#7B: Sims Football 2035 Match – 2nd Half (Part 2)

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Refresh your memory of [2nd Half – Part 1] (46″-64″)

Parker Pleasant gets a Yellow Card for diving
65″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Parker Pleasant caught diving in the penalty area.

Daniel Pleasant is displeased. He took off the goalscorer Ariel Capp because she had a Yellow Card. Now his son, Parker, has one too, just 5 minutes after he came on…

67″ CORNER KICK (PVCS): Taken by Hermia Summerdream. Kelly Summerdream accidentally passed back, and the ball went over the sideline.

Pity, Kelly was playing so well, but her form seems to be dropping…

Regan Capp: Daniel, I can’t take any more risks with Kelly… (yells at the pitch) Hal is the new Free Kick taker!

Hal Capp: OK, Aunt Regan!

Kelly rolls her eyes.

70″ SHOTS ON TARGET (STM): Great ball on goal from Newton Curious! But Juan Caliente punches it away…

Wait! It rebounds back to Newton, who does a bicycle kick from a distance, Simbrahimovic style! Juan Caliente tips it over! Corner kick!

Newton Curious gets up after a Bicycle Kick attempt

Regan Capp motions to Hermia Summerdream, who happened to be nearest to the sideline: “Mark Newton Curious,” she instructs her.

72″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Parker Pleasant
bad tackle trips Johnny Smith, who winces terribly as he falls.
This is Parker’s 2nd Yellow Card…

72″ RED CARD (PVCS): Parker Pleasant — He lasted only 12 minutes on the pitch! Team PVCS is down to 10 players too!

Parker Pleasant gets a Red Card after a ridiculously short time outfield

Daniel Pleasant explodes. He suddenly realizes his calmness in the previous match is due to none of his kids being outfield. He thinks he might have had a heart attack if Angela and Lilith had been outfield together 20 years ago.

Daniel Pleasant is disgraced by Parker, his precious son

72″ INJURY (STM): Johnny Smith is in great pain. His ankle hurts, but his face hurts more.

Tank Grunt remembers how he swore to break Johnny’s nose when they fought as teenagers. But now, he wonders if Johnny’s nose is ok.

Daniel is horrified. Johnny is one of his most promising players in Simley Town, and it had to be his own son to injure poor Johnny. And next week are the play-offs for promotion (for Simley Town to ascend to a more prestigious league)! Parker will be in deep trouble tonight…

72″ SUBSTITUTION (STM): Johnny Smith Out, Summer Smith In

STM Substitution - Johnny Smith is replaced by his daughter Summer

74″ Ouch! The ball went smack into Lucy Burb‘s face.
Must have hurt terribly.

Meanwhile, Juan Caliente is surprised to feel NO “alien vibe” from Summer Smith, even though she was within close range to him. Isn’t she the daughter of half-alien Johnny Smith, but with a human skintone instead?

Juan Caliente ponders Summer Smith

Wait a minute. THAT description fits Juan’s Mom and Aunt perfectly. No wonder Juan never felt the “alien vibe” being emitted from Dina and Nina Caliente. However, Juan felt the “alien vibe” clearly emitted from all the Curious Cousins, Johnny Smith… and Uncle Don.

With Johnny Smith subbed off, Juan is thinking of asking Newton Curious after the match. But he’s worried that all the Curious Cousins probably dislike him already, for flirting with Zoe during the Half-Time break

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76″ YELLOW CARD (STM): Albert Beaker caught diving in the penalty area.

Juan Caliente didn’t have to tell the referee that, as the referee saw it for himself. This causes Albert and Juan to glare at each other again.

Yellow Card - Albert Beaker glares at Juan Caliente... again

On the bench:

Kent Monty: Great game so far, Regan!

Regan: Yeah.

Kent: It’s a pity that some players are too aggressive with each other, but yeah, we can’t do much about that. Your side is run by a professional football coach and a sports shop owner, while mine has a scientist and a retired army general…

Regan: Haha, yeah. Three of us don’t quite have the typical qualifications for this role…

Regan Capp & Kent Monty chatting at the team benches

77″ GOAL (PVCS) 2-3: Demetrius Dreamer – Firstly, the ball ended up with LB7, and she nicely lobs it, so Demetrius Dreamer could score a header! Demetrius Dreamer scores what could be the winning goal for PVCS!!

Goal: Demetrius Dreamer celebrates with Dustin & Beau Broke

PVCS Bench Goal Celebration: Skip Jr Broke, Puck Summerdream, Ariel Capp, Daniel Pleasant, Regan Capp

PVCS Audience Goal Celebration: Darren Dreamer & Brandi Broke

PVCS injured player Dirk Dreamer is fine in hospital, & very proud of his son Demetrius, the goalscorer

S2P: Wait, why isn’t Lucy cheering?

AH: Seems like an unplanned assist. She probably intended to shoot, but ended up lobbing the ball instead… she looks upset with herself.

80″ SHOT OFF TARGET (PVCS): Beau Broke intercepts a pass from Bea Monty, and breaks through the STM defense! He shoots, but puts it too high! Great opportunity.

AH: Wait, isn’t he the boyfriend of Lucy Burb?

S2P: Yes. Seems Beau is even better than Lucy! Don’t tell her I said that!

83″ SHOT ON TARGET (PVCS): Demetrius Dreamer for his second? Yeah??

No!!!! Ben Monty with his amazing reflexes!

Ben Monty's Heroics Keep STM Alive

85″ SHOT OFF TARGET (STM): Albert Beaker gets the pass from Tank Grunt. Albert tries to replicate Vivian Curious’ long-range goal, but it goes wide.

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87″ (STM): Goal kick by Ben Monty, which ends up at Vivian Curious. She passes it to Horatio Monty. He sprints with the ball, passes it to Bea Monty, who passes it back!

Juan Caliente is confused! Open goal! Horatio must not miss this one!!!!!

Horatio Monty finishes off the teamwork effort with Bea Monty

88″ GOAL (STM) 3-3: Horatio Monty – Hahahaha… GOAL!! Horatio just dribbles the ball over the goal line! Impressive! 3-3!!!

Goal: Horatio Monty celebrates with cousins Beatrice, Benedick & Mercutio

STM Bench Goal Celebration: Kent Monty, General Buzz Grunt, Zoe Curious & Buck Grunt

STM Audience Goal Celebration: Antonio & Bianca Monty, Pascal, Vidcund & Lazlo Curious

Claudia Monty celebrates her brother's goal

Tybalt Capp: (to Octavius) Now’s your chance… beat up that Monty loser!

Octavius Capp: (thinking) Are you crazy? I don’t want to be red-carded!

After a brief silence…

Tybalt: Why aren’t you saying anything? What’s wrong with you? You’re a coward. You’re a loser. You’re worse than a Monty. You’re not fit to be a Capp! (walks off)

Octavius Capp rejects Tybalt's suggestion

Octavius: (thinking) Horatio has never hurt me. Why should I hit him? Is Tybalt trying to get me into trouble? There must be something wrong with Aunt Goneril and Uncle Albany, if they think he’s a good role model…

PVCS Corner - Juan Caliente attempts heroism

90″: PVCS CORNER: Juan Caliente tries to be a hero, by coming all the way up to attempt a header.

When the ball comes in, he and Albert Beaker have a fair clash, but the ball ends up with Mercutio Monty, who clears it halfway across the field.

Daniel Pleasant yells, “JUAN, GO BACK NOW!!!”
But Juan is taking his own sweet time to get up.

Albert is already up, with his eyes on the referee.
The moment the referee’s head is turned…

Linesman Xu: (through the earpiece) “Baptiste!! Stop play now! Foul behind you!”

Linesman Ivanov: “Baptiste!! Albert Beaker just bit Juan Caliente!! Stop the game!!”

Referee Baptiste gets a tip-off from Linesmen Xu & Ivanov

The Video Assistant Referees (VAR) are also urging Baptiste to blow the whistle immediately.

VAR Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed review the replay

Referee Baptiste turns around. Indeed, the PVCS goalkeeper is on the ground, inside the penalty box, clutching his shoulder in pain. He blows the whistle.

Baptiste: (through the earpiece) What did you see, Xu?

Xu: Albert Beaker bit Juan Caliente in the penalty area.

Ivanov: Yes, I saw that too.

The PVCS players are saying exactly the same thing as the linesmen and the VAR.

The STM players who saw it are too shocked to comment.

Referee Baptiste judges the situation

Albert denies any involvement.
Juan gets up, and shows the bite marks to the referee.
Juan swears, and makes a rude gesture at Albert.

90″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Juan Caliente. Rude Gesture and Abusive language.

90″ RED CARD (STM): Albert Beaker. Violent Conduct (Biting, Suarez-style) Team STM is down to 9 players!

Albert Beaker & Juan Caliente's Feud has boiled over

As the foul happened in the penalty box, the Referee awards a second penalty kick to PVCS.

In the audience…

Loki Beaker: (cold & rational) The Boolprop Potion we gave him was too concentrated…

Circe Beaker: (ruefully) We should’ve given him less! He takes after both of us too much.

Loki & Circe Beaker react to Albert's Red Card

On the STM bench:

Grunt: Fringin’ boolprop. We should’ve subbed off that Beaker imp 25 minutes ago!

Kent: Cool it, General. Both our substitutions were forced, anyway. We can’t let Isabel Loner and Johnny Smith continue to limp out there, can we? It’s correct for us to ration our third substitution.

Grunt: That no good son of a boolprop…

Kent: Grunt, please. You wanna be out here at the final whistle, not in the dressing room. If we survive this penalty, that’s when we’ll use our third sub.

General Buzz Grunt is furious. Kent Monty tries to calm him down...

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Albert Beaker leaves the pitch in shame

91″: Albert Beaker walks slowly off the pitch, in tears.

S2P: Looks like Tybalt Capp is preparing to take this penalty.

AH: Strange, I remember he missed the one in 2015, and Octavius Capp already scored this match. We’ll see…

91″ PENALTY KICK (PVCS): Everyone watches Tybalt grimly, especially Regan and Octavius.

General Grunt hopes that Ben Monty can repeat the save that Grunt made 20 years ago. In the audience, Antonio and Bianca Monty yell, “Come on, Ben!! You can do it!!”

Tybalt takes a fast sprint…
Ben makes his guess…

Penalty Kick - Tybalt Capp

The ball hits the crossbar, and bounces off the pitch.

The PVCS fans are stunned into silence, but the STM supporters break out into cheers. Bea Monty congratulates her goalkeeper brother with a hug.

Beatrice & Benedick Monty

Octavius glares at his mother. Regan looks at him sternly.

Octavius blames Regan Capp for the last-minute penalty failure

Tybalt’s pride is completely broken, and bursts into tears. He allows his sister, Hermia, to console him, but brushes aside everyone else. His aspiration meter crashed, and he officially hates Octavius.

Hermia Summerdream consoles her brother Tybalt Capp

Albert is halfway through the tunnel, and his mourning suddenly changes into a show of jubilation, before vanishing into the Dressing Room.

Albert Beaker celebrates the penalty miss, while running back to the Dressing Room

As Albert enters the STM Dressing Room…

Claudia Monty: (playfully) Hey Albert, how does alien taste like?

Albert: Shut up, Claudia.

Claudia: Let me guess… minty?

Albert: Don’t make me hit you. (Claudia stops. Dressing Room Guard Sepp Rossi shoots a warning glance at Albert.)

Albert Beaker dares to threaten Claudia Monty in front of Dressing Room Guard Sepp Rossi

92″ SUBSTITUTION: Newton Curious Out, Zoe Curious In

As they pass each other the sidelines, Zoe says, “Nice bicycle kick, bro.” Newton smiles and nods in acknowledgement.

STM Substitution: Newton Curious Out, Zoe Curious In


Sim of the Match: Ben Monty, for saving a very high percentage of the shots on target.

The whistle may be blown for the end of the 2nd Half, but the post-match drama is NOT over.

What mysterious conversations happened in the tunnel during the Half-Time Break? Are there scores that need to be settled?

Find out in the next chapter… a substantial Non-Football-Intensive aftermath…

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