[GODP] Extra 2: Bloopers & Lots

Toddler Lilith Pleasant's Invisible Body
[#4: An Oldie But a Goodie]

Toddler Lilith Pleasant’s early rebellion: Since she doesn’t like what her parents prefer her to wear, and her parents don’t like her dress sense, so she chooses to make her body invisible 😮

John Burb's Not-So-Secret Werewolf Transformation
[#5: Pleasant-Burb Family Dinner 2015]

The Burbs and Pleasants are completely unperturbed by John’s werewolf transformation. As a benefit of his test subject status at Hyde Dynamic, John Burb manages to keep a rational mind, even in his wolfish form.

General Buzz Grunt doesn't want Daniel Pleasant to lure Tank away from the army
[#6: Team Dynamics]

General Buzz Grunt: Hold it right there, Pleasant! Don’t you try to lure my son Tank away from his rightful future in the military!

Pollination Technician #9 Smith: Grunt, if your son’s heart is really in the army, no other offers will satisfy him.

Tank Grunt and Johnny Smith can't bear to watch their fathers fight

Grunt: (shoves PT9) Shut up, you green son of a boolprop!

Tank and Johnny recoil in horror, leaving Daniel to offer the lockers a contract in his football club.

Daniel & Lilith Pleasant are sleepy
[#9: A New Leaf]

Daniel and Lilith Pleasant are terribly sleepy after staying up into the night.

Fire at Oldie House during storm

During the storm, Coral Oldie is too concerned about granddaughter Lilith Pleasant, that she fails to notice that a nearby tree had caught fire, after being struck by lightning.

The walkby is RM Roberts of Hyde Dynamic, who decides to seek shelter somewhere else safer.

Oldie House doorway catches fire

Now Coral will have a hard time getting Lilith back into the house… not that it’s a good idea anymore to go back inside. :/

A bigger problem would be how to let grandpa Herb evacuate safely 😮

Daniel Pleasant vs Angela
[#10: Babysitting]

Daniel Pleasant: Angela!! How dare you insinuate that I don’t know how to take care of toddlers!

Would you still be here with a toddler of your own, if I messed up when YOU were a toddler?

Daniel Pleasant is at a loss about taking care of toddler Parker

Daniel: (thinking) Sigh… half the time, I’m not even sure how to handle Parker :/

Parker Pleasant shoos away the wrong sims from the set
[#12: Amends]

Parker Pleasant’s reaction to the welcome wagon:
Shoo, grandma! OR should I say, clone of grandma, as she’s not supposed to be alive now in 2035?

And the two of you… fringin’ imposters… why do you look like younger clones of my parents??!! This isn’t even a sci-fi show!

The House of Daniel, Kaylynn & Parker Pleasant

I was clearly thinking of Don Lothario’s condo. I had to build a larger version from scratch, to allow a family of three to live comfortably.

Daniel & Kaylynn Pleasant's House: Outside Daniel & Kaylynn Pleasant's House: Downstairs 1 Daniel & Kaylynn Pleasant's House: Downstairs 2
Daniel & Kaylynn Pleasant's House: Upstairs 2024, Parker toddler Daniel & Kaylynn Pleasant's House: Upstairs 2035, Parker teen

Thank you for reading and/or commenting on Goals of Daniel Pleasant! 🙂 It was a pleasure to write this short tale, while taking a break from my main projects.

While the tale is relatively fresh in your head, why not try the GODP Quiz? This one is *significantly* easier than any other quiz I’ve ever made, as there are more direct facts than inference questions.

I am currently working on NEW versions of the Quizzes for STM Machinima Series and PVCS Football 2015/2035, to make them easier 😛

Stay tuned for the rest of the Main STM Machinima Series, and other side projects that may appear as inspiration strikes.


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[Extra 2] Bloopers & Lots
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