PVCS vs STM Sims Characters Recreated in FIFA 17

Have you wondered how Sims characters look like when recreated in other video games? 😉

The co-writer of PVCS vs STM, Sims2Player (S2P), recreated a small selection of PVCS vs STM sims in FIFA 17, an EA football/soccer simulation game.

He determined their skill statistics based on story facts, and placed them in random different “real-world teams” to take action videos of these “footballers of Sims origin”.

We simmers are used to a highly-customizable CAS (Create-A-Sim) interface. The FIFA “CAS” is more limited by comparison… it doesn’t even allow the creation of female players :/ 😦

Octavius Capp | Horatio Monty
Don Lothario | Kent Capp / Monty
Tybalt Capp | Mercutio Monty
Darren Dreamer | Benedick Monty
Daniel Pleasant | General Buzz Grunt

Octavius Capp

FIFA 17 Octavius Capp Closeup FIFA 17 Octavius Capp Full Body FIFA 17 Octavius Capp Skill Stats

If only the FIFA “CAS” allows faces to be thinner and bonier, to do justice to Capp faces.

Octavius: Striker takes Penalty Kick for “Chelsea FC”

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Horatio Monty

FIFA 17 Horatio Monty Closeup FIFA 17 Horatio Monty Full Body FIFA 17 Horatio Monty Skill Stats

The FIFA “CAS” does more justice to the broad Monty faces and noses.

Horatio: Striker takes Penalty Kick for “AC Chievo Verona”

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Don Lothario

FIFA 17 Don Lothario Closeup FIFA 17 Don Lothario Full Body FIFA 17 Don Lothario Skill Stats

Don: Defender Makes Assist for team “Sporting CP (Sporting Lisbon)”

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Kent Capp / Monty

FIFA 17 Kent Capp / Monty Closeup FIFA 17 Kent Capp / Monty Full Body FIFA 17 Kent Capp / Monty Skill Stats

Kent: Defender Scoring Goal for “AS Roma”

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Tybalt Capp

FIFA 17 Tybalt Capp Closeup FIFA 17 Tybalt Capp Full Body FIFA 17 Horatio Monty Skill Stats

Tybalt: Striker Scores Goal for team “Chapecoense”

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Mercutio Monty

FIFA 17 Mercutio Monty Closeup FIFA 17 Mercutio Monty Full Body FIFA 17 Mercutio Monty Skill Stats

Mercutio: Defender scores Goal for “Manchester City FC”

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Darren Dreamer

FIFA 17 Darren Dreamer Closeup FIFA 17 Darren Dreamer Full Body FIFA 17 Darren Dreamer Skill Stats

Darren: Goalkeeper Crazy Run Upfield for “UD Las Palmas”

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Benedick Monty

FIFA 17 Benedick Monty Closeup FIFA 17 Benedick Monty Full Body FIFA 17 Benedick Monty Skill Stats

Ben: Goalkeeper Heroics during Penalty Shootout for “VFL Wolfsburg” (the original version of the prestigious team, “VFL Simburg”, which sent talent scouts in PVCS vs STM 2035)

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Daniel Pleasant

In his prime, before he became a football coach…

FIFA 17 Daniel Pleasant Closeup FIFA 17 Daniel Pleasant Full Body FIFA 17 Daniel Pleasant Skill Stats

Daniel: Midfielder Scores Goal after nearly scoring Free Kick for “Crawley Town FC” (the original version of the team, “FC Simley Town”, where Daniel was a player and coach)

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General Buzz Grunt

FIFA 17 General Buzz Grunt Closeup FIFA 17 General Buzz Grunt Full Body FIFA 17 General Buzz Grunt Skill Stats

Grunt: Goalkeeper takes Penalty Kick for “FC Bayern Munich” — Pay attention to the goal celebration animation 😉

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Any thoughts about the “CAS” options in FIFA 17?

Have YOU tried creating recognizable Sims characters in other video games, and how were the results?

Let us know in the comments.


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