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StrangeTown Monty - Sims 2 Machinima Series (Simlish voices - English subtitles)Characters are organized by the Episode of their first confirmed appearance in Season 1. Click on each character’s name to see their pre-made profile on the Sims Wikia.

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1.01: Aftermath

[Bianca Monty] is the protagonist of Strangetown Monty. She earned the honor of the title character by being the only one who survived death in the “Veronaville Disaster”. Devastated by the demise of her romantic interest Kent Capp, she moves to Strangetown in search of a new life.

Antonio Monty[Antonio Monty] is Bianca’s brother. He is lucky enough not to have a brush with death himself, but is saddled with the immense responsibility of bringing up the surviving youngest Veronaville generation to be feud-free. The task is made harder by the fact that half of these kids were born to the rival Capp clan.

STM Daycare in PVCS vs STM Colors: Bottom Summerdream, Benedick Monty, Beatrice Monty, Antonio Monty carrying Ariel Capp, Hal Capp, Desdemona CappTHE “DAYCARE”
MONTY: Beatrice & Benedick.
(Antonio’s own twins)
CAPP: Hal, Desdemona, Ariel.
(originally Goneril & Albany’s)
& Bottom Summerdream.

Bianca Monty & Kent Capp[Kent Capp] died of disease in the prologue. He is the odd one out in the Capp family, since he’s more interested in skill-building than money-making or Monty-bashing. The Capps strongly disapprove of his budding friendship with Bianca, even if he has yet to reciprocate her crush.

[NOTES] about the birth order of STM versions of Antonio, Bianca & Kent’s generation: differences from Sims 3 Monte Vista

1.02: Arrival

[Jenny Smith] is a friendly neighbor, and caring wife/mother to her family. Her husband & son really look like they come from another planet. Her daughter & three brothers look as human as she does.

Vidcund Curious[Vidcund Curious] is a scientist who’s obsessed with gazing the heavens. He lives in a home observatory with his two brothers. He might be a carrier of the next generation of Curiouses.

[Nervous Subject]‘s name is self-explanatory. He is estranged from his household, who might be responsible for his awkwardness in society.

1.03: Dear Antonio

[Pollination Technician #9 Smith] is a full alien. After a successful career of pollinating humans, he retired to Sim-Earth, married Jenny, and had two more kids the “traditional” human way. PT9 is a peace-loving grandpa who just wants to live a “normal” life.

[Johnny Smith] is an ordinary teenager. His only outstanding feature is the green skintone he inherited from his father.

[Jill Smith] is an alien-human hybrid like her brother, but her heritage often goes unnoticed because of her very human skintone & facial features.

[Pascal Curious] is the proud father of an alien-human hybrid baby. He is glad to continue the Curious family tradition of male pregnancy.

[Lazlo Curious] has not been abducted “yet”, but he hopes to be next in line after Vidcund.

[Lola] & [Chloe] Curious (Singles) are the half-sisters of Jenny, Pascal, Vidcund & Lazlo, and can trace the other half of their lineage directly to Jenny’s husband, PT9.

Olive_Specter1.04: Apparition

[Olive Specter] is a recluse with many secrets. Death seems to follow her around.

Mystery Man may have even more secrets than Specter. No one seems to know anything about him.

1.05: Abducted

[Loki Beaker] is a secretive & ruthless mad scientist. Nobody’s fate seems to matter except his and his wife’s.

[Circe Beaker] is a doctor by profession, and an able researcher alongside her husband. Unfortunately, she also has a cruel streak.

[Cornwall] & [Regan Capp] (flashback) are the brother-in-law & sister of Kent Capp. The three of them lived under the same roof. The couple bears an eerie physical resemblance to Loki & Circe Beaker.

1.06: Order

General Buzz Grunt[General Buzz Grunt] is a 24-7 military man. He often wonders how it is possible for any son of his to act in an un-soldierly manner.

[Tank Grunt] conforms to the Grunt military tradition. But deep down, he is a very different man from his Dad (oops, I mean “Sir”!)

[Ripp Grunt] is clearly not interested in any of that “army rubbish”. He wishes to come home to a “normal” household, instead of some boot camp.

[Buck Grunt] is the middle ground between his 2 older brothers. He is still young and impressionable, but would his innocence last in such a harsh home environment?

Bella gothNervous Subject (see 1.02) chose a new name, [Nick Grimm].

Many of the Strangetown residents believe [Ajay Loner] has left town. Or has he? What on earth is he doing with that [mysterious woman in the red dress]?

1.07: Darkness

[Kristen Loste / Singles] was held in “indefinite suspended animation” in a cryogenic capsule in a secret room in the Beaker castle. Still alive on the night of the Beakers’ arrest, she was murdered in cold blood in their attempt to quickly dispose of her body with minimal evidence.

It is unclear how she fell into Loki & Circe’s hands, but things *may* have been different if Nervous Subject discovered her, of if he discovered her *before* Bianca.

[Cop Cameos]   [Olivia Dunham] & [Peter Bishop] are from Fringe (FOX Science Fiction series). Their sim versions have appeared in my early machinima parody, “Dr House Treats Dr Walter Bishop”.

[Claire Charming] & [Elden Hick] are originally from Sims 1 Unleashed Old Town. They are also the lead characters in Chronosym’s “Chronicles of Old Haven”, a Sims Sci-Fi series.

1.08: Mediator

[Erin Beaker / Singles] is Loki Beaker’s sister, and the only survivor of the Singles household. She was part of the welcome wagon for Ajay Loner when he first arrived in Strangetown. She helped him after he fainted, and is now helping Bella Goth regain her lost memories. The three of them live in a small house just outside of Strangetown.

Dr. Prometheus Hyde[Dr. Prometheus Hyde] is the Watcher Incarnate. He lives in a science facility in Strangetown, and does an awful lot of traveling.

Do not accuse him of being a “Gary Stu”, because STM is “a show about playing sims”, as much as it is a scientific conspiracy show. (In Sims Medieval, sims refer to their human player as the “Watcher”, ie. the sim “God” of their universe.)

To be very clear, unlike most other Strangetown / Veronaville characters who are “canon” (pre-created by EAxis), Dr Hyde is “fanon” (CAS player-created), because he is obviously based off the author of STM.

Olive Specter & Ophelia Nigmos

1.09: Saved

Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) & Ophelia Nigmos[Ophelia Nigmos] is Olive Specter’s niece & Nick Grimm’s first cousin. Unlike her aunt, she appears to be a truly good person. How will the guardian-ward relationship between Nick & her turn out?

1.10: Hyde Dynamic 1;   1.11: Hyde Dynamic 2

No characters made a debut in these two episodes.

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Sim vs Watcher - STM 1.10 & 1.11