[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant #12: Amends

The 2035 Match left a profound impact on its participants, spectators, and everyone else who heard about what happened. The official end of the long-standing Veronaville Feud caused many sims to consider reconciliation and peace in their own relationships.

For the next few days, Daniel Pleasant was deep in thought about his three children.

Angela had probably turned out the “best” among them. Having no shortage of love, affection and affirmation from both her parents, it was easy for her to become a loving wife and mother in her new family.

Angela Pleasant's new family: Dirk, Demetrius and Darren Dreamer

She had good grades, and was for the most part, well adjusted, except for a somewhat mean streak towards “people who did not fit in”. Daniel knew that he and Mary-Sue were to be blamed for this, for Angela simply copied their example of how they treated Lilith.

Lilith. Poor girl. As Angela’s identical twin, Lilith had every prospect of turning out more similarly to Angela. Except that Lilith wanted different things in life.

Lilith Pleasant and Dustin Broke play pool

She just happened to enjoy the types of music and dress styles which Daniel and Mary-Sue did not approve of. When multiple coaxing failed to change her to be “more like Angela”, Lilith was left feeling ignored and abandoned. No wonder her young life was full of anger and frustration.

Daniel was suddenly struck by a bizarre thought: Lilith was like his sister, Jennifer. While they were growing up, they both wanted things that their parents disapproved of. At least Jennifer’s whims of being a football star were partially tolerated by their father.

Jennifer Burb's youthful football obsession vs Lilith Pleasant's teenage rock

However, nobody at home had anything positive to say about Lilith’s tastes. No wonder Lilith felt so alone. Fortunately for Lilith, her Oldie grandparents decided to accept and affirm her for who she is, thus saving her from a life of sadness and unfulfillment.

Even as her father, did Daniel ever have the right to judge Lilith, just for being herself?

Daniel was furious with himself for never being able to see things from her perspective.

Parker, the “son of his old age”, the male child he had longed to have. Daniel had believed for a long time that his experiences with raising Parker’s two older half-sisters would have made him highly proficient in guiding his young son.

Parker Pleasant finally gets his wish of playing chess, and balancing successfully on a stack of big books

But the 2035 Match had proved otherwise. Parker had broadcast his selfishness and carelessness for all to see. The boy cared little about consequences, and had to be taught a painful lesson. Was the shame of a Red Card after less than 20 minutes on the pitch good enough to drive home the message?

Parker had bragged about the “Full CR7 Set” that he looked forward to getting from his parents on his upcoming birthday in 2035.

Parker Pleasant believes he shall always get what he wants

However, Daniel no longer felt that Parker deserved to get the expensive and prestigious set of jersey, shorts, socks, boots and football, all signed by Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballing titan. Instead, Parker would only receive a regular pair of football boots for his birthday.

Daniel would also discuss with Kaylynn about the possibility of transferring Parker to another football academy, so as to force the boy to abandon the entitled attitude he had developed from being “the coach’s son”… before it was too late.

It pained Daniel to send his son away. However, the pain was lightened slightly by the fact that his grandson Demetrius Dreamer, heartened by his good performance in the 2035 Match, decided to sign on to Simley Town FC. Demetrius’ permission form was signed by his mother, Angela.

Coach Daniel Pleasant explains Demetrius Dreamer's teen football contract to his parents Angela and Dirk


Lilith Broke was sitting on the bench outside her house. About 20 years ago, she had slept on this very bench, on the night she ran away from her parents’ home to the home of the Oldies, her grandparents. After the Oldies died, they left their house to Lilith, much to the chagrin of their daughter, Mary-Sue.

Lilith Pleasant and Dustin Broke outside their house

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure approach from a distance. Lilith’s husband, Dustin Broke, recognized the visitor first.

“Shall I get the gun, dear?”

“No, Dustin. Somehow… I get the feeling this time’s different. I don’t think he’s here to cause trouble.”

“Maybe just in case?”

“No gun, Dustin. Go back inside if you don’t want to see him. I will NOT have him hurt in any way when I’m talking to him.”

After acknowledging a reluctant nod from her husband, Lilith got up and greeted the visitor.

Lilith rises to greet the visitor


“Hi, Lilith. It’s a good day today.” Daniel endeavored to maintain a conversational tone.

“Umm… Dad? What’s up?”

“Lilith, I know I haven’t been the best father. I should have accepted you for who you are, and not judged you for being different from what I thought a daughter should be.”


Lilith Broke is surprised at what Daniel Pleasant is saying

“I understand that rock music isn’t really my cup of tea, as much as football isn’t really yours. But today, I am happy that you are a successful rock musician, with a happy marriage with someone you love.”

Lilith’s jaw dropped. She was utterly speechless.

“Lilith, will you forgive your father for not accepting you, and for causing you pain? I understand if you need time to think about this, it’s not easy…”

“It’s OK…” Lilith’s first instinct was to pull Daniel into a tight embrace. “Dad, I forgive you.”

Lilith’s tears were flowing uncontrollably, and she made no attempt to restrain them. Daniel was fighting the conflicting impulses of his watering eyes, and his attempt to retain his show of dignity.

Daniel Pleasant and Lilith Broke reconcile at last

After a long moment, Lilith released him.

“Thank you, Lilith, for forgiving your father of his failings.”

“No, Dad, thank YOU for coming.”

After a pregnant pause, Lilith continued.

“Dad, do you know why I left our house on the same night that you left?”

“Why?” Daniel was truly puzzled. He had never asked Lilith this question.

“Because I couldn’t stand living with ONLY Mom and Angela. I knew there was no way I’ll ever be good enough for either of them. But you were not as hard on me as they were. At least I thought I could get into your good books by joining PVCS in 2015…

“Well, Lilith, I should have appreciated that you tried to please me at that time.”

“All these years, when I had been in contact with you every now and then, I haven’t spoken a word directly to Mom since I left. It’s always grandma and grandpa who were middlemen.”

“I can only speak for myself, not for your mother.” Daniel shrugged in a matter-of-fact way.

“I understand. Dad, why don’t you come for tea another day? I think I’ll need some time to get Dustin used to the idea.”

“Sure, let me know when he’s ready.”

Daniel Pleasant and Lilith Broke speak amicably, to Dustin's shock

Father and daughter shared a smile, as he walked off the lot, and she back towards her house. Lilith’s smile broadened into a grin as she beheld the look of utter shock and bemusement on Dustin’s face. There was no gun in his hands.


“Dad, do I really have to leave Simley Town to join Simsborough?” Parker mumbled halfheartedly, as he got out of the family car. His parents followed suit. They were outside the home stadium of Simsborough FC.

Parker Pleasant expresses reluctance to parents Daniel and Kaylynn

“Yes. You’re very lucky that Simsborough Football Academy is willing to take you, because you are my son, the son of Coach Pleasant of Simley Town, whom they tried to sign a long time ago.

Don’t make the same mistakes as in the 2035 Match – this is your second chance. The standards are higher at Simsborough. Make sure you behave yourself and have a good attitude.”

“But the coach isn’t my father, and I don’t have the CR7 set.”

“Parker,” interjected Kaylynn. “You need to learn how to have a good attitude to work under people who are not your relatives. Do you think I had the maid’s version of the ‘CR7 Set’ when I first started cleaning other people’s houses?

“Right… Mom.” Parker grunted. “At least I have a new pair of boots.”

“You heard your mother,” continued Daniel. “You STILL have a chance to get the CR7 Set, if you do well in Simsborough.

Parker nodded reluctantly. “I’ll try. Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad. See you after your honeymoon.”

After getting Parker settled inside the stadium, Daniel and Kaylynn Pleasant made their way back to the car. They were headed for the airport, on route to their second honeymoon at Three Lakes.

Daniel’s comm device buzzed.

Daniel Pleasant checks his comm device

“It’s Jen. She’s just invited us to Lucy and Beau’s wedding.”

“That’s wonderful! They’re finally getting married!”

“Yeah, Lucy told me she won the lottery last week, and that she was going to propose to Beau. Looks like he’ll be taking her last name after all.”

Lucy Burb proposes to Beau Broke

“I see. Beau has two other brothers to carry on the Broke name.”

“True. Lucy is so fortunate to have the privileges that Jennifer never had. I’m glad to have a part to play in fulfilling her dreams. My ‘football daughter’… all grown up and about to be married,” Daniel beamed.

Kaylynn smiled. “You sentimental old man. We’d better go before we miss our flight.”

“I wonder if Demetrius is settling in well… and if the main team can prepare themselves well during the break before the season restarts. We still need 12 more points from the next 6 games for our best chances to be promoted back to Primary League C.”

Daniel Pleasant and Kaylynn Langerak in the car

“Don’t worry, Daniel. I’m sure it’ll all work out. Even if it doesn’t this year, you’ve already had a fantastic career at Simley Town. You’ve had your chance of playing in the Primary League A. The cameras were pointed at you during your finest moments. You deserve that permanent spot in Simley Town’s hall of fame.”

“Thanks Kaylynn, wise words indeed. Life can’t be perfect, as I’ve made some terribly regrettable mistakes, as well as some much better choices. But I should be glad to have scored the ‘goals’ I did in my life. I’ll take it slowly and enjoy our honeymoon.”

After receiving a kiss blown to him by Kaylynn, Daniel started the engine. The car drove off slowly into the sunset.


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  1. How quickly this tale seems to have flown by 😉 This is a good last chapter, with Daniel’s reconciliation with Lilith, better parenting techniques with Parker and appreciation of his life really summing up the journey he’s been on. I like the significance of Dustin not holding the gun – kinda feels like a message about the removal of hostility between people and the next generation being open to moving forward positively 😉

    I hope this tale was fun to write, as it was nice to read 🙂

    1. GODP is an experimental tale. More of a summary than anything long-drawn, it is an attempt to capture long decades in a few short episodes. Most of the character development is on Daniel’s part, where he tries his best to make up for his past mistakes.

      This version of “cheating husband” Daniel Pleasant is truly repentant, so he deserves to be forgiven and portrayed positively.

      Dustin not holding a gun: It’s true that this symbolizes the next generation moving on in peace, in the spirit of the Reconciliation moodlets of the 2035 Match, and I’m pleased that you pointed this out 🙂

      In addition to that, the gun situation also depicts how Dustin’s “dislike for the old man who thinks of him as a delinquent” is LESS than his “love for Lilith”.

      So Lilith is blessed to have a husband who puts her feelings ahead of any of his grudges — a positive portrayal of Dustin’s character, which makes Daniel’s long-held prejudices against his “delinquency” less justifiable 😮

      However, Daniel’s reconciliation isn’t just with Lilith, but also an attempt to fully accept Dustin and put away that grudge. Everyone wins 🙂

      Writing stories, especially the experimental sort, is always fun. Thank you for being part of this journey 😀

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