StrangeTown Monty 1.03 (#3) Dear Antonio

Bianca Monty has lived in Strangetown for a week. She writes an email to Antonio to tell him what she thinks of the Smiths, Curiouses & the aliens’ agenda.

(NO Simlish voices in this episode. That’s because Bianca is THINKING instead of talking.)
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StrangeTown Monty 1.00 (#0) Veronaville Disaster

aka “18 Ways to Kill a Sim” / “Sims 2 Ghost Colors”. The Zero Event for the plot of StrangeTown Monty.

Originally a standalone, the “story” is not immediately obvious because I presented it as a documentary. It was only much later that I decided to turn the last 30 seconds of this video into an entire series.

In other words, the rest of the series is different from this “Episode Zero” because they have Simlish voices and a clear story.

[Introduction to STM: For Non-Sims Players]

[Watch on YouTube page] [Gameplay Tips on Killing Sims]