[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #8: The Purge

The coach of Simley Town FC had just been red-carded from his home of sixteen years.

Alone in the master bedroom, Daniel Pleasant hurled down two of the largest suitcases from above the wardrobe, wiping off years of accumulated dust. Thank goodness all the wheels were still intact.

The first things that made it into his first suitcase were the clothes that he wore regularly. Then came his personal important papers, except the soon-to-be-defunct marriage certificate. After all, Mary-Sue would need that piece of paper to initiate divorce proceedings.

Daniel Pleasant checks the wardrobe

An assortment of medals, trophies, and significant keepsakes soon poured into Daniel’s second suitcase, including a never-washed souvenir jersey, which he received after a match from Simmerpool FC superstar Rob Owen, in exchange for Daniel’s own jersey, during those few seasons when Simley Town played in Primary League A. Not that he had many of those, being in a low-tier team. There was still room for a photo album and a few favorite books.

Daniel rummaged through the dresser drawers, gazing at the clutter which he and Mary-Sue accumulated over sixteen years. Most of it lay there long forgotten, having lost relevance to him.

Daniel Pleasant gazes at the contents of the dresser drawers

He was not going to pack that old and slow laptop, which had not been used for three years. However, Daniel decided to power it up, in case some of his personal files were still on it. From now on, he would not want Mary-Sue to have any more access to his stuff, digital or non-digital.

Daniel Pleasant tries to power up the old family laptop

Fortunately, the hard drive proved to be permanently defunct, so Daniel chucked the entire laptop into a garbage bag instead. More ancient electronics (that could no longer be turned on) from the pre-oPhone era soon followed, as Daniel made a note to mark this bag for electronics recycling.

He then sifted through the remaining contents of his wardrobe, as he separated the clothes into two other garbage bags labelled “donate” and “recycle”. Some of the clothes had not fitted him for years, or were of a style that he no longer enjoyed wearing.

Daniel wondered why he never bothered to get rid of these items before. But now he was forced to, with a deadline just hours away. So he could not afford to be wishy-washy about any of the old clothes. This purging was symbolic of the end of his old life with Mary-Sue.

He then checked the living room, dining room, kitchen and yard for other small items that he may have overlooked. This sweep gathered several DVDs and a photo frame of him with his two daughters, which barely fit into his second suitcase. His fishing rod would have to be carried separately.

Photo of Daniel Pleasant & his daughters Angela & Lilith

Finally, all his current personal electronics and chargers entered his everyday duffel bag. Despite being more emotionally drained than physically exhausted, Daniel slumped down for a last long snooze on the now-tainted double bed.

Daniel Pleasant is tired after a long day

It was 2.30 am when he woke up. Mary-Sue was not sleeping on the bed, or even on the living room couch. Surmising that she was probably asleep upstairs in Angela’s room, Daniel booked a cab.

After heaving the marked trash bags outside to be in time for the garbage/recycling/donation collection at dawn, Daniel wheeled out the last of his relevant possessions, and locked the door behind him for the last time.

Nobody bothered to speak to him during those long grueling hours of packing and purging. Neither did anyone come out to say goodbye.

Daniel Pleasant leaves his home for the last time

This chapter is a tribute to my own successful spring-cleaning, which thankfully, took less than a year, instead of less than a day 😉

Will Daniel’s fortunes improve as he embarks on his new life?
Or is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes?
How will his daughters cope with this rift in the family?
Find out in the [next chapter]


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6 Replies to “[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #8: The Purge”

  1. Awesome, I’m really enjoying this c: I wonder how Daniel’s divorced life is gonna be like

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂 This Daniel is the same as in PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035, so there are some hints there about his future. (For new GODP chapters, please refresh the front page of the STM site every weekend or two.)

  2. Daniel packs so quickly in this scene, it almost seems like he’s been subconsciously expecting this to happen for a while. Congrats on your own successful spring cleaning mission too 😉

    1. This chapter may not have much “typical direct action”, but it reveals Daniel’s true priorities. It’s also possible that that he was mentally prepared to be thrown out at short notice.

      It’s fortunate that he instinctively knew what to PRIORITIZE, and has enough of a cool head in the face of such a tight time limit. Good thing he doesn’t have TOO many material possessions to distract him. Hopefully both Daniel and I will be able to “travel light” after our respective purges 😉

  3. Although it’s imppresive that Daniel could be so relaxed about leavung his old home sweet home, I kinda expected to see him beeing worried about not seeing his daughters anytime soon! (Bummer!) I read your stories and I often see the word “moodlets” and the fact that they know they’re sims, not humans. Does they (at least yours) know about moodlets, the “pie-menu” or the plumbob?

    Btw: hope that the “spring-cleaning” moodlet is gone 😉

    1. This is NOT the first time in my stories that a sim “took away a photograph” before leaving their house for good 😉

      Daniel certainly cared about seeing his daughters again, but he knew that that was the wrong time to brood over this, as he had limited time to pack, and both girls may be too upset to talk to him anyway. Note that he didn’t even seem to fuss about telling Kaylynn that he’s been kicked out? That’s because he has the Focused moodlets necessary to finish packing in such a short time… much like how he’s used to having a time limit when playing and managing a football match.

      That’s why I said he knew he’s been red-carded, and had “a very short time to leave the field”.

      STM 1.10 and 1.11 give the closest ideas about how much my sims know about the Watcher’s “management” of the game. They may be more familiar with the concept of moodlets and plumbbob colors, but I don’t emphasize the pie-menu aspect as often 😛

      Anyway, it’s good to have “spring-cleaning moodlets” every now and then. It helps to deal with the clutter diligently over a long period of time, so it won’t feel so overwhelming to deal with TOO MUCH in a rush 😉

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