A Garden of Roses (AGOR) – Replica / Parody by AldoHyde

AldoHyde’s replica of the set and characters of A Garden of Roses by Vpetmad. Includes bloopers from the setup process 😉

In this Chapter: [Setup Bloopers] [Moss’ Hut Controversy] [Benign Visitor]

Overall Lot
Rose Garden - Overall

Council Circle, Grill & 3 Huts
Rose Garden - Council Circle

Rose Family as Humans in CAS.
Family structure intact, with Holly, Lily & Larch as teens.
Rose Family - CAS

“Last Family Photo Before Plantification” 😉
Rose Family - Before Plantification

Lily ages up to Adult, and is Plantified. Unfortunately, “Becoming a Plantsim” is one of the Fears she rolled upon aging up, so her Aspiration crashes. Larch’s UI depicts an identical Fear…
Lily Aspiration Failure - Larch waits

“Get over it, Lily. Our family is significant BECAUSE we are Plantsims.”
So much for familial support...

The Therapist can’t erase Lily and Larch’s recent Bad Memories of “Not Going to College” – since they were aged up directly from Teen to Adult.
Therapist couldn't stop Lily & Larch's tears

Larch’s Fear of “Becoming a Plantsim” was not rolled away, so it’s his turn to see the Therapist now…
Larch's turn

Larch is NOT OK. Maybe Plantsimism is not for him after all…
Larch is NOT OK...

Reed and Moss are VERY tactful towards Larch’s plight. Oak makes a note of that…
Reed & Moss are VERY tactful...

“Man up, sprout.”
Oak & Reed disapprove

Reed gets new green stubble and brows. The latter is given to all the young Roses.
Reed with green brows and stubble

Rose Family Fully Plantified

Meeting in Progress…
Council Circle - Meeting in Progress

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Boolprop Controversy in Moss Rose's hut...

Moss’ Hut Controversy

In Moss’ hut…

Willow: Sooo… it was here in your hut, Moss, where Larch got all his ideas from?

Moss: Ohh nooo…

Oak: Where did you get that grave from?

Moss: It’s… Br…Brack… Bracken’s grave….

Willow: Bracken was never buried in your hut. Why would his grave be here?

Moss: I don… don’t know!!

Moss is lost for words. Larch is NOT helping.

Oak: Where did you get that flesh-being baby statue from?

Moss: Booo…booo.. booo….

Larch: Oh boolprop!!

Oak: Watch your mouth, sprout!

Moss: He means, boo.. boo… boolprop test… test… testing..cheats… enabled tr… tr… true.

Oak: Is that yellow box also part of the “Boolprop” contraption?

Willow: No, that box is what I asked him to work on…

Willow & Oak Rose confrontation

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A Benign Visitor…

Moss: (thinking) If we don’t pay up, they’ll take away our council chairs. Or worse still, our grill.

Treebeard: Good day, Pascal… I mean, Moss Rose. Is your Uncle Oak at home?

Moss: Wh-wh-who… are… you?

Treebeard: Just a friend from a neighboring forest.

Moss sees Treebeard near the Mailbox

Oak: Good day, young sprout. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in this forest. I don’t suppose you’re older than Reed or Moss over there, but how did you grow such a long beard in such a short time after you matured?

Oak & Treebeard

Treebeard: I was spawned with it. (Oak is bewildered) Just kidding. It’s a result of a Hyde Dynamic patent.

Oak: What do you mean? 😮

Treebeard: I drank a special secret potion from the “forest” I come from.

Oak & Treebeard

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