bullying a young kid like me!

Claudia Monty quarrels with Ariel Capp - daughter of Goneril & Albany Capp

Ariel: You little boolprop… your mother chose to breed with…

Claudia takes a few steps back, bends her upper body perpendicular to her legs, and swiftly rams her head full force into Ariel’s upper body.
Ariel crashes to the ground, and yells an extremely rude phrase.

55″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Ariel Capp. Abusive Language

55″ RED CARD (STM): Claudia Monty. Violent Conduct (Headbutt, Zidane-style). Team STM is down to 10 players!

Claudia Monty gets a Red Card for her impetuous act

Horatio Monty is sad. Over the years, Ariel’s parents said things to his sister that no young kid should have to hear. But it wasn’t right for Claudia to take it on the Capp daughter instead, who did not insult her until one minute ago.

Claudia dared not look at Kent as she walked back to the Dressing Room. She assumed her “2nd Dad” would be angry and disappointed with her. She missed the gaze of fatherly compassion on Kent’s face.

Claudia Monty is sent off

Since the headbutt occurred in the penalty box, the Referee points to the spot.

56″ PENALTY KICK (PVCS): Octavius Capp gets ready to take the spot kick, while Tybalt selfishly hopes that his young cousin will miss.

Octavius takes a Simotelli run, which puts Ben Monty on the wrong foot…

Penalty Kick - Octavius Capp

56″ GOAL (PVCS) 1-2: Octavius Capp (pen)
Ben Monty guessed the wrong direction, and Octavius made no mistake.

PVCS Goalscorer Octavius Capp celebrates with Regan, Hal & Ariel

Claudia Monty is inconsolable after Octavius Capp converts the penalty she gave away. But Dressing Room guard Sepp Rossi tries anyway...

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60″ INJURY (STM): Isabel Loner is down again, after a fair challenge with Kelly Summerdream. Like her father 20 years ago, her hamstring problems are too much for her to continue in the match.

Isabel Loner inherited a weak hamstring from her father Ajay

A look of momentary concern crosses the usually-hard face of Albert Beaker. If Isabel is sent to the hospital, his parents are likely to take him to see his cousin after the match.

So Albert decides he must “settle matters” with the “alien” by the end of the match…

Horatio Monty is dismayed. He wonders why all the girls he cares about are leaving the pitch so quickly. Has he lost his last chance to talk to Isabel Loner?

STM Strikers Albert Beaker & Horatio Monty respond differently to Isabel Loner's injury

60″ SUBSTITUTION (STM): Isabel Loner Out, Bea Monty In

This STM substitution gives audience members Ajay Loner and Antonio Monty a sense of deja vu. Erin Loner wonders if they need to leave the match early…

Weak hamstrings seem to run in the Loner family. But Ajay is consoled by the fact that Isabel lasted longer in the 2035 match, than he did in the 2015 Match.

Ajay & Erin Loner - Isabel's worried parents

60″ SUBSTITUTION (PVCS): Ariel Capp Out, Parker Pleasant In

In the audience, Lilith Broke is also experiencing deja vu. 20 years ago, she tried to argue her way off the subs bench, but Daniel would have none of that. She has the sinking feeling that she’ll always be last on her father’s priority list…

Lilith Broke (nee Pleasant) has deja vu

As Ariel Capp takes her seat on the bench, Daniel Pleasant suddenly realizes why he finds her attractive — her facial structure is similar to Kaylynn.

But Daniel checks himself — upon marrying Kaylynn, he had changed his aspiration to Popularity, to avoid repeating the mistake he made while he was married to Mary-Sue. So he simply says, “Well played, Ariel Capp.”

61″ FREE KICK (PVCS): Kelly Summerdream takes it, and goes directly for goal, but Ben Monty brings a save.

AH: What did I say? A talent!

S2P: Yeah, I know. He’s just like a cat! Amazing dive skills! Funny I never heard his name before, a player of his caliber would’ve been a starter for FC Bayern Simchen!

AH: Yeah, or at least playing in a football team!

Ben Monty Saves a Free Kick

Kelly Summerdream discreetly touches the left side of her head. Uh oh… where did “it” go? It must have fallen off when she clashed with Isabel a minute ago… but she can’t possibly bend down to look for it.

She feels the right side of her head… Phew… this one is still there, but maybe a bit loose… but she can’t adjust it now without arousing any suspicion…

Kelly Summerdream dropped something...

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Free Kick - Horatio Monty

62” FREE KICK (STM): Taken by Horatio Monty. Rebounds to Vivian Curious, who passes it to Chauncey Specter…

63″ GOAL (STM) 2-2: Chauncey Specter just storms to the goal, right after getting the ball! He outruns Demetrius Dreamer and Dustin Broke, to score a rabona. Lucy Burb could learn from that!

STM equalizes despite being one player down!

Chauncey Specter scores for Team STM. Are Nick and his former 'benefactors' are behind all of this?

In the audience, Nick Specter stands up and cheers.
But his subtle magic goes undetected, because “Specter” seems to get away with anything…

After 20 years, the Hyde Dynamic officials still cannot detect Specter’s magic…

But the VFL Simburg scouts look very impressed.

VFL Simburg Talent Scouts are impressed with STM's Chauncey Specter

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How well can Team STM hold up, despite being one player down?
Can Team PVCS capitalize on their advantage?

Next Chapter: [2nd Half – Part 2]


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