[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #11: Pecking Order

Daniel’s private thoughts during the PVCS vs STM 2035 Match

[Before the Kickoff]

Skip Broke Jr, our regular starting goalkeeper for Simley Town FC, had caught a cold this morning. So we had no choice but to bench Skip, and let Juan Caliente start the match in goal for Team PVCS.

I hope Juan is up to the task. He looks so tense.

PVCS Goalkeepers: Skip Jr Broke's starting place is taken by Juan Caliente

Regan Capp, my Veronaville counterpart manager for Team PVCS, is a much nicer person to work with than her father, Consort Capp, in 2015. Unlike Consort, Regan seemed to have no problems shaking hands with STM Manager Kent Monty. In fact, she insisted that Kent is still her brother, whom she does not hate.

It was clear, even during the training sessions, that Regan doesn’t have any of Consort’s superior airs. Unlike old Consort who’s too used to getting his way, Regan definitely respects and defers to my professional expertise in football strategy. So I try to accommodate her opinions and preferences as much as possible.

What’s Regan doing? She keeps gazing towards the STM Substitutes Bench. Wonder why she looks so sad… I think she misses her brother. Wait a minute… there’s something about her… that off-white pantsuit she’s wearing… looks familiar. Shrugs.

It’s a pity her son Octavius Capp is not interested in signing for a football team. That boy is good enough to start the match, and confident enough to take penalties. But Regan explained that Octavius is her only heir. The boy himself had also told me about his interest in inheriting his parents’ independent startup business.

Well, there’s only one other Veronaville teen in PVCS: Kelly Summerdream. She’s good enough to take Free Kicks. Should keep a close watch on her… and the other youngsters in Team STM. Who knows, I may get a new Johnny Smith this year too…

Johnny. I must remember he’s NOT on my team for this match. I wonder if his daughter is as good as him. She’s on the STM subs bench now. Let’s see when they put her on…


[1st Half]

LUCY!!! How could she have missed at such close range? If only she just kicked the ball normally, without any silly tricks. I MUST have a word with her at Half-Time.

My son Parker and grandson Demetrius are also on the PVCS subs bench now. Dem has just turned 13, and this is his first taste of playing in a serious match. Hope he likes it.

Demetrius Dreamer & Parker Pleasant on the PVCS Substitutes Bench

But Parker is 16, and only joined Simley Town for training last year. For many years, my son wasn’t sure if he had enough discipline and passion to undergo formal training in football. He lacks consistency in performance, so it’s too risky to give him a permanent place in my Starting Eleven, Simley or PVCS alike.

Parker isn’t a bad boy. Thank goodness he’s not a delinquent like Dustin Broke. Parker just thinks he can get away with being a BIT late, lazy or snarky, just because he’s the coach’s son. I hate to admit this, but Parker may never have gotten as far as he already has, if not for my influence as a football coach.

Oh no… Dirk Dreamer is down. He needs to be substituted off. Regan suggests putting on either Demetrius or Parker. I’ll say Demetrius… Angela’s son should be first. I mean, it’s a better idea that Demetrius should get a chance to replace his dad.

Now General Buzz Grunt, STM’s Strangetown manager, is envious about me having Demetrius as a grandson. He says his grandchildren are lazy. Maybe it’s a good thing that Parker is even interested in football at all.

General Buzz Grunt compares grandchildren with Daniel Pleasant

Fantastic! Ariel Capp scored! Seems like the first half belongs to the female players!

The STM girls also seem promising. Vivian Curious who scored from long range. Young Claudia Monty’s long passes. That girl seems like a natural. Could one or both of them be my new Johnny Smith?


[Half-Time: Dressing Room Drama]

Regan’s proposed tactics are too complicated to put into practice, especially with a team that lacks professional football experience. Instead, we should find a proper way to mark the dangerous STM players.

How could I have forgotten Chauncey Specter? Maybe I should approach this boy after the match. He seems too talented to NOT play football for a living.

Beware of Chauncey Specter...

I’ve just warned Lucy to play her normal way. From the time my niece first joined Simley Town, she had always told me (but not her team, thankfully) that her dream was to be scouted by a big team, so she can become a superstar.

Why doesn’t she realize that she’s trying TOO hard to impress the talent scouts, which may be counterproductive? She really needs to put her feet on the ground.

Daniel Pleasant warns Lucy Burb to stay focused

I know Lucy isn’t the best footballer. But she feels like the “football daughter” I wish I had.

Seems like the two Capp strikers, Tybalt and Octavius, are quarreling. Regan knows how to handle them. I’ll get the rest of the team to watch some footage from the first half.

Regan Capp should handle that quarrel instead of Daniel Pleasant


2nd Half: [Part 1] & [Part 2]

Hmm… STM’s Claudia Monty is such a hot-headed girl. I think Vivian Curious is the female player I should approach. It’s a pity Octavius Capp is not interested in signing for any club. Such a confident penalty taker…

60″ now. Regan wants to take off Ariel Capp because of her Yellow Card. So it’s Parker’s turn to be subbed in, as promised.

Hmm… 20 years ago, I denied Lilith when she asked to be put on. Well, that silly girl didn’t have ANY professional football training, unlike Parker…

Well played, Ariel Capp. She’s an attractive young lady…

but I choose not to be false to Kaylynn. I’m not foolish enough to get caught in the same trap again.

Daniel Pleasant praises Ariel Capp for good performance

Ouch. Just minutes after Parker came on, STM scored, and Parker got himself a Yellow Card. Kelly Summerdream also seems to be losing her touch… none of this is good.

What the Fringe??!! Parker got himself sent off!! He even managed to injure Johnny Smith in the process!!

Parker Pleasant is red-carded for a badly-timed tackle on Johnny Smith

Oh no… from the way Johnny is wincing, he’s unlikely to recover in time for the upcoming Simley Town matches. Parker… how dare you… you’re not getting away scot-free, young man!!

DEMETRIUS!! Well done!! You’ve made your grandpa so proud 🙂

Horatio Monty and Albert Beaker are not strong strikers. They tend to lack consistency in front of goal. Albert’s temper seems to be as bad as, or worse than, Tybalt Capp’s. Horatio wouldn’t have scored if Juan Caliente chose to go after him, instead of Beatrice Monty.

I hope Juan is OK. Good thing our goalkeeper wasn’t the one who got sent off.

I can’t believe Regan allowed Tybalt Capp to take that penalty. Octavius had already proven to be a much better choice.

Octavius blames Regan Capp for the last-minute penalty failure


Final Whistle [8A], [8B], [8C]

Regan had been talking to her brother, Kent Monty, quite freely for most of the match. So why are they so nervous now? Something’s up, with all those awkward glances between them…

Maybe General Grunt knows. But he says he has no clue either. However, he does recognize some of the audience members who are being led down to the pitch: they are Team STM Players from Veronaville in 2015.

4 Managers after the match

This definitely isn’t a prize presentation ceremony. Maybe it’s something to do with the Veronaville Feud. I’ll stand close to Grunt.

I hope Parker is behaving himself in the PVCS Dressing Room. My son is in enough trouble already, so he better not do anything like what Consort Capp did in 2015

Congrats to Veronaville for their great breakthrough. Grunt told me how he used to hate PT9 Smith, and how it’s too late to apologize to the late alien patriarch. “Luckily, my son, Buck, is going to marry PT9’s daughter, so I guess I have a chance to make up for this.”

I could only nod, and say “good for you”.

General Buzz Grunt is in the mood for reconciliation

Where are those talent scouts from? VFL Simburg!! And they’ve already made an offer to Chauncey Specter. I shouldn’t waste my breath, as he’ll naturally choose the more prestigious club.

VFL Simburg have also gone for STM’s Benedick Monty, but Simley Town doesn’t need a new goalkeeper, as our Skip Jr is promising, and much younger.

Vivian Curious seems flattered by my professional interest, but politely turns me down in favor of returning to her fledgling scientific career.

Vivian Curious is surprised to be approached by football coach Daniel Pleasant

Lucy is in tears. She must be disappointed to be ignored by the VFL Simburg scouts. Maybe I should comfort her… oh wait. Beau Broke got to her first.

Daniel Pleasant watches Beau Broke comfort Lucy Burb

(For the full story of what happened in the post-match Veronaville ceasefire drama, see Final Whistle [8A], [8B], [8C] in the parallel 2035 Match tale.

Daniel could not possibly elaborate too much on this topic in his private thoughts, since he is an outsider to Veronaville.)

After witnessing the Veronaville ceasefire, what will Daniel reflect on?
Is it too late for him to make amends?
How will Parker pay for his disgraceful performance?
Find out in the [next chapter]


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  1. The change of writing style in this chapter is a refreshing twist, I like it 😉
    Interesting to see Dan reflect on both the past and the present in this chapter – I think he seems ready and willing to make amends

    1. Yes, this chapter is somewhat experimental, and I’m pleased you pointed it out 🙂 I also shifted writing styles in Ch 5 (screenplay), and switched perspectives in Ch 7 (focus on Mary-Sue instead of Daniel).

      The change in focalization for Ch 11 reveals a more personalized perspective of the same familiar event of the 2035 Match. It may be a potentially interesting exercise to write some other character’s perspective of the 2035 Match…

      Sometimes I wish simmers would appreciate these little tricks with narrative form, instead of caring only about “what happens next” (content). :/

      We shall see what Daniel is gonna do about the “Reconciliation is in the Air” moodlet, and how will Parker pay for messing up… 😮

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