Bianca’s House

Lot Size: 3×2     EPs Needed: Most     SPs Needed: Ikea

Bianca Monty needs a simple house that isn’t too difficult to film in, which reflects her practical nature, & to some extent, her personality. There’s no need for any custom content, as the default in-game objects/designs will suffice for a story set in the sims world.

I WON’T put up her house for download. These screenshots will show you how to recreate her house in your game. I can’t remember exactly which EP *every* object comes from. Those with a brand name in Italics are from the Ikea Stuff Pack.

Back in Veronaville, Bianca & Antonio restored this FreeTime scrap car together. Has she used it much since arriving in Strangetown?

“CORrugation Gray H” (Exterior Walls);   “New Gear City Open Windows”

“Black is the New Black” (Walls) ;   “Sleeker Tile White”;
“EKTORP 3-Seat Sofa”; “KARLSTAD Armchair”; “BILLY Bookcase”
“Knock on Wood Medium Shelves” (which the Antique Vase is on)

“VIKA/HYTTAN TABLE”;   “JULES Visitor Chair”

Cryonic Fresh Fridge; Neo-Quartzo (Counters); Trash Chute (AptLife)

“Half and Half” (Walls); “HEMNES Bedframe”;   “MALM Chest of 2 Drawers”

“HEMNES Chest of 6 Drawers (Wardrobe)”;   “FREDRIK Workstation” (Table);   “MONGSTAD Mirror”, “Pear ShinyStation” (Computer);
“Knock on Wood Medium Shelves II” (above the Chests of 6 Drawers)

“HEMNES Bedframe”;   Industrious Divinity Dining Chair;   “ODDA Wardrobe”

[#2, 1.02 Arrival] shows Bianca inspecting her house for the first time.