#8A: Sims Football 2035 Match – Final Whistle & The Proposal (Part 1)

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Referee Baptiste blows the whistle for Full-Time. He quickly pulls out his comm device: “Rossi, it’s time.”

Racing Man (RM) Sepp Rossi brings out Claudia Monty from the STM Dressing Room. She stands beside her brother, Horatio. Rossi stays on the pitch to guard Tybalt Capp alone, whom Regan Capp considers to be “high risk”.

The other Dressing Room guard, RM Frank Morgen, transfers the other red-carded STM player, Albert Beaker, into the PVCS Dressing Room with Parker Pleasant, and the Pleasantview teen is clearly uncomfortable with that.

Parker Pleasant wonders WHY Albert Beaker was transferred to the PVCS Dressing Room...

RM Morgen: No fighting! If you break anything in this room, or on each other, I’m calling the police.

RM Morgen warns Albert Beaker & Parker Pleasant against violence

The two Red-carded teens sit quietly on opposite ends of the couch.

A notice flashes on the screen at spectators’ stands:

“Veronaville natives ONLY. Get ready to come onto the pitch when the gates are open.”

The next screen displays 5 names:

Bianca Monty
Antonio Monty
Cornwall Capp
Albany Capp
Goneril Capp

…the ones on the list given by Kent Monty to the RM Refereeing Team during the Half-Time break.

Shortly after, the gates are opened, allowing these five Veronaville natives to come to the pitch. They are escorted by Video Assistant Referees (VAR) RM Lumiere, Roberts and Ahmed, who have been called out for crowd control backup, and were specifically instructed not to leave the Veronaville natives alone.

RM Ahmed & Lumiere escort Cornwall, Albany & Goneril Capp

Four of the Veronaville natives are just as confused as the Pleasantview & Strangetown natives in the audience.

Antonio: (to Bianca) What’s this about?

Bianca: You’ll see, you’ll see…

RM Roberts escorts Bianca & Antonio Monty

The Pleasantview & Strangetown natives and the VFL Simburg talent scouts in the audience stay behind to watch the scene from the screen at the spectators’ stand. Nick Specter senses this is an important moment, so he double-checks that his glass of water is still upright.

Even the two Red-carded teens in the PVCS Dressing Room have their eyes glued on the screen. They have never seen anything like that before, and wonder what’s going on…

Red-Carded Teens Albert Beaker & Parker Pleasant are too fixated on the screen to misbehave - much to RM Morgen's delight

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Regan Capp & Kent Monty Address the Veronaville Natives and the Players from Strangetown & Plesantview

Regan Capp: Capps and Montys, we played an excellent match today, alongside our friends from Pleasantview and Strangetown.

Kent Monty: Regardless of the result and the few discipline incidents, this match is comparable to the epic saga we had 20 years ago.

Veronaville Natives, Players & Managers - Attention Please

Regan: The main difference between this match and the previous one, is that some of us have learnt from our previous mistakes, and have moved on to improve ourselves, both on and off the pitch.

Kent: It’s the bonds, seen and unseen, taboo or otherwise, that strengthen us, despite the odds.

Everyone Listens Intently to Regan Capp & Kent Monty

Some of the Veronaville natives are surprised that Regan and Kent seem to be speaking in agreement.

All Eyes & Ears are tuned to Regan Capp & Kent Monty

Goneril: Sister, what are you and Kent Monty trying to drive at…?

Regan: Kent and I have been secretly communicating all these years…

Goneril Capp asks a direct question to her sister Regan

Murmurs of disbelief from the Veronaville natives.
Goneril bangs her head.
She recalls that Regan’s loss of interest in the Feud coincided with the time Kent defected to Team STM… it all makes sense now.

Antonio: (to Bianca) Did you know this? (Bianca nods)

Antonio Monty wonders if Bianca had been kept in the dark too

Octavius: Mom…?!
Horatio: Dad…?!

Octavius Capp & Horatio Monty are taken aback

Cornwall: (surprised) Why didn’t you tell me?

Regan: Sorry, dear. It’s because you didn’t like Kent, even when he was living with us long ago… and that’s not even Feud-related.

Cornwall: (surprised & disappointed) Oh… but at least, you wouldn’t need to bear this all alone. You should’ve told me how important this is to you…

Shocked Husband Cornwall Capp wonders how Regan kept THAT secret from him for 20 years...

Kent: Regan and I were close as we grew up. When playing video games or football with her, I felt I could truly be myself. I didn’t like playing football with Father because he kept criticizing me. But Regan accepted me for who I am, even if she didn’t approve of my choices…

Bianca: I have always been close to Antonio, my brother. So it’s fair that Kent should be able to keep in touch with his sister, even if they couldn’t do so openly.

Bianca Monty affirms her reason for supporting Kent's controversial secret

Regan: Bianca knew all along, and I thank and respect her for tolerating me. But Kent and Bianca are not the only mixed Capp-Monty couple. Romeo and Juliette, rest their souls, died before anyone dared to initiate a reconciliation…

At the mention of her biological parents, Claudia Monty begins to weep. Horatio comforts her.

Horatio Monty consoles Claudia, while Referee Baptiste looks on

Tybalt lets out a cry of anger, and tries to dash forward. RM Rossi grabs his arm. Tybalt tries to strike Rossi with his other arm, but RM Ahmed pulls him back…

Tybalt Capp attacks Sepp Rossi

Hermia: (sternly) Tybalt!!

Tybalt turns to look at his sister. Hermia shakes her head with a stern face. Tybalt is sullen. Both his arms are now restrained by TWO RM.

Hermia Summerdream & her family disapprove of Tybalt Capp's antics

Kent: There’s also Mercutio and Miranda, who are going to become parents too…

Albany: (thinking) My first grandchild!

Goneril: (thinking) That disobedient girl who ditched her family to marry her sister’s murderer

Goneril & Albany Capp's reactions to Miranda's pregnancy

Kent: All of them were forced to choose sides.

Regan: They ended up choosing the Montys because they are less uptight than us Capps. Why don’t we end the Feud, so they can choose BOTH the Montys AND Capps?

Kent: Patrizio and Consort died long ago. We don’t even remember exactly why they started hating each other in the first place. Why should their conflict affect us anymore?

Tybalt is furious. As his legs are still free, he stabs his football boot studs into the unguarded calf of Sepp Rossi. Rossi collapses to the ground, crying out in pain.

Sepp Rossi gets injured AFTER the match is over...

Tybalt is immediately pinned to the ground by RM Lumiere, Roberts and Ahmed.

Tybalt Capp is subdued by 3 RM - Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed

Tybalt: How dare you insult the memory of my grandfather!!

Referee Baptiste: Tie up this wild beast before he hurts anyone else!!

Referee Baptiste does NOT brandish a Red Card at Tybalt Capp...

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Juan Caliente sneaks off on his personal quest...

With all the drama on the pitch, nobody noticed that Juan Caliente is missing. The PVCS goalkeeper quietly snuck off to the Injury Room, knowing exactly what he wants…

Juan: (thinking) I hope he hasn’t been sent to the hospital…

Johnny Smith: Juan Caliente… are you looking for someone?

Johnny Smith ponders Juan Caliente

Juan: Yeah.

Johnny: How are your bite marks? Are you ok?

Juan: I’m fine, thanks. Mr Smith, I need to ask you about this strange feeling that I get, when I’m in close range to an alien.

Johnny: Are you talking about my daughter?

Juan: No, Mr Smith. I didn’t feel any vibes from your daughter Summer, but from you, and all the Curious Cousins. I mean, the strangest thing is that… my Uncle Don gives me the same feeling. Stronger than what you’re giving me now!

Juan Caliente asks Johnny Smith about the 'Alien Vibe'

Johnny: What do you mean?

Juan: Well, I don’t know who my father is! Please, Mr Smith… I’m the only green sim in Pleasantview… I don’t know who else to ask…

Johnny: Wait, I’m confused right now, it might be the effects of the painkillers, explain to me…

Juan: Well, I live with my mother and aunt, and they always cared for me. I never had a real father in my life. My aunt was sometimes upstairs with her male friends, but they don’t really count. Then there’s Uncle Don, who visits us regularly — he’s the closest to a father that I ever had.

Johnny: That’s strange. As for me, my father, a full alien, married my human mother, and she gave birth to me and my sister. But in the normal pollination process, a male gets abducted, and he returns pregnant. You said your uncle gives you a stronger vibe than what I’m giving you right now?

Juan: Yeah!

Johnny Smith gets up to help Juan Caliente

Johnny: OK, Juan… is your uncle in the stadium today? (Juan nods. Johnny grabs a crutch.) Come on, let’s go see your uncle.

Juan and Johnny leave the injury room together…

(This Juan subplot will be continued in Part 8C.)

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STM vs PVCS (2035 Match)

Hyde Dynamic Arena

3-3 (FT)


15″ Vivian Curious
63″ Chauncey Specter
88″ Horatio Monty
41″ Ariel Capp
56″ Octavius Capp (pen)
77″ Demetrius Dreamer


35″ Newton Curious

Direct Red
55″ Claudia Monty

1 Yellow, and Direct Red
76″, 90″ Albert Beaker

43″ Lucy Burb
52″ Tybalt Capp
55″ Ariel Capp
90″ Juan Caliente

Red (2 Yellows)
65″, 72″ Parker Pleasant

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How will the Veronaville natives react to Regan and Kent’s attempt to end the Feud?

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