[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #9: A New Leaf

Early 2017

Daniel and Kaylynn Pleasant’s wedding was a quiet affair, held as soon as Daniel’s divorce was complete. They were fortunate that Kaylynn’s belly did not look too big during the wedding.

A small-scale celebration was held on the top deck of Daniel and Kaylynn’s new house, with only the three Burbs and two of Kaylynn’s friends attending.

Daniel Pleasant & Kaylynn Langerak's wedding. Attended by John, Jennifer & Lucy Burb, and two of Kaylynn's friends

After the vows were exchanged, they adjourned downstairs for refreshments.

While Kaylynn was busy chatting with her friends, Jennifer Burb managed to catch Daniel alone, and the siblings sat down together.

“Dan, I’m happy for you today. But I hope you’ll do your part to make this marriage last. You’re not young anymore, brother.”

Daniel Pleasant & Jennifer Burb have an important chat

“Don’t worry, Jen. I’ve been thinking very hard about my life ever since I moved out of my previous house. On the day I moved here, I decided that my aspiration will no longer be Romance, but Popularity.”

“That’s wonderful, Dan. I’m pleased you made this choice.”

“Yeah, I’ll try hard not to have any more affairs. The last thing I need is another big mess…”

He paused, and smiled. Jennifer gave a gentle nod of assent.

Daniel did not know that Kaylynn had also done her part by quietly breaking off with town cassanova Don Lothario a few days after Daniel moved in with her. He probably never needed to know.

“Sister, I’m very happy that you, John and Lucy are here to celebrate with me today.”

John & Lucy Burb dance, while Kaylynn Langerak talks to her friends

“Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to invite Angela and Lilith too, but I think they’ll most likely end up fighting when they’re too near each other. Maybe they are still too angry with me to come to a wedding like this. Sometimes I wonder if I should ever expect them to forgive me.”

Before Jennifer could respond, Daniel’s phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Hey, it’s a message from Angela: Hi Dad, congratulations on your new wedding. I hope you’ll be happy. Remember, I’m still your daughter. Love, Angela.

“That was sweet of her…” Before Jennifer could say anything else, the doorbell rang.

Kaylynn rushed to the door, and signed for the delivery. She put the package on the table next to Daniel, before rejoining her friends.

“It’s from Lilith!” gulped Daniel.

Daniel Pleasant & Jennifer Burb discuss Lilith's gift

Jennifer peered to look at the package. “So this is her other grandparents’ address…”

“Yeah. I’m surprised Herb and Coral were willing to take Lilith, and I’m even more surprised that she seems to be doing well under them.”

“Really? That’s great! But “well” in what way?”


On that fateful day when Daniel was kicked out by Mary-Sue, he was not the only one busy packing up his life.

Lilith decided that she could not possibly live under the same roof with only Mary-Sue and Angela, so she also made quick decisions about the stuff she needed to take with her.

Lilith Pleasant makes decisions about her belongings

She rolled up all her band posters from the wall, stuffed her favorite clothes into a duffel bag and school backpack, and filled a small roller suitcase with music discs and school books. Finally, she secured her beloved small stereo to the suitcase.

It was surprisingly easy for Lilith to pack secretly that day, since Daniel was busy downstairs, and Mary-Sue had quarantined herself with Angela in the latter’s room.

Lilith kept vigil that night, ensuring that she could hear and see the exact moment that Daniel left the house, as she planned to leave 15 minutes after he did. She breathed a sigh of relief that Daniel left early enough, so she had enough hours of the night to make her own escape.

Lilith Pleasant stays up to see exactly when Daniel leaves

As a teen runaway, Lilith dared not risk hiring a cab, but rolled her belongings on foot. During those dangerous hours on the road, her footsteps were quickened by the dread of being busted by the cops, or being assaulted by unsavory characters.

The next morning, Coral Oldie opened the door, to see her granddaughter sleeping on a bench outside their house.

Coral Oldie sees Lilith Pleasant sleeping on the bench outside the house

Herb and Coral Oldie made it clear to Lilith that they were glad that she chose to come to them in her moment of desperation. Decades ago, they adopted Mary-Sue, then an abandoned baby from Shang Simla. By now, the Oldies believed they were destined to be a safe refuge for girls with nowhere else to go.

Herb & Coral Oldie agree to help their granddaughter Lilith Pleasant

Lilith behaved “well” with the Oldies. But “well” does NOT mean losing her goth clothing tastes, or her penchant for loud and heavy music. She just became more well-behaved, because the Oldies accepted her for who she was.

They understood that Lilith played loud music for her own enjoyment, instead of to annoy the people around her. In fact, the Oldies successfully negotiated with Lilith about the maximum volume in which she could play her music, a feat never achieved before in Lilith’s previous household.

Herb and Coral even promised to buy her an electric guitar if she passed all her subjects that term.

And she did.

Lilith Pleasant is much happier with a mohawk & electric guitar

While Daniel was glad to hear that Lilith was faring much better under her new guardians, he still did not approve of Lilith’s lifestyle choices. He could not believe the Oldies would let her do the mohawk hairstyle, and wondered how their old ears could possibly tolerate that loud music all day long.

However, Daniel appreciated the new leather belt in the package that Lilith sent him, and sent a text message to thank her. Indeed, both his daughters’ gestures indicated their intentions to eventually forgive him, which Daniel considered to be the greatest gifts he received on his wedding day.

Kaylynn Langerak pregnant with Daniel Pleasant's baby

Meanwhile, Daniel and Kaylynn had been deciding on baby names. Since the baby’s surname would be “Pleasant”, Daniel agreed to consider using a first name in tribute to the deceased Langerak family of Sunset Valley.

When Kaylynn was a teen, she lost her entire family in a traffic accident when on holiday in Dragon Valley. Her parents, Dustin and Iliana Langerak, and her maternal aunt, Zelda Mae, were pronounced dead on the scene. Her brother, Parker Langerak, was in critical condition for several days, before succumbing to his injuries.

Langerak Family: Kaylynn, Parker, Dustin, Iliana & Zelda Mae

Kaylynn was fortunate to escape with only a broken arm. She had been working as a maid since she graduated from high school. Over the years, she had dated several men, but nothing permanent seemed to work out.

Dragon Valley. Daniel decided not to tell Kaylynn that Jennifer and John Burb had a safe honeymoon there. He also tried not to look shocked when Kaylynn mentioned that her father’s name was “Dustin”. What a coincidence that the late Mr Langerak shared a name with that delinquent Broke boy.

Daniel suggested not to use the name “Dustin” for their son, since it would be mixed up with “that Mr Broke whom his daughter is dating”.

They finally agreed that a girl would be named “Zelda”, and a boy would be “Parker”.

Unfortunately, Kaylynn miscarried in late 2017. By this time, she was already over 40, so it was dangerous for her to become pregnant again. But she wanted a baby very badly.

In 2018, Kaylynn conceived again. Daniel paid for the best doctors to watch over this pregnancy.

Kaylynn Langerak pregnant again with Daniel Pleasant's baby

Everything went well, resulting in the birth of Parker Jeff Pleasant in 2019.

Daniel was elated to finally have a son, after all these years. This boy will have the best of the footballing world. Assuming, of course, that he was athletically inclined, or at least enjoyed being an armchair fan. Daniel hoped that young Parker would not require too much coaxing.

Daniel Pleasant, Kaylynn Langerak & Parker, their toddler

Did Daniel and Kaylynn get their “dream son”?
How many other sims consider Daniel to be a father-figure of sorts?
Find out in the [next chapter]


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  1. The Pleasants seem to have taken an unconventional route to happiness, but it’s nice to see they’ve achieved it 😉 I personally enjoy seeing a story where Lilith becomes well behaved without losing her interests – people often don’t seem to believe the two can go together 😛

    1. I would certainly be a strong proponent of a rock/metal-loving character finding happiness and fulfillment while maintaining their interests and physical aesthetics 😉

      While it’s true that some folks are INITIALLY drawn to rock/metal because they were angry/unfulfilled (hence the association with rebellion), there is an appeal in rock/metal music that TRANSCENDS that (hopefully transcient) period of angst.

      Different genres of music appeal to different folks, and rock/metal is certainly not incompatible with happiness and fulfillment. Rock on! 🙂

  2. Wonder if Angela, Mary-Sue or Lilith (or even all of them) had something to do with Kaylynn’s miscarriage… I’d understand them but not approve them.

    GODP’s ending is near… then we will see more STM

    Keep up the good work!!!!

    1. Kaylynn’s 2017 pregnancy would have resulted in an 18-year-old PVCS player in 2035. But because I use the “(Young) Adult” age group for characters aged 18 and above, and have already represented Parker with a “teen” body in 2035.

      In Ch1 “PVCS Families”, I had already written that Daniel and Kaylynn got married because she was pregnant. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about GODP, and exactly which year did Daniel get caught cheating.

      You won’t believe the amount of math I had to do, to keep the years consistent with everyone’s age groups, and to sync it up with the earlier PVCS tale 😮

      See my “Full FAQ / Site Info” page for a list of all my EPs and SPs.

      Indeed, STM will be back when GODP is complete. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. And also you said that you installed Double Deluxe. Did you install anything else?

  4. Sorry, I wanted to ask if you installed anything new *after* you installed Double Deluxe and the rest of packs listed at the FAQ page. I suck at questions, either English or my native language.

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