Sims Football 2015 Match – PVCS vs STM – Final Whistle & Match Stats

The referee blows the final whistle.

Patrizio Monty gives Kent Capp a hug!

Bianca is not sure if she’s happier about winning the match, then beholding this miracle – her father – the hardened Monty patriarch, embracing her best friend of reluctant Capp origins.

Antonio is also shocked, but quickly turns to observe Bianca’s reaction.

Consort noticed that!
He ran into Patrizio and Kent, and caused a big brawl.

“You stole my son!!”

AH: Wait… how did Consort get out of the dressing room?

S2P: Seems like the guards set them all free… look, here’s Mercutio and Lothario too!

Olive Specter, who was still watching, said to herself:
”Nice… Everything is going according to plan…”

Tybalt starts to kick Mercutio in the stomach, while the Summerdreams are trying a spell to calm them down. But somehow, their magic doesn’t work. Has this anything to do with Specter?

Gen Grunt steps over to PT9 and throws a punch at him, but he misses.

General Buzz Grunt Attacks Pollination Technician #9 Smith

Seems like Specter had poured her glass of water on the ground… what is she really up to…??

Sudden rainstorm.

Everyone is forced to retreat indoors.
The teams, officials and spectators rush in simultaneously, ruining any chance of Don Lothario trying to catch Bianca alone after the match.

Will there be a rematch?

Anyway, this is AldoHyde and Sims2Player, live from the Llama Memorial Stadium. The final score: PVCS 2, STM 3.


PVCS vs STM (2015 Match)

Llama Memorial Stadium

2-3 (FT)


23″ Puck S
69″ Jen B
47″ Vidcund C
61″ Antonio M (pen)
86″ Nervous S


10″ D. Lothario
50″ Tybalt C
60″ D. Lothario
66″ Titania S
66″ Puck S
84″ John B

60″ D. Lothario
86″ Consort C (Manager)

20″ Tank G
24″ Gen Grunt
37″ Loki B
90″ Johnny S

50″ Mercutio M

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