Sims Football 2015 Match – PVCS vs STM – Half-Time: In the Dressing Room

PVCS Dressing Room

PVCS Dressing Room

Consort: Good job, team! We are 1-0 up! This is going to be easy!

Dustin: Well, the match is not yet finished…

Consort: That doesn’t matter, Dustin! Darren, I noticed that you have some problems with your stamina. Shall I bring Cornwall in?

Dreamer: No, I’m fine.

Daniel: Dirk, you mark Bianca Monty. Don, can you mark Nervous Subject instead?

John, great sliding tackles. But they are a little bit aggressive, try to do it easy next time. Hermia, can you mark Mercutio?

Daniel Pleasant Assigns Roles

Hermia: YE…. I mean, sure…

Consort: No way! You’ll get distracted by that Monty urchin. I suggest that you mark Loki Beaker instead…

Daniel: Tybalt, next time more shots, and not so many tricks, okay?

Tybalt: No. I don’t need directions. I’m Tybalt Capp. No one tells a Capp what to do. When I’m an adult, everyone in SimNation will know me as the Capp patriarch.

Lilith: The Capp family is matrilineal…

(Everybody laughs)

Tybalt Capp Boasts - Regan Capp is Concerned

Regan: Dad, I also noticed you changed our tactics to counter-attack. Do you think that’s going to work?

Consort: Of course, especially because we have the Summerdreams in our team. They bewitched the ball, remember?

Consort Capp is Overheard

(Linesman Ivanov heard that, and he reports it to referee Baptiste)

Ivanov: Yeah, they really said that!

Baptiste: That’s not good to hear, Ivanov. Well, I can only take them off the field when I have proof. I will keep my eyes open then…

Ivanov: I understand. If I see any suspicious actions, you’ll be the first to know…

Linesman Ivanov Tells Referee Baptiste

STM Dressing Room

STM Dressing Room

Patrizio: Kent, you played really well! It’s a pity that you’re not one of my children…

Kent: Thank you…?

Bianca brightens up. Maybe there’s a chance that her Dad may finally accept Kent as a son-in-law?

PT9: Guys, I noticed that defender Lothario is a really aggressive person, we should try not to get too close to him. Otherwise you might get an injury.

Pascal: PT9, I don’t know if I can play…

PT9: Why not, Pascal? Are you alright?

Pascal: No, I threw up a minute ago. My belly also hurts pretty bad…

Vidcund & Lazlo: *Gasp*

Substitute Goalkeeper Pascal Curious is Unwell

Gen Grunt: Okay, I will try and calm down a little bit. So can I play the next half?

Patrizio: Yes. Also, Antonio, you’re going to take the penalties.

Antonio: Why, Dad?

Patrizio: Because… Maybe you’re not so fast or athletic, we have that in common. But do you want to know what we also have in common? We are both perfectionists. You have great shot accuracy. You can do us proud, son… (Antonio smiles)

And Romeo, stop looking at that Capp girl all the time!

Romeo: Hermia?

Patrizio: No! Juliette! Every time she exercises at the sidelines, you look at her in the same way as Consort does when he sees a bag full of money!

Bianca: (whispers) It’s alright, Romeo…

Romeo: (whispers back) Thanks, Aunt Bianca…

Patrizio Monty bestows his favor upon...

Tank: Hey Johnny, next time please cross the ball when I’m the penalty area, and don’t try and fake shot the defenders out. No chance that will ever work.

Johnny: Says the selfish guy himself…

Tank: What did Mr. Green Guy just say?

Mercutio: Guys, take a break, seriously…

Tank: Why are you interfering? Don’t you also hate Tybalt Capp? The feud is so famous, and you complain that we have to stop arguing? GO AWAY!

Patrizio: That’s enough! Tank, you mark Tybalt Capp. You two are cut from the same cloth.

PT9: Johnny, do you want to mark some midfielders? Please?

Johnny: Sure Dad… By Watcher…

Mercutio Monty Unsuccessfully Intervenes Between Johnny Smith & Tank Grunt

Loki Beaker checks his phone. He shows a text message to Circe, his wife.

Erin Beaker (text message):
Sorry, brother. I can’t attend the match 😦
My shift ended late, so now I’m at the hospital with Ajay.
Sorry again, and good luck for the rest of the match! 🙂

Circe: Your sister seems captivated by that lily-livered mercenary, isn’t she?

Loki: Yeah, I think Erin really likes Ajay Loner. I think he’s better than any of those alien-obsessed Curiouses…

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I thought that the football metaphor is an excellent contemporary *figurative* depiction of the Veronaville Feud, though the PVCS vs STM tales also have the *literal* value of making football accessible to simmers.

      I understand that there is but a small overlap between the typical demographic that enjoys football and the typical demographic that enjoys Sims… which makes a Sims series like PVCS vs STM 2015/2035 very rare indeed.

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