Sims 4 Get To Work: Doctor Career – Gameplay Bugs & Thoughts

June 14 2015

All patients who appear at the hospital or other public venues are Unplayed Sims. Even if the house call takes place in a Played sim’s home, the patients are still Unplayed visitors.

I usually prioritize patients with sores as skin overlay (see above pic), as I can immediately rule out “No Illness”.

Random Illness Reload Bug

– ​For regular hospital cases, ​I always save before diagnosing patients.

– If I can’t clearly interpret the patient’s visual symptoms, I’ll hazard a 50% chance (1 of 2) at the “Compelling Diagnosis” stage. 33.3% is too risky, in my opinion. Forget the 25% or 20% chances available in the “Weak Diagnosis” stage. Keep running more tests to increase the chances of an accurate diagnosis.

– If I’m wrong, I quit without saving back to the main menu, then reload my hospital scenario just before the diagnosis.

– Sometimes, after the reload, my diagnosis choices are completely different. Before I reloaded, it was either “Gas-and-Giggles” or “Itchy Plumbob”​. ​​

After I reloaded, it is either ​“Burnin’ Belly” or “Llama Flu”.

– After losing the coin flip a second time, I reload the exact same scenario once more. This time, the decision is between “Bloaty Head” and “The Triple Threat”.

Sims 4 Doctor checks patient's ears

Fortunately, my doctor makes the “correct” choice this time, and I can finally move on to the next patient.

If I got it wrong again, would the choice be between “Sweaty Shivers” and “Starry Eyes”?

– This “random illness bug” only appears when I reload the game after a wrong diagnosis. When that happens, it really doesn’t matter which option I choose, for it is as random as a coin flip. However, if I can interpret the visual sickness symptoms on my first attempt, these are usually consistent with my diagnosis choices.

If I’m fortunate, the Treadmill Test or X-Ray Machine may help me reach a “Guaranteed Diagnosis” quickly.

Baby Delivery, Sims 4 Surgery Style

Delivering a Baby

– Promotion requirement from L8 to L9 of the Doctor career.

Many work days may go by without any “Pregnant patients” arriving at the hospital.

Sims 4 Get To Work - Pregnant PatientWhen that happens, my doctor diagnoses enough regular patients to fill up his performance meter for the day, then plays Blicblock on the computer till his shift ends. Fortunately for me/him, he only waited 2 sim days…

There’s no point in making other sims in the neighborhood pregnant.

– When the time comes, the “Pregnant Patient” (she will be labelled as such) will be spawned by the game, with a dialog box informing the doctor about the arrival of the “Pregnant Patient”. Drop everything else and lead her to surgery immediately.

– Towards the end of the surgery, a baby container will automatically appear, and the delivered baby will be put into it.

Sims 4 Delivered Baby Mysteriously Disappears Moments Later

However, the baby container (and the baby) suddenly disappear moments later.

– The formerly “Pregnant Patient” emerges from the Surgery machine, walks out of the surgery ward without her baby bump… and without her baby.

Sims 4 (Formerly) Pregnant Patient leaves without her baby - 1 Sims 4 (Formerly) Pregnant Patient leaves without her baby - 2

– That doesn’t appear to matter, as the surgery was obviously a success, and the “Deliver a Baby” goal checked as completed​, with promotion to L9 on that same day.​

– After my doctor’s shift​​, I checked “manage households” in neighborhood mode, to see if the baby is with its mother in the relevant household.

Nope. No baby.

No child, not even after several sim days.

Pregnant Patient's Household - No Baby or Child

My aging setting is “Aging Off for ALL Played Sims”, but “Aging On for all Unplayed Sims”.

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