Olive Specter’s Timeline #4: Elder Guardian: Ophelia Nigmos, Lyla Grunt, Strangetown Bella Goth / Jane Doe


Tragedy also struck Willow Nigmos’ family when they were on vacation at Three Lakes. Willow, Creon and nine-year-old Ophelia went boating on a small river, without a guide. Their inexperience cost them dearly, for they did not know how to stop the boat in time, when they realized they were heading towards a waterfall.

Young Ophelia Nigmos is thrown overboard to safety by her mother Willow

With only seconds to spare, Willow threw Ophelia overboard, screaming to her daughter to try to swim to shore. The boat toppled over, taking Willow and Creon down the watery precipice. The couple did not survive.

On the other hand, Ophelia was barely alive when she climbed up onto a boulder in the middle of the water. When she woke up, she was already on the plane to Strangetown. The police had contacted Olive Specter to arrange a formal adoption of her niece.

Thankfully, Aunt Olive was no stranger to Ophelia, as they saw each other several times each year at family gatherings. But living with her aunt was another thing altogether. Without her parents’ protection, Ophelia was now solely at Aunt Olive’s mercy.

Young Ophelia Nigmos is adopted by Aunt Olive Specter

Or was Olive now at Ophelia’s mercy instead? With a young girl in the household, Olive had to be careful about her visitors, and where she placed her “dangerous” objects. Furthermore, Olive could not afford to let young Ophelia discover her murderous past.

After losing Nervous, Olive thought she would never have a chance to raise a child, so Ophelia seemed like an unexpected second chance. Ophelia’s rejection would probably crush her, so she was determined not to mess it up again.

As Ophelia witnessed Olive burying Willow and Creon, the little girl wondered aloud if it was creepy to live near a graveyard.

“You’ll get used to it, because the ghost sounds at night are soothing… helps you to sleep.” Olive hoped that would reassure the nine-year-old.

Olive Specter and young Ophelia Nigmos talk in the graveyard

“So the ghosts won’t hurt us?”

“I’ve been living here so long, and the ghosts have never hurt me. Since you’re under my protection, Ophelia, they won’t dare to hurt you too.

Olive Specter assures young Ophelia Nigmos of her magical protection

“I know Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ichabod won’t hurt me or you, but how about all the other ghosts? Where did they come from?”

Young Ophelia Nigmos asks aunt Olive Specter about the other ghosts in the graveyard

“Don’t worry, Ophelia. Don’t think about the ghosts, but about your studies.”

So Ophelia grew up under her aunt’s wing, unaware of most of Olive’s secrets. Olive had always been vague about the unmarked graves, never mentioning their names, stories, or previous relationships to her. So Ophelia only knew about her parents, grandparents and Ichabod, the only ones Olive did not kill – which were also the only graves marked with inscriptions.

Olive Specter sees child Ophelia Nigmos off to the school bus

Among Olive’s ex-husbands, Ophelia had only heard her aunt talk about Ichabod Specter, the one she loved the most. Olive made it a point never to mention the names of Hugh Thanasia, Rigger Mortis and Earl E. DeMise, so Ophelia never realized that they were among the victims in the graveyard.

So Ophelia had the mistaken impression that Aunt Olive’s only husband had been Ichabod Specter.

Olive Specter is careful of past details when talking to child Ophelia Nigmos

Ophelia also never had a clue that she had a missing cousin named “Nervous Subject”. Willow and Creon had not bothered mentioning this to Ophelia, since Nervous was lost before Ophelia was even born. Aunt Olive had not seen any need to bring up this heartbreaking topic either, so Ophelia thought her aunt never had any children.

Olive never allowed Ophelia to bring home any friends, but let her go out freely to meet them at community lots, or visit their homes. She did not want any young children to “accidentally” get hurt, or discover her secrets.

Young Ophelia Nigmos, Ripp Grunt and Johnny Smith swimming

She simply told Ophelia that graveyards are not fun or safe places for children and teens. The spell of Olive’s protection would not cover her friends if they came, as the ghosts would attack anyone who was unprotected.

Young Ophelia Nigmos playing with Ripp Grunt at his house

Too many secrets stood between them, preventing aunt and niece from forming a closer bond.

General Buzz and Lyla Grunt arguing

LYLA GRUNT (5 years before STSYC)

Past midnight in StrangeTown, stormy weather.

General Buzz Grunt and his wife, Lyla, had just gotten into a huge argument. As a result, Lyla declared that she was “temporarily” leaving her husband.

Lyla had planned to check into a motel one mile outside StrangeTown. But before that, she went to visit her friend, Olive Specter.

Lyla Grunt visits 13 Dead End Lane, Specter Yard

Olive had befriended Lyla over the times she picked up Ophelia from Ripp Grunt’s house. Olive had told Lyla vague details about her past – matters that young Ophelia was blissfully ignorant of.

Olive Specter & Ophelia Nigmos wave goodbye to Ripp, Lyla and Buck Grunt

So when Lyla entered Olive’s house, Lyla immediately told her what happened.

“… because you’re sort of an “expert” – mind me for saying – with divorces. How did you handle it, Olive?”

Lyla Grunt consults Olive Specter, the divorce expert

“You really want to know? I killed them all, and there they are, in my yard. That’s exactly what I’m going to do to your treacherous husband too. That’s what he gets when he hurts your feelings.”

“Olive, are you nuts?! Yes, I don’t love Buzz like I used to, but that doesn’t mean I need his heart on my wall as a reminder! I’m calling the police! I’m sorry, Olive, but this is just too crazy.”

Lyla Grunt is horrified at Olive Specter's callous attitude to murder

“No, I was just kidding. WAIT!!”

Lyla managed to escape. Everything fell apart before Olive’s eyes. Lyla was going to the police, and everything would eventually add up. She had let Ophelia down. The poor girl would have to go to an orphanage, since Olive would have to serve a lifelong prison sentence when the police arrested her.

Lyla Grunt threatens to expose Olive Specter

But before she could fall down to the ground crying, luck was on Olive’s side once again, when lightning struck and instantly killed Lyla Grunt.

Lyla Grunt's electrocution death via lightning strike at Specter Yard, 13 Dead End Lane

As Olive’s mood quickly shifted from devastated to a mixture of shock and relief, she beheld her immortal lover in the pouring rain.

“Thanatos, I didn’t kill this one…”

Olive Specter's guilty conscience haunts her while defending herself to Grim Reaper Thanatos Grimm

“I know, Olive dear.” Thanatos Grimm shook his head. “But something quick before you bury her: any luck finding our son?”

Olive shook her head. Thanatos sighed.

“How do you use that skull phone anyway? It seems like it’s for calling back sims from the dead.” Olive paused for a moment, in shock. “Is our boy already with you, Thanatos?”

Olive Specter asks Thanatos Grimm, the Grim Reaper, about their son

“I can confirm that our son, Nervous Subject, has not yet passed into the realm of the dead. So you still have a chance to find him, and spend time with him on this side. As for the skull phone, it indeed brings sims back from the dead. But your magic has to be strong enough for you to be the master over them, or they will destroy you. You should not activate extreme mode until you hear the signal.”

“What signal, Thanatos?”

“You will recognize it when you hear it.”

Grim Reaper Thanatos Grimm clarifies matters with Olive Specter

Olive quickly scanned her surroundings. The Grim Reaper had vanished. Young Ophelia was still inside the house, hopefully asleep.

Olive quickly dragged Lyla Grunt to the nearest empty spot in the graveyard. The last thing she wanted was Ophelia catching her in the incriminating act of burying Ripp’s mother, even if she really did not kill anyone this time.

Ophelia Nigmos helping Ripp Grunt with homework

(between STSYC #2 and STSYC #3)

On the day of the Curious-Smith pizza family gathering in STSYC #2, Ophelia was away at the Grunt house, helping Ripp with his math homework.

Due to the quick movements from the Curious brothers’ escape from the vicinity of Specter Yard (1), Olive had a faint hunch that someone was spying on her.

Olive Specter thinks someone is spying on her

Minutes later, a woman in a red dress passed by her house. Olive got very suspicious indeed.

Olive Specter suspects the Jane Doe in the red dress (Bella Goth) of being a spy

“Good afternoon, Miss. You look lost, can I help you?”

“Yes, you could invite me in. I’m indeed lost.”

Strangetown Bella Goth / Jane Doe expresses her confusion to Olive Specter

Olive tried her best not to look surprised. She thought it strange that this woman would invite herself in. Maybe she was new in town, hence unaware of Olive’s reputation.

Or… she was playing dumb, because she was… a Beaker spy!

Olive decided to play along. Maybe she could even use this woman to beat the Beakers at their own game.

“Of course, please come in. I’m Olive Specter, nice to meet you. Who do I have the pleasure of talking to?”

Olive Specter invites Jane Doe / Bella Goth into her house

“That’s the problem. I can’t remember my own name. I can’t even remember what happened to me, and how I got here.”

So this woman in the red dress was a “Jane Doe”. Olive was convinced she was indeed playing dumb, and must be an intelligent Beaker spy. What a cover story!

As they walked in, Jane Doe gazed at the graveyard, and smirked.

“Ever hired a gardener?” (2)

“Never considered…”

Strangetown Bella Goth (Jane Doe) insults Olive Specter's graveyard in Specter Yard, 13 Dead End Lane

“Your graveyard lacks charm. I seem to remember another graveyard (3), and it had much more charm than this sorry excuse of a cemetery! But even if you hire the best gardeners, this desert won’t allow many plants to grow anyway.”

Olive got angry, but tried hard to maintain her calm facade. “Oh, don’t you insult my trophies,” she thought to herself. “Maybe I should add you soon, and that will add some charm to my graveyard…”

Olive Specter quietly plots revenge

This woman in the red dress reminded her of… Jane Doe of Midnight Hollow. Going on and on about “charm”. Funny how this woman could forget everything else about her life, yet remember how to brag about “charm” so instinctively. Olive’s blood boiled, but she endeavored to maintain her calm facade.

“Would you like to join me in a tea ceremony? Maybe some tradition may trigger your memories?”

Jane Doe nodded.

After ten minutes, the woman in the red dress keeled over, and fell lifeless on the floor of Olive Specter’s dining room.

Strangetown Bella Goth / Jane Doe dies of tea poisoning when drinking with Olive Specter

Olive quickly dragged the body to the graveyard, and buried the “new” Jane Doe where Earl E. DeMise used to be. She had to be careful now, in case Ophelia noticed any subtle changes in the graveyard structure.

“Olive, I thought you’ve stopped killing long ago.”

Olive wheeled around in horror, but relaxed upon meeting the familiar gaze of Thanatos Grimm.

“Yes, I know, Thanatos. But this woman is utterly insufferable, and may be a spy from the ones who are hurting our boy.”

Olive Specter complains to Thanatos Grimm, the Grim Reaper

“I see. So you’ve finally found our son, but he’s trapped. No wonder you’ve activated extreme mode.”

“Indeed. I’m confident that Nervous will soon be safe and free.”

Olive Specter & the Grim Reaper, Thanatos Grimm, are confident that now is the time for their plan to work

(1) In STSYC #2, the Curious brothers indeed had the correct hunch that passers-by may end up badly. They narrowly escaped the fate of being mistaken for Beaker spies!

Olive Specter & Ophelia Nigmos drinking tea together - with no ulterior motives (2) In STM 2.06(A), Nervous Subject, now known as Nick Grimm, hired gardeners to tend to the empty yard.

(3) The “Jane Doe” in the red dress, Bella Goth, was referring to the Goth Manor graveyard, which she only faintly remembers.

This is the timeline summary for the Specter / Nigmos / Muenda family (click to enlarge):

Timeline for Specter / Nigmos / Muenda family in STSYC

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We hope you’ve enjoyed Olive Specter’s Timeline (OST).

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Olive Specter’s Timeline (STSYC Prequel)

1. Early Years: Danielle Greaves, Earl E. DeMise

2. DJ Spectra: Rigger Mortis, Hugh Thanasia

3. Midnight Hollow: Thanatos Grimm, Nervous Subject, Doe Family, Ichabod Specter

4. Elder Guardian: Ophelia Nigmos, Lyla Grunt, Strangetown Bella Goth / Jane Doe

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2. Pizza and Family Gatherings
3. One In, One Out?
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    1. The timelines were challenging, but nonetheless satisfying after everything fell in its right place. Lyla Grunt could only have died AFTER Buck was born.

      Too many simmers portray Bella Goth as a too-perfect Mary-Sue (the literary trope, not Mrs Pleasant 😛 ). However, no person or character can be perfect. I figured that snobbishness/arrogance would be Bella’s most likely flaws, a natural result of her life of privilege and affluence. After all, Bella was only meant to be a cameo in STSYC, so the explanation of how she became a Specter Yard Zombie should be but a footnote in the extra chapter 😉

  1. Seems like curiosity killed the cat… or the woman in the red dress :D.
    I didn’t expect Lyla to truly be unfortunate enough to get struck by lightning, but it was awfully convenient for Olive and considering her relationship with Grim perhaps he had something to do with it, or it could be a massive coincidence.
    Thanks for writing this as always as it’s always a pleasure to read.

    1. In that scenario, Bella was simply clueless, while Olive’s suspicions caused her to make erroneous assumptions, which turned deadly when Olive got triggered. See my other comment for more about Bella…

      Given Olive’s reputation, it’s understandable why few would believe the convenient lightning strike theory for Lyla’s death. General Grunt was certainly cynical, while Thanatos Grimm can only shake his head at Olive’s guilty conscience.

      If the Grim Reaper could provide the skull phone, it may also be possible that he sent the lightning strike himself (but not so by strict Greek mythology, since Thanatos’ power is closer to the realm of Hades, than to Zeus — but then again, OST is in the realm of the whimsical STM Universe, under the jurisdiction of Prometheus Hyde 😛 )

      Glad you enjoyed this series. Stay tuned for the last lap of STM 🙂

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