Characters (Season 2)

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More Character Bios will be added as the story unfolds, to keep this section spoiler-free. TO AVOID BEING SPOILED, stop reading at the Episode you’ve last finished watching.

Veronaville Natives2.01 Son of Capp

[Bianca Monty] is intelligent, open-minded and warm-hearted. Her choice to live in Strangetown appears to have paid off. How will her character be further tested, especially with Kent’s return?

Kent Capp's Full Monty?[Kent Capp] shares Bianca’s bookish tendencies, which estranged him from his family. Now that he is actually living in Bianca’s house, can he break free from the past? Or will his “Capp trauma” affect his new life?

Alternate Universe Version 1: [Kent Monty] in [PVCS vs STM Football]

[Nick Grimm; formerly Nervous Subject] found his mother, Olive Specter, just in time to inherit her estate. But has he been through too much Beaker hell, to make a heaven out of his new home?

[Ophelia Nigmos] is a sensible teenage girl. She seems to have gotten along well enough with her late aunt Olive Specter. Will she be able to say the same about her new guardian and first cousin, Nick Grimm? Or will their small age gap complicate matters?

Curious Brothers: Pascal, Lazlo, Vidcund2.02 Nursery

All the Curious brothers are scientists employed by Hyde Dynamic.

Their alien babies: (Pascal’s son Newton), (Vidcund’s daughter Vivian), and (Lazlo’s daughter Zoe) — play for Team STM in 2035.

2035 Curious Cousins: Vivian, Newton, Zoe (grown-up alien babies of Vidcund, Pascal & Lazlo respectively)– Pascal is slightly jealous of Kent, for professional reasons.
– Vidcund remembers Kent from the days of the Secret Project.
– Lazlo is the most laid-back of the brothers, and the best cook among them.

[Pollination Technician #9 Smith] is a friendly grandpa, who has a very ordinary suburban family. Except that the menfolk really look like they come from another planet. Is there anything really special about [Jenny], [Johnny] & [Jill]?

[Erin Beaker] is Loki Beaker’s sister. She & [Ajay Loner] are helping [Bella Goth] get back her memories, from their outpost near Strangetown. They had to venture back to the main neighborhood when their isolated attempts failed.

2.03 Fragments

[Antonio Monty] is Bianca’s brother, who has a responsible & benevolent character. He has endured the mental strain of being the “Father of Veronaville” for some time, but will he start missing his former easier life?

[Dr. Prometheus Hyde] is the STM Universe’s Watcher, & the CEO of the [Hyde Dynamic science facility]. Apparently, he has expanded his operations to Veronaville, but why?

How thin is the line between this character and the Human Player, since both are perpetually experimenting (the former does experiments IN the show, the latter does experiments WITH the show 😮 ) ?

Both DO NOT seem to be afraid to do things differently and risk being misunderstood — to take calculated risks, and to deliberately cross lines… 😉

[Goneril Capp] (flashback) is Kent’s sister. She appears to be very loyal to the Capp family.

2.04 Friends in High Places

Patriarches & Matriarch[General Buzz Grunt], the strict military father, is bent on revenge. He WILL see his late nemesis’ family squirm for her misdeeds. He has just the RIGHT contacts to make sure it all happens according to his plan…

[Waylon Wolff] is the incumbent Leader of the Free World. His father, Dwayne, was Mayor of their town, Moonlight Falls. Now the Wolff family’s political influence has spread to all of Hyde’s Sims Universes. Perhaps it is beneficial to have a Werewolf for a Watcher…

Loki & Circe Beaker somehow got out of prison prematurely. Now they wish to start a new life… to plague their old nemesis. Good thing Erin Beaker is still alive to help them…

Blooper - No TrespassingMy own science facility will need to have its own characters for a unique “mythology”.

[Hyde Dynamic] Scientists with Level 9 Clearance, named after Dr Hyde’s Cars: I’ve decided NOT to portray them as archetypes of their nationalities/ethnicities, but as individuals. All of them are minor recurring characters with no prior history in the Sims canon.

[Trent IVANOV] was from Sim Petersburg, and is somehow related to the Riverview Ivanov family.

He is extremely logical, but has a friendly disposition. He was involved in the Veronaville Device Setup and Secret Project. His first name rhymes with Kent‘s.

[Duncan XU]‘s Shang Simla ancestry is more obvious when his glasses are off. He has distant relations in Bridgeport, and possibly not-so-distant relatives in Moonlight Falls.

He is brilliant and goal-oriented. He was also involved in the Veronaville Device Setup and Secret Project. His first name sounds similar to Vidcund‘s.

[Walter BAPTISTE] was born and raised in Twikkii Island, with possibly not-so-distant relations in Isla Paradiso.

He is very level-headed, with nerves of steel. He is in charge of the Veronaville Power Plant. His name is a reference to “Walter Bishop”, the mad scientist from Fringe, though the two are nothing alike.

[My original plans for the Two Men in the first draft of this episode, and Sims 3 gameplay stories that influenced how I finally constructed these three Racing Men.]

2.05(A) Grimm Prospects – Part 1

Minor Plots No new characters made a debut in this episode, but Loki & Circe Beaker adopted the aliases [James & Susan Windmark].

2.05(B) Grimm Prospects – Part 2

Thanatos Grimm is the name of the STM Grim Reaper. The author considers him to be Olive Specter‘s true husband.

[Consort “Lear” Capp] (flashback) is Kent’s father. He is a successful and wealthy businessman, who also happens to be the mortal enemy of Patrizio Monty, Antonio and Bianca’s father.

Consort is certainly not aloof about his children’s relationship scores with each other. Kent remembers him as a strict authoritarian who disapproves of almost everything he does.

Regan Capp's Semi-Compliant Capp Life...[Regan Capp] (flashback) is Kent’s preferred sister, who is closer in age to him, and has more interests in common with him.

While Kent’s memories of the Capp family are mostly negative, the best of these memories are associated with Regan. No wonder she was willing to take him in, even when her husband Cornwall disapproves.

Regan Capp needs something else… to get her through this… Semi-Compliant Capp Life. Was she listening when HE said goodbye? 😮

2.06(A) The Patriarch – Part 1

[Ripp Grunt] is General Grunt’s second son, who does not have the slightest interest in the military. Among the three Grunt brothers, Ripp’s voice is heard the most in STM — yet he remains a minor character.

Ripp seems to be on good enough terms with Ophelia, but will the recent turn of events endanger their teenage camaraderie?

2.06(B) The Patriarch – Part 2

[Sepp Rossi] was born when his father was the Mayor of Monte Vista, around the same time as Bianca Monty and Kent Capp.

The Rossi family escaped the Veronaville Feud, but how much does the Green Racing Man know about it? What did Sepp Rossi gain and lose as a result of his family’s migration to Three Lakes?

How is Constanzo and Adalina Rossi’s approach to parenting different from the Montys and Capps?

2.06(C) The Patriarch – Part 3;
2.06(D-AU): Ophelia’s Alternative

No characters made a debut in this episode.

2.07(A) Breaking Point – Part 1

Frank Morgen is the second Racing Man who helped in Antonio Monty’s evacuation. He was formerly Unborn baby Cassat of Roaring Heights, born around the same time as Rossi, Bianca and Kent.

As an infant and toddler, Frank was hated by his half-siblings (children of David Morgan‘s first wife), for breaking up their family.

Fortunately, a few years later, his father had a career opportunity in Champs Les Sims. So Frank escaped an extended feud with his half-siblings. As a teen, Frank Morgen raced with his first RM friend, Lumiere, in the mountains of Champs Les Sims.

While Frank had a reasonably healthy relationship with his parents, David and Samantha Morgan, the trauma from his half-siblings never quite faded away. To a lesser extent than Kent Capp, Frank Morgen counts as an “Estranged Son of Morgan”, which explains why he changed the spelling of his surname as an adult.

As a RM, Morgen is Rossi’s Non-HomeTracker “car counterpart”, which explains why his life story of migration is similar to Rossi’s, and why he ends up doing similar roles to Rossi in AH’s Sims Universes.

(Joseph Morgan of Roaring Heights, David’s first son who starts off as a teen, is too old to be “RM Morgen” 😉 )

2.07(A) Breaking Point – Part 1,
2.08(A) XB-602-1023 – Part 1

No new characters made their debut in these episodes.

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