Analysis (1.05-1.07): Bianca’s Nightmares / Hallucinations / Flashbacks

(Written by AldoHyde)

Antonio Running with Scissors

Bianca is worried that Antonio cannot cope with raising so many kids at once. If Antonio gets burned out, he may cut ties with the kids by renouncing them all, or by committing suicide. Since the children are still dependent on him, they run after their only caregiver, even if he chooses to desert them.

Antonio subconsciously fears the danger of “divine retribution” if he abandons his task. That’s why he says “Watcher forbid that I do anything like that.” (1.07)

The Maze

Bianca Monty’s unconscious mind interprets Strangetown as an uncharted territory of twists and turns. The Veronaville Disaster gives her the impression that an unknown enemy is still pursuing her, seeking to wipe out the last of the Veronaville survivors.

While running in the maze, she has little time to decide her next move. While her intelligence & luck help her to make mostly correct turns, she may be undone in a dead end situation by her overly trusting nature, or by the sheer human impossibility of making 100% correct decisions in an uncertain world.

Bianca drank “miserable, evil tea” at Olive Specter’s house and walked out ALIVE. But the “super soldiers” Lola & Chloe Curious, and who knows how many of the poor unfortunate souls in the Specter graveyard, had no such luck.

“Ghosts” of Kent & Antonio

Antonio & Kent are the two people from Veronaville for whom she cares the most: not her parents, not her nephews/nieces.

Note that in 1.01, she was emotionally composed when talking about the other Montys’ deaths, but only broke down when Antonio confirmed that Kent is dead too.

In 1.05, she hallucinates Antonio & Kent’s ghosts. She didn’t get a chance to call Antonio in the morning after the scissors nightmare, so she still fears him dead. In an abduction situation of heightened uncertainty, and the fact that she was drugged by the Beakers, her worst fears materialize as hallucinations.

Wedding Photo: Parallel Families

Loki & Circe’s wedding photo triggered her memory of Cornwall & Regan catching her talking to Kent in their house. The eerie physical resemblance of the couples makes her see the couples in a similar light. Regan’s violent literal Monty-bashing is a strong reminder of how Bianca was grabbed from her home by the “ninjas”.

Both couples also have a single man living in their household. Bianca sees Nick as the “Kent figure” trapped in Loki & Circe’s house, so she is inclined to help Nick, like she would have done with Kent (if she had the means to do so back in Veronaville).

In other words, she may be trying to make up to Nick what she was unable to do with Kent, since she sees both men in a similar light.

She tries to understand Strangetown in terms of Veronaville, very much like how any person makes sense of a new environment in terms of things they are familiar with.