#8C: Sims Football 2035 Match – Final Whistle & The Proposal (Part 3)

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With the Veronaville drama seemingly over, the Pleasantview & Strangetown natives get up to leave. Don Lothario turns, and sees Juan Caliente with an injured STM player….

Uncle Don Lothario spots Juan Caliente with Johnny Smith

Don: Hey Juan! Are you alright? How are your bite marks?

Juan: Yeah, thanks, Uncle Don. I’m fine…

Don: Oh, and one reminder… if you see that boy again, just ignore him. OK?

Juan: Sure…

Don Lothario & Juan Caliente

Don: (to Johnny) Mister, are you alright?

Johnny Smith: Yes I’m fine, thanks. I took a couple of painkillers which should reduce the pain a bit. But I still need an operation.

Don: Ouch! I wish you the best of luck! I also broke my leg while I was on the swing as a child. It really hurt. So I can feel your pain…

Johnny: Thanks.

Ophelia passes by, and detects that Johnny is busy helping a young alien. She quietly nods to Johnny, and he acknowledges by nodding back. Ophelia goes off to meet their daughter.

Johnny: Actually, your nephew came to me and he told me that he felt a vibe from you, and that it is stronger than my vibe… which left him with questions.

Don: Can… Right now? I don’t really… They came… And it was just in a flash of a second… Juan… Please… not now.

Don Lothario & Juan Caliente

Juan: What do you mean? You’re speaking gibberish!

Don: Juan… I’m… a Colony Drone…

Juan: I beg your pardon?

Don Lothario makes a shocking confession to Juan Caliente

Johnny: Sir, how is it that I didn’t feel a vibe from you during the previous match? In 2015?

Don: Well, I’ll explain everything. A couple of days after the match, I was abducted by aliens. But they didn’t abduct me to impregnate me, but because I’m a cassanova…

Juan: Uncle Don?

Don: They offered me a deal to turn me into “Colony Don”, a special Colony Drone, with alien DNA and the ability to shapeshift into my human form anytime I wish.

They will make me attractive to every woman I want to Woohoo with, but all my offspring will get the alien skintone.

Aliens propose the 'Colony Don' deal to Don Lothario

I didn’t really care, because I’m not the “family” type, but the “romance” type. They had finished with Strangetown, because it has enough aliens. So they were planning to move on to Pleasantview and other suburbs from Pleasantview, such as Bluewater Village, you know, the shopping district?

Juan: Don’t change the subject…

Don: Well, in the other neighborhoods and Pleasantview suburbs/districts there aren’t many science geeks, so not many people have telescopes.

The aliens needed someone to do it the “traditional human way”… I was the “chosen one”, as they called it.

Don Lothario accepts the deal to become 'Colony Don'

When I was away from Pleasantview for my medical humanitarian work, after working hours, I impregnated women I met at nightclubs. So I have at least one child in every locale you can imagine, from Belladonna Cove to Champs Les Sims to Takemizu Village. Some women are even pregnant at this time.

Juan: So you are…

Don: Yes, Juan. I’m your father…

Johnny: (thinking) I knew it… his vibe is exactly like my late father’s… how I miss my Dad.

Juan: But why are you so close to us?

(Colony) Don Lothario woohoos with Dina Caliente, Juan's mother

Don: Your mother and aunt, well, we are close friends. Before you were born, we had a hot-tub party at my condo almost every evening. Over the years, I learnt to love you as a son.

Juan: Why didn’t you tell us?

Don: Your mother would’ve been angry if she found out I gave her the alien baby that made Mr Goth divorce her, making her lose his fortune.

Juan: THE Mortimer Goth?!!!!

Don: Yeah, him… But Juan, can you forgive me? And will you still look at me the same way as before this conversation?

Juan: You’ll always be my father… I love you…

Don: You’re not mad?

Juan: No, I’m not angry with you. I’m happy to know who my Dad is at last.

Don Lothario acknowledges Juan Caliente with a paternal hug

They embrace.

Don: Juan, my son… this is our secret. Please remember to continue calling me “Uncle Don” in front of everyone else, especially your Mom and Aunt.

Juan: Yes Dad… I mean, “Uncle Don”. (Everyone smiles)

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Hermia Summerdream tries to talk some sense into Tybalt Capp

Hermia: Tybalt, you injured a man who DIDN’T “insult the memory of our grandpa”. I have bad news: That Racing Man, Sepp Rossi, is the son of Constanzo Rossi, the Mayor of Monte Vista a long time ago.

Yes, Old Mayor Rossi is still alive, because he didn’t have a bitter Feud to cut short his elder years. You better hope the Rossi family doesn’t press charges.

Tybalt: That’s not my concern. I just don’t like the Feud to end!!

Hermia: Tybalt, you like the Feud because you like to fight. I think Grandpa is more disappointed with you now, than with the Feud ending. Just let it go, Tybalt, and be a better man than your grandfather.

Tybalt: Shut up, Hermia. Go back to your tree-hugging family.

Summerdream Party: Celebration of Reconciliation between the Capp & Monty families

The following week, the Summerdreams threw a huge party to celebrate the end of the Feud.

Everyone attended, except Tybalt and Goneril.

Claudia Monty apologizes to Ariel Capp for the headbutt, and Ariel apologizes for swearing at her. Claudia innocently asks why Goneril isn’t at the party, so Ariel clarifies that Goneril “needs time”.

Claudia Monty & Ariel Capp make up after their fight during the 2035 Match

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Regan Capp's family dines with Kent Monty's family

Regan Capp’s family had lunch with Kent Monty’s family the afternoon after the match.

Octopus2018 was pleased to find out that his online friend, DrRatio, is actually his first cousin. The two had occasionally chatted online, while playing the games “Rune City” and “GTR ’33”.

Junior Table - Octavius Capp realizes his online friend is actually his first cousin, Horatio Monty

Regan and Kent are delighted that their children are bonding in a similar way as they used to as siblings — their only regret being that they didn’t attempt to end the Feud earlier.

Senior Table - Bianca & Kent Monty, Regan & Cornwall Capp

Octavius and Horatio made further plans to game online together. Now that Claudia has finally decided on her permanent username, Cmo22 may join in the fun too…

Regan Capp & Kent Monty's long-awaited family reunion

From 2036 onwards, the three of them can technically, play online together at the same time, since Claudia Monty will have full access to her own computer from then on — away from the household of Bianca, Kent and Horatio.

Claudia has to move out because she accepted the football scholarship offered by VFL Simburg. She was shocked to be the third player the scouts approached on the pitch, for she did not expect them to have a good impression of her, as a result of her headbutt and Red Card.

VFL Simburg Talent Scouts approach Claudia Monty, while Kent, Bianca & Horatio look on

The Montys are pleasantly surprised that the scouts chose to look beyond Claudia’s one impulsive act.

The scouts were particularly impressed with Claudia’s 100% passing accuracy — her ability to ensure that the ball reaches ANY player she wishes to pass it to — for they found out that it was her beloved brother who was at the receiving end of most of her ambitious passes.

Ben Monty, on the other hand, declined the offer from VFL Simburg, because his heart is in the Monty Restaurant

Benedick Monty prefers being a Chef in the Monty Restaurant

So Claudia will have her own room in a three-room apartment in Simburg.

The other two rooms are occupied by Chauncey Specter and his father Nick. The Specters are selling their Strangetown home to follow Chauncey’s dreams. Like the Montys, the Specters do not know anyone living in Simburg well enough, and are pleased to host their Team STM acquaintance Claudia Monty.

Claudia Monty lives with Chauncey & Nick Specter in Simburg

Horatio will finally have the living room computer all to himself, but he’ll miss Claudia very much. On the bright side, the siblings can now be online at the same time, and stay in touch.

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Mercutio Monty refuses to fight with Tybalt Capp

Luckily for Tybalt, RM Rossi recovered quickly, so no charges were pressed.

Unluckily for Tybalt, his Aspiration meter remained Red from the time he missed the penalty.

Not even Mercutio Monty would humor him with a fight, even when Tybalt provoked him with all the usual triggers.
His wish to be the “Capp patriarch” and Feud mastermind was going down the drain…

One day, Tybalt suddenly vanished from Veronaville. He didn’t even tell Hermia where he went.

He was rumored to be seen in the alleyways of Belladonna Cove, intimidating and beating up innocent sims, and living off the money he stole from them. After that, he was never seen again.

Tybalt Capp beats up a random victim in Belladonna Cove

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Goneril Capp reconciles with daughter Miranda, and accepts her first grandchild

Goneril eventually went to see Miranda, and carried her first grandchild(#) — the first Veronaville native to be born in the post-Feud era.

It was awkward when she finally spoke to Kent for the first time in 20 years, as she couldn’t look at him in the eye most of the time. While she and Kent have never really gotten along, at least there were no ill words spoken between them this time.

Goneril also secretly wishes that Hal wouldn’t marry Bea Monty, but finally accepts that some choices are simply not hers to make.

Time heals most wounds, if sims allow it to.
Former enemies may never gain enough trust to become Best Friends, but it is good enough for both parties to treat each other cordially and respectfully, so that fair play may reign on and off the pitch.

PVCS Regan Capp & STM Kent Monty - the Sibling Bond - Messengers of Fair Play & Reconciliation

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(#) Mercutio & Miranda’s baby’s name/gender are deliberately left ambiguous, so I can be flexible IF I want to write a story about him/her in future.

How did Tybalt Capp evolve from the 2015 Teen to the 2035 Adult?
What REALLY happened to Claudia Monty’s birth parents, Romeo & Juliette?

Next Chapter: [Extra: Tybalt’s Exploits]


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[2015 Match]

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  1. It certainly was a surprise to see Claudia get scouted, but I’m happy she did! Also good to see people moving on from the feud, even if it is slowly. The most surprising thing about this chapter is that Don comes across relatively well – perhaps being an alien has made him a more caring person 😉

    1. Things are not so straightforward in any of my STM Universes 😉 Characters do get second chances, especially if they “deserve it” (in a good way). Your last line about Don Lothario is kinda hilarious xD Thanks for following the story all through 🙂

  2. Now Juan knows who is his biological father but how did you make him an alien with black eyes?

    1. I used a Body Shop clone of the original human Don Lothario to create Don’s alien version. Storywise, I treat the green Don as the same character as Human Don (in the same way that “Human Hyde” and “Blue Hyde” are the same character in the Main STM Machinima Series).

      Juan was made with the CAS “Make a Baby” function, using Alien Don and Human Dina. Then I enlarged Juan’s eyes and shrunk his nose a bit, so that he looks more like the typical “gameplay abduction type” of alien babies.

      1. Wow!!! Juan is a simple sim but he was made in such a complicated way! But if the “living room computer” is in the room where Kent used to sleep (which makes it part of the living room due to that hole in the wall) where do Horatio and Claudia sleep? (+pictures if you can) I really like Bianca’s house.

        BTW: awesome machinima serie!!!

      2. “Bianca & Kent’s 2035 House” has an additional level, added on to the original “Bianca’s STM House”. I’m glad you noticed these details about the house, and enjoyed the STM machinima series 🙂

        I’ll see if I can add some pics of the 2035 House to “Ch10 Bloopers and Lots”. When these are ready, I’ll announce it on the AH Blog. Stay tuned.

  3. Thank you for showing us Bianca’s 2035 house (I have just seen your annoucement on AldoHyde.com).At first I thought that the first floor was under repairing “due to that hole in the wall”😉😂 Where did you get the napkins box and he glass of water from?
    Please finish 2.06(C)!!! Can’t wait for it!!

    1. The napkins box and the glass of water were simply photoshopped into the pictures 😉
      2.06(C) is *very* close to completion 🙂

  4. Bianca’s 2035 house is great but why are the windows closed on the second level but opened on the first level?

  5. Also, where do you get all your science CC? And, I noticed that it is a pattern:

    Romeo & Juliette – baby girl
    Hermia & Puck – baby girl
    Johnny & Ophelia – baby girl

    Is this a strict rule to all the Strangetown and Veronaville teenagers: to have a girl when they age to adults? If it really is, that means that Mercutio’s baby would be a girl (not sure if it is a girl in your actual game, but in the Football story). I hope that my theory is true but I also respect your choice to left the name and gender ambigous. September also makes a cameo in 2.06(D-AU)! 🙂

    1. No, the actual pattern was to maintain a close gender balance among the new babies, by having a boy and girl in *almost* every “family pair”:

      Horatio / Claudia
      Albert / Isabel
      Chauncey / Summer
      Octavius / Kelly

      Newton / Vivian, Zoe

      Demetrius: To continue the Dreamer family pattern of having an only son with a “D” name.

      Parker: For Daniel to finally have a long-awaited son, whom he ended up spoiling — also reflecting on how he treated his two canon daughters.

      Skip Jr: If Brandi’s pregnancy is left untampered with, her third child is her opposite-sex clone.

      Juan: I didn’t want to confirm his name at the time I made the “Dina’s Baby” video, but only decided on “Juan” when it was FINALLY time to “give him a proper story”.

      So Merc & Miranda’s baby’s identity will continue to remain ambiguous until (or if) I consider it to be “time” 😛

      I don’t remember where I got my science CC.
      Keep a lookout for more Observer appearances in later chapters / episodes…

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