Analysis (1.09-1.11): Sims 3 Monte Vista: Veronaville Feud, Age Discrepancies & Retcon

(Written by AldoHyde on Jan 15 2013.   Last Edited: Nov 22 2015.)

Apparently, Sims 3 Monte Vista is an Italian-themed town, so the English Capps are “not supposed” to be native there. When I made STM 1.09 in August 2012, who (besides EA) would have known that Veronaville “used to be” called Monte Vista?

Examining the Sims 2 memories of Patrizio Monty and Consort Capp, I get the impression that the two men were friends until they both wanted Contessa for themselves.

So according to Sims 2, the Veronaville feud began BEFORE Bianca’s generation was born. That’s why I represented the feud to be in full swing by the time Bianca Monty and Kent Capp were 8 years old.

But according to Sims 3, Bianca and Antonio Monty were already born, yet the official Monty family bio states, “There is no way they could one day meet another family who would become their ultimate rivals…” Promotional tagline for Monte Vista: “Before they started their dire feud with the Capps, the Monty family spent peaceful days in Monte Vista.”

So in Sims 3, the Monty family has “yet to meet the Capps”, who are nowhere in the neighborhood, apart from Octavius Capp’s grave in the Monte Vista cemetery.

So there has to be a new reason (or at least, timing) for the feud. Perhaps the parents had a business fallout when Bianca was a teen. Some fans think Patrizio “ran away to Monte Vista” to escape from Consort, but later “returned to Veronaville”. But I think Monte Vista & Veronaville are the same place. That’s the problem with prequels & retroactive continuity (retcon).

UPDATE (Dec 14 2013): Consort & Contessa Capp were shown in the promo for the Sims 3 World, Roaring Heights. Goneril and Regan are a child and toddler respectively. Kent is “Unborn Baby Capp”. With Roaring Heights, it’s more likely that Consort tried to run away from Patrizio…

Watchers who wish to play the Veronaville backstory may download a Capp family, and manually turn the two clans against each other. Alternatively, they could move a copy of the Roaring Heights Capp family to Monte Vista.

But when Bianca’s generation hits adulthood, one has to watch all the Capp pregnancies like a hawk to ensure that the “correct” kids get born. First things first: ensure that Isabella Monty gives birth to Claudio Monty

If Claudio is this neighborhood’s “Unborn Baby Monty”, this means Monte Vista is {Claudio’s age at death} years away from the start of Sims 2 Veronaville. He must be at least 35-40 years old, since he has teen sons at the time he died.

It’s also important to note that unlike the other prequel neighborhoods (Sunset Valley’s Mortimer & Bella Goth, Riverview’s Bob & Betty Newbie, Twinbrook’s Notzo & Zo Curious — who all definitely got married according to Sims canon), Bianca and Kent may *not necessarily* end up together.

On Ages: – The “official EA” birth order in Sims2 Veronaville is
– Bianca(1), Antonio (2), Claudio(3)
– Goneril(1), Regan(2), Kent(3) Cordelia(4).

– Despite this, Antonio starts off closer to becoming an elder than Bianca (in Sims 2).

– In Sims 2, Patrizio is clearly older than Isabella, while it’s the other way round in Sims 3.

– In Sims 2, Patrizio and Isabella were both employed in the Culinary career as adults. In Sims3, they are in Medicine and Journalism instead.

– So if Veronaville ages are messed up, & the backstories somewhat altered, fanon writers should be free to reinterpret the details as they please.

– The ages of Claudio Monty and Cordelia Capp are the most “fixed” (the latest they can be born is the early 1970s) because they have the oldest teenage kids in 2010.

– If I were to stick with the official EA birth order, all the other siblings will be born in the 1960s, so I’ll be dealing with a mid/late 40s Antonio, Bianca and Kent, who will indeed be in the same age group as Oberon and Titania Summerdream.

– In [StrangeTown Monty], the birth years are:

MONTY: Claudio (1973), Antonio (1978), Bianca (1980)
CAPP: Cordelia (1970), Goneril (1973), Regan (1976), Kent (1980).

Changing the birth order is the only solution for STM, if I wanted Bianca and Kent to be in their early 30s, and for the rest to be of appropriate ages to beget the next generation. In any case, it makes more sense for the older siblings to produce the older offspring.

– The [Veronaville Disaster] happened in 2010.

– For the rest of the Veronaville characters’ ages, watch the episode [STM 1.11].

– I did the age calculations before I even released [STM 1.01].

– So in the STM Universe, Monte Vista begins with child Claudio, toddler Antonio, and unborn baby Bianca. Similarly, the STM version of Roaring Heights begins with children Cordelia and Goneril, toddler Regan, and unborn baby Kent.

(Update: Nov 22 2015) I attempted to address the retcon issues in STM 2.06(B). In that video, see 3:30-7:22 for the Veronaville history, aka “The Tale of Two Feuding Patriarchs”.


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