[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #3: His Biggest Fan

Early 1990s

The years went by. Daniel Pleasant, now 23, was now a first-team regular starter for Simley Town FC. For six whole years, Daniel’s place in the Starting Eleven had been unquestioningly secure.

Minutes on the field meant good prospects, and more money in his pocket. However, his pay was not extremely high, since Simley Town never had any consistent place in the most prestigious “Primary League A”.

For decades, Simley Town FC was notorious for seesawing its way between the lower positions of “Primary League B” and the higher positions of “Primary League C”(**).

While it was a major achievement to not have to worry about his long-term prospects in Simley Town, Daniel’s life was not going smoothly at the moment.

Simley Town was due to play a match the following day, but long-term starter Daniel Pleasant was NOT going to play. He did not even have a place on the substitutes’ bench.

Three months ago, Daniel was the victim of a most vicious tackle, that left him with a broken ankle. Daniel had to be substituted off, lying on a stretcher, while the opposing player, Joey Simton, received a straight red card.

Daniel Pleasant gets injured, while his opponent gets a direct Red Card

The incident was serious enough for the Sims Football Association (SFA) to warrant an investigation. After reviewing the replay footage, which suggested that Simton deliberately tried to injure Daniel, the SFA banned Simton for five matches.

Worse still, Daniel had recently broken up with his second girlfriend, a mixologist at a bar that he no longer goes to.

Now sitting in a new sports bar, Daniel downs his second pint, nursing his broken ankle and broken heart. Three months of recovery had enabled him to stop using his crutches, but he was unsure how long his heart would take to heal this time.

Suddenly, Daniel caught sight of a familiar face at a faraway table.

Daniel Pleasant recognizes Mary-Sue Oldie talking to a bald man

It was Mary-Sue Oldie, sitting with a man he does not know.

Daniel’s mind raced back to the past, when he had three dates with Mary-Sue. On the third date, he tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away and ran off.

Teen Mary-Sue Oldie rejects Daniel Pleasant's romantic advances

The next day, he called her house. Her mother told him to look for another girl.

Daniel should have known. He was only attracted to her “exotic beauty”.

What did he have in common with Mary-Sue Oldie?
She doesn’t even like football!

After falling out with Mary-Sue, Daniel flirted around with random girls, but did not enter any serious relationship till he was seventeen.

She was a very attractive cheerleader. It seemed fitting that a cheerleader would pair with a school jock. However, this pairing was short-lived, as she dumped him after two years, after catching him flirting with another girl.


Daniel did not notice that he was now finishing up his third pint, which seemed to be helping to drown his past and present sorrows. He also didn’t notice a young lady of eighteen enter the bar, accompanied by a young man.

Jennifer & John Burb meet Daniel Pleasant at a sports bar

The young lady sat down beside him.

“Dan! Surprise!”


“John, this is my brother, Daniel. Dan, my boyfriend John Burb.”

“Nice to meet you, Daniel. Wow, you’re early… you must be looking forward to watch the match on TV here!”

Daniel’s first instinct was to wonder, “What match?” Instead, he said, “Of course, I’m looking forward to it too… what was it… Simchester City vs Simton Palace ?”

“Of course! We won’t miss this Primary League A match for nothing! John thinks that City will win, even though their star player is suspended, but I think Palace has a better chance, even though their captain is injured! What do you think, Dan?”

Jennifer chats with Daniel Pleasant and John Burb

“I didn’t really think about it… I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy the match with you guys.”

“You’d better… it looks like you’ve already drunk too much.”

She asked the barista for some plain water for Daniel.


At the Half-Time Break, John excused himself to go to the bathroom, leaving the Pleasant siblings alone for a private conversation.

“Dan, are you recovering well? You’ve had a lot to drink before the match even started…”

Jennifer is concerned for her brother Daniel Pleasant

“Well, Jen… as you can see, I don’t need the crutches anymore, but it’ll take a while before I can play football again.”

Jennifer nodded, and smiled slightly. She did not expect the sad expression that suddenly formed on Daniel’s tired face.

“I broke up with Marisa last week. I accidentally saw a steamy love note that she had from another guy, about their woohoo the other day.”

Jennifer cast a knowing glance at her brother.

“I know, I know, Jen…” Daniel averted Jennifer’s eyes. “I know I’ve been messing around with other girls too, for the two years I was with Marisa, so I guess I can’t blame her. But a guy won’t be able to stand reading a love note like that from someone else.”

“I understand, Dan. I’d be upset too, if John had one of those notes from another girl. But thankfully, I don’t think he’s that sort.”

“You’re lucky.”

“Things may not be going well now, Dan, but they’ll get better faster if you stay positive. You must recover fully and play football again. You’re charming enough to get another girlfriend.

But for now, *I* am your biggest fan.”

Daniel’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Daniel Pleasant is cheered up by Jennifer's encouraging attitude

“Yeah. Even if I’m not destined to be a footballer myself, I’m glad to have a brother who has succeeded in being one. I’m not going to stop cheering for you, Daniel, so please recover so I can continue.”

“Thank you, Jen. It’s so cool that you’re still interested in football.”

When John returned, he could not help but notice that Daniel looked a lot happier. The three of them went on enjoying the match together.

The match ended, with Jennifer’s prediction being correct. As John paid for the drinks, he expressed his great fortune in having a girlfriend to discuss and watch football with.

“With her, football isn’t only for the guys’ night out. It may even be a family outing.”

John Burb tells Daniel Pleasant how pleased he is to have a football-loving girlfriend in Jennifer

Daniel decided that he would go with Jennifer, and spend the night in their parents’ house. After all, it’s been a while since he last visited.

When the siblings showed up at the doorstep, their mother, Diane, looked particularly worried, and was about to leave the house.

“Daniel! Good that you’re here with Jen. We need to go to the hospital now. Your father had a serious accident at the space station.”

Pleasant siblings Daniel & Jennifer are shocked by Diane's news

(**) See [Extra 1] for an in-depth explanation of these Sims footballing terms. It may even aid your understanding of real-life football too!

How badly off is Jeff Pleasant?
How will Daniel recover from his traumas, and attempt to regain Mary-Sue’s favor?

Find out in the [next chapter]


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6. Team Dynamics
7. The Trap — most “familiar” Pleasant family scenario
8. The Purge
9. A New Leaf
10. Babysitting
11. Pecking Order
12. Amends

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7 Replies to “[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #3: His Biggest Fan”

  1. It seems we’re seeing Dan’s Romance tendencies develop – I’ll be interested to see how he manages to pull it back with Mary-Sue 😛 Also I’m liking Jen and John Burb’s alternate looks, and it’s sweet that she still supports her brother 😉

    1. It was interesting to write about a Romance protagonist for once, albeit one who doesn’t give off as many “jerk vibes” as Don Lothario. Indeed, this chapter points out how terribly incompatible Daniel is with Mary-Sue, yet somehow, they ended up together 😮 Come to think of it, I didn’t bother giving “alternate looks” to most PV sims before this… just look at the PVCS family photos 😛

  2. Daniel isn’t very much like Lothario and marrige and children changed him, but that’s no excuse for cheating on your (future) wife with your (future) maid. At least Daniel has a little Family secondary aspiration hidden deep in his soul.

    In your story, Mary-Sue’s a strict and busy woman ever since she was a young woman (*). I always thought that working in Politics changed her, making her lost precious time and love from her husband and daughters (especially Lilith). A terrible mistake for her… curious about that black bald man

    I noticed Gondola Park and Sports Nectary in the screenshots above.😉

    Were GODP screenshots taken in Veronaville?

    1. Well, I said Daniel has LESS “jerk vibes” than Lothario 😉 He was certainly wrong to cheat on his (future) wife, and will pay the price for his adultery. However, like in most of my stories, the problem is rarely one-sided…

      While I chose to interpret Mary-Sue to be born with businesslike no-nonsense traits, it is also possible for other simmers to have the other interpretation that you suggested.

      Gondola Park and Sports Nectary are cloned lots to be used in multiple stories. I tend to place them in custom “shopping districts” added to each neighborhood.

      It’s OK if English isn’t your native language. I understand you perfectly 🙂

  3. (*) – I don’t know if I said that correctly, my maternal-language isn’t English

  4. Now that I re-read the line “[…] with a school jock” makes me realize that Daniel is one of the classic jock jerks: very sporty, thinking only at sports, that want to be in a relationship with cheerleaders/very hot (and dumb) girls and (possibly) teasing and mocking teens who are considered “nerds and geeks”!

    I hate this kind of people! They don’t learn a thing and they just go to school just to show off and have fun all the time… and they have the perfect life!!!

    If I would think about this the next time I play the Pleasants, I will torture Daniel and eventually starve him!!!

    He’s so flirty, disgraceful and miserable… SERVES YOU RIGHT, DANIEL!!! YOU’VE JUST BEEN DUMPED BY SOMEONE WHO CHEATED ON YOU AS YOU DID BEFORE!!! Thx so much AldoHyde/Dr Hyde keep up the good work!!! 😂😃👍🏼

    I really like how you gave the Pleasant siblings and John that generic 90s look on them. I wonder why did Jennifer grow her hair back and John give up to that mohawk (and how did they ended up in Dragon Valley, and Dan and Mary in Sunlit Tides?)?

    1. I am of the opinion that “jock”, “nerd” and “rebel” (social groups in “Sims 3 University Life”) are simply broad classifications, and that people may not necessarily fall strictly into one category(**).

      Even if jocks manage to “get the girls they want”, this doesn’t make their lives “perfect”, since having many romances creates endless drama and complications for them 😉

      As much as Daniel Pleasant is predominantly a “jock”, I took great care to *balance* his character, so that he *doesn’t* come across as a one-dimensional jock stereotype.

      For most of his early life, Dan’s attitude towards women (whom he can get romantically involved with) is certainly deeply flawed. However, do remember that he was NOT unkind to his sister, even when she obviously tried to sabotage him (Imagine if in Ch 1, Dan/Jen were exchanged for Tybalt/Hermia… how would Tybalt react instead?)

      Moreover, nothing in the story suggests that teen Dan *specifically* bullied any “nerds”. Since the “summary of Dan’s teen life” neglects the mention of studying, it suggests that doing well in studies probably wasn’t his top priority 😛

      Think about how Daniel was like in the PVCS 2035 Match. Are elder Dan’s attitudes identical to how he was in the 2015 Match, or earlier in life? Has he learned from his mistakes?

      (**) The RM are predominantly “Nerds” due to their most glaringly obvious Knowledge aspiration and academic/scientific pursuits, but their association with racing and football gives them some “Jock” cred, while their interest in rock/metal music amounts to significant “Rebel” cred too.

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