Analysis (1.03-1.08): Bianca’s Windows & the Apparition

(Written by AldoHyde)

The large windows of Bianca Monty’s house reflect her state of mind. They are open when she’s her normal open-minded, open-hearted self. In the rare event they are closed, it indicates that she’s more fearful or resistant than usual.

In the last scene of 1.03, she saw the Apparition through her open windows. Before that, she was just telling Antonio via email that she’s adapting well to Strangetown culture.

In the intro of 1.04, the windows are closed at night, and re-opened in the morning. That night, Bianca felt the need to protect herself from the Apparition.

In 1.05, after her nightmares, she got up for a drink, and returned to her bedroom. The “ninjas” jumped in through her OPEN windows.

Before going to bed that night, she had a brief conversation with the Apparition. This indicates that she may have found the Apparition LESS threatening after actually talking to him, feeling safe enough to leave her windows open that night.

In 1.08, when she attempted to paint a picture of the Apparition, she was more curious than frightened of him. She was wondering how he knew her name, rather than what he could do to her.

STM contains some subtle references in set design, conversation tone and other production nuances. It may not be possible to capture everything on the first watch, so rewatching is always a good idea 🙂

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