Sims Football 2015 Match – PVCS vs STM – 2nd Half

46″ KICK-OFF: STM’s Turn to Start

47″ GOAL (STM) 1-1: Vidcund Curious
Vidcund puts the ball in the bottom right corner, sending Dreamer the wrong way. Assisted by Kent Capp.

Goal: Vidcund Curious

When Vidcund scored, Lazlo did a cartwheel.
PT9 gently told him to not waste his energy.

Meanwhile, Regan’s gaze meets Kent’s.
She’s more sad than angry about Kent’s decision to switch sides.
Kent returns the sad gaze.
The Capp siblings wisely say nothing to each other.

Capp Siblings - Sad Reunion

48″ INJURY (PVCS): Darren Dreamer is still down!
He is briefly treated on the field, and feels OK to continue.

Injury - Darren Dreamer

50” YELLOW CARD (PVCS) & RED CARD (STM): A brawl between Tybalt Capp and Mercutio Monty gone wrong. Tybalt gets a yellow card, but Mercutio gets a red card.
Team STM is down to 10 players!

Yellow Card: Tybalt Capp - Red Card: Mercutio Monty

Patrizio: THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consort: Watch out Patrizio, otherwise your belly will grow bigger and then you’re gonna explode!!

AH: Did Consort just make a fat joke there?

S2P: I think he did. Luckily, the referee didn’t notice…

Consort Capp Taunts Patrizio Monty

54” OFFSIDE (STM): Antonio Monty

59” SHOT OFF TARGET (STM): Nervous Subject with the cross, but Don Lothario heads it over the sideline.

60″ CORNER KICK (STM): Taken by Johnny Smith

60″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): Don Lothario – pulling Bianca Monty’s shirt.

This is Don’s second yellow card!
His first card also involved a foul with Bianca.
Any coincidence that she’s the only female player in the opposing team?

Daniel Pleasant bangs his head. That’s why he specifically told Lothario to mark Nervous Subject instead!

60″ RED CARD (PVCS): Don Lothario
Team PVCS is down to 10 players too!

Red Card: Don Lothario

Three of Bianca’s teammates shoot knowing glances at her: her brother Antonio, her best friend Kent, and new friend Vidcund.

Bianca: Who is he? Why was he covering me all the time?

Antonio: Jennifer Burb said Lothario is a womanizer, and that he also tried to flirt with her.

Vidcund: What’s his problem?!

Kent: You’re right. What a creep… why do such people even exist?

Bianca: (shudders) I don’t know, but I’m glad he’s gone…

Bianca Monty's Support Group

60″: After Lothario is sent off, Juliette Capp is seen warming up.
Lilith and Daniel Pleasant are quarreling.

Lilith: Dad, I want to be on! I’m better than Juliette!
Daniel: Be quiet, Lilith. You’re lucky to be on this substitutes bench, because your sister is not interested in football.
Lilith: It’s NOT fair!!!

The closest linesman, Xu, turns and glares at them.
Father and daughter shut up immediately, but not without first glaring at each other.

Pleasants Washing Dirty Linen in Public

61″ PENALTY KICK (STM): Antonio Monty steps up to take the spot kick.

Penalty Kick: Antonio Monty

61″ GOAL (STM) 1-2: Antonio Monty (pen)

Dreamer went down the wrong way, so Antonio’s shot is unreachable.

Goal: Antonio Monty

62″ SUBSTITUTION (PVCS): Dustin Broke Out, Juliette Capp In.

Dustin had a very quiet game so far. Perhaps Juliette can breathe some life into the team.
Romeo Monty’s eyes are beginning to shift from the ball to Juliette…

62″ SUBSTITUTION (STM): Tank Grunt Out, Circe Beaker In.

General Grunt glares at PT9, but the alien ignores him.
Tank has been playing well!
Shouldn’t the alien take out his own son instead?

Wait, Johnny has no yellow cards, but Tank already has one…
That reminds Grunt of his own yellow card from his 1st Half outburst.
Grunt seethes quietly, and makes no obvious commotion… for now.

General Buzz Grunt Seethes Quietly

Meanwhile, in the dressing room, Don Lothario notes that there are now two female players outfield for Team STM. Maybe he should have waited before pulling Bianca’s shirt…

But Lothario suddenly remembers Circe Beaker is married to Loki. That menacing striker seems like the kind of guy who’d deliberately injure you if you crossed him, especially if you laid hands on his beloved wife pulled his wife’s shirt…

Circe may also self-defend by sticking her football boot studs into him… but why did Bianca not do that?

Don Lothario Thinks Only in Terms of His Female Opponents

66″ YELLOW CARDS (PVCS): Titania Summerdream & Puck Summerdream.

The Summerdreams are exposed, and are told to stop their magic immediately.
The ball suddenly disappeared when in the direct line of 2 STM players, when Titania tried to pass to Puck…

Yellow Cards: Titania & Puck Summerdream

The Summerdreams’ face paint disappeared instantly.

69″ GOAL (PVCS) 2-2 : Jennifer Burb

Jen puts the ball in the top-left corner, barely missing the crossbar. Clear path for Regan to pass the ball directly to Jen, as Romeo was found nearer to Juliette than to his usual spot…

Daniel Pleasant smiles. His younger sister has finally lived her dream to be a football star.

Goal: Jennifer Burb

70″ SUBSTITUTION (PVCS): Titania Summerdream Out, Oberon Summerdream In.

Quick check: Oberon’s face paint is not activated.

Substitution (PVCS): Titania Summerdream Out, Oberon Summerdream In

73″ GOAL (PVCS) 3-2: Juliette Capp (header)
Linesman’s flag is up. Goal disallowed for obvious offside.

73” OFFSIDE (PVCS): Juliette Capp

Offside: Juliette Capp

77″ FOUL (STM): Circe Beaker caught diving to get a Free Kick.
Referee tells her to get up, but no booking.

80” FREE KICK (PVCS): Great Free Kick from Oberon Summerdream. Gen Grunt has no chance of getting it, but the ball goes wide, making Consort frustrated.

84″ YELLOW CARD (PVCS): John Burb — too frustrated, bad sliding tackle on Nervous Subject.

85″ FREE KICK (STM): Bianca Monty takes it.
Bounces off the wall… ricochets to Nervous Subject…

Nervous’ first attempt bounces off Dreamer, and back to him. His second attempt…

Darren Dreamer is not too pleased

86″ GOAL (STM) 2-3: Nervous Subject

Olive Specter smiles for the 1st time throughout the match.
But her subtle magic goes undetected, because Specter seems to get away with anything

This is not the first time in the Sims Multiverse where the Hyde Dynamic officials did not detect Specter’s magic…

Goal - Nervous Subject

86” RED CARD (PVCS): Consort Capp’s instinct kicks in. He runs onto the field to give Referee Baptiste a punch. Consort is removed by the stewards, so Daniel Pleasant has to take over.

Patrizio Monty laughed, but PT9 is confused.

Red Card: Consort Capp - PVCS Manager is Marched to the Dressing Room

Will Patrizio Monty Get the Last Laugh?

90″ STOPPAGE TIME: 3 min

90″ YELLOW CARD (STM): Johnny Smith — Oberon Summerdream is tripped in the penalty area by Johnny.

The referee points to the spot!
Several STM players crowd around in protest.
Antonio Monty insists that Oberon dived, but is waved away.

STM Players Protest Last-Minute Penalty

For the first time in the match, PT9 loses his composure, and tries to run to the field. Patrizio grabs the alien back to his seat, before the linesmen notice.

Daniel privately cheers, but keeps his cool.

Pollination Technician #9 Smith & Daniel Pleasant

Consort Capp does a happy dance in the dressing room.
Surely Tybalt will do them proud…

Tybalt Capp takes the penalty, panenka-style…

But Gen Grunt tips it away…

Consort smashed the TV against the wall in the dressing room.

Penalty Kick: Tybalt Capp

Don Lothario is Freaked Out by Consort Capp

90+2″ SUBSTITUTION (STM): Vidcund Curious Out, Lazlo Curious In.

As they pass each other at the sidelines, Vidcund says, “You only have 1 minute to do a bicycle kick.”

Substitution (STM): Vidcund Curious Out, Lazlo Curious In

Luckily the TV in the dressing room has already been smashed, so Consort doesn’t see how Patrizio / PT9 are deliberately wasting time, though Daniel successfully remains calm.


Sim of the Match: Kent Capp, for the most number of assists.

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