Sims 2: Man’s Fire: How to Make All Monsters – Alien, Zombie, Vampire, Servo, Werewolf, Plantsim, Bigfoot, Genie, Witch

Part 1: Video & Information
Part 2: Gameplay Tips – How to Make All Creatures

This is a MUSIC VIDEO, NOT a “how-to” video. ALL Creatures from ALL Sims2 Expansion Packs, & an All-In-One Hybrid (Alien-Zombie-Vampire-Werewolf-Plantsim-Witch). A normal sim cannot turn into a Servo (Robot), Bigfoot or Genie, and vice versa. – [August 26 2010]

[Watch on YouTube: More Details in the YT Video Description]

“Official” paranormal monsters in each EP.
You MUST have the relevant Expansion Pack to get its creature.
{Numbers indicate first clear appearance}:

[Base Game] Alien {1:21}
[University/FreeTime/AptLife] Zombie {0:49}
[Nightlife] Vampire {0:46}
[Open For Business] Servo (Robot) {0:45}
[Pets] Werewolf (Lycanthropy) {0:39}
[Seasons] Plantsim (Plant Person) {1:53}
[Bon Voyage] Bigfoot (Sasquatch) {0:54}
[FreeTime] Genie {0:05}
[Apartment Life] Witch / Warlock {Neutral 0:20, Infallibly Good 0:24, Atrociously Evil 0:30}

PART 1: FAQ for “Man’s Fire: All Monsters” Music Video

1. This video may not make much sense (you may not fully understand the embedded scenarios / inside jokes) unless you yourself play the Sims 2.

2. The “Man’s Fire” song is from the Sims 2 Base Game Metal Station. The music is composed & recorded exclusively for the game (by guitarist John Cobbett) and is available only in Simlish (Sims language). “Man’s Fire” reminds me of Prometheus’ fire and the quest to experience the forbidden unknown, hence the inspiration to include all DEFAULT “monsters” available in the game.

3. The lightsabers are depicted as Realistic Sparring Weapons, so nobody gets hurt in the exhibition duel / sword fight. How to get lightsabers: (Shaklin)

4. The Werewolf skin texture did not show up for my All-In-One Hybrid, although she IS a werewolf. {Step-by-step Transformation 1:57-2:14, Final 2:56}

5. Don’t comment that I “forgot” elves, mermaids, or {insert any other creatures here}. Mermaids & {other creature} are NOT available by DEFAULT in any expansion. You need third-party downloads (custom content) to create those. If you look carefully, you’ll see that my aliens have pointed, elf-like ears.

GHOSTS deserve a separate movie of their own:
Ghost Colors in Veronaville – 18 Ways to Kill Sims

6. Other not-so-playable sims that appear are the (Wise Old Man & Witch Doctor – Bon Voyage – they appear with Bigfoot at 0:54), (Llama & Cow Mascots – University), (Social Bunny & Grim Reaper – Base Game). To learn about the Wise Old Man, Witch Doctor & Bigfoot, go to [this video] & EXPAND the video description.

PART 2: How to make Aliens, Zombies, Vampires, Servos, Werewolves, Plantsims, Bigfoots, Genies, Witches/Warlocks in Sims2.

You MUST have the relevant Expansion Pack for each creature.

**The BOOLPROP Cheat: Ctrl-Shift-C, type “boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true”. Do what is required, and turn off the cheat immediately using “boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled false”. Failure to turn off the boolprop cheat may result in your game encountering serious bugs.
[Base Game] Alien: See this post.

[University / FreeTime / AptLife] Zombie

1. Kill a sim (that you wish to zombify) with any method, and keep the tombstone/urn intact. Before they die, ensure that they have on their relationship panel the person who’s going to turn them into a zombie.

2. (University) Non-Cheating: Graduate from college, join the Paranormal career. The Resurrect-O-Nomitron (Grim Reaper phone) career reward will be unlocked in the middle levels.

Cheating: Type “unlockcareerrewards” into the cheat box. The R-O-N will be available immediately.

3. Use the R-O-N to call the Grim Reaper, and choose the sim you wish to zombify.

0-988 Grim Reaper takes your money and does nothing.
988-4000 Target sim returns as a zombie, gets “zombie personality” & loses 6 levels of skills
4000-8500 Target sim looks normal, but with reversed personality & loses 3 levels of skills
8500++ Perfect resurrection. Exactly the same personality & skills as before

(Note: Children cannot become zombies, so the Grim Reaper will always resurrect them perfectly)

4. If you have the Apartment Life Expansion, and an Atrociously Evil Witch/Warlock with high Magic skill, s/he can cast the “Vivicus Zombiae” spell to turn a dead sim they know into a zombie.

5. If you have FreeTime, you can ask the Genie to resurrect a dead sim. If the wish fails, that sim returns as a zombie.

Contagious? No. Unless you use third-party mods.

Reversible? No. Without third-party mods, there is no way to “cure” a zombie.

Ages: Teen, YA, Adult, Elder. They never age beyond the day they were turned into zombies, except when a Teen zombie goes to college, s/he becomes a YA, and later an Adult when they are done with college.

[Nightlife] Vampire

Non-Cheating: Go to a DOWNTOWN community lot from 7pm onwards. You can recognize the Grand Vampire by their deathly pallor, dracula-style clothes, & their names prefixed by Count/Contessa. Befriend them, and if your relationship is high enough, they will bite you.

Cheating: Use the BOOLPROP Cheat**. Shift-Click your sim, “Spawn/Sim Modder”. Click on it, and choose “Vampire/Make”. (NOTE that “Vampire/Cure” on the Sim Modder does not actually work.)

Contagious? Yes. Once you have a playable vampire, you can direct him/her to bite anyone you choose.

Reversible? Yes. Curable by drinking Vamprocillin-D.
(buy from Gypsy Matchmaker)

Ages: Teen, YA, Adult, Elder. They never age beyond the day they were bitten, except when a Teen Vamp goes to college, s/he becomes a YA, and later an Adult when they are done with college.

[Open For Business] Servo (Robot)

Non-Cheating: Use the “Non-Deadly Robotics Bench” to improve your Robotics badge to Gold. Craft your Servo & put it on the floor. You will then have the option to initialize it as male or female.

Cheating: Use the BOOLPROP cheat**. Shift-click your sim, “Spawn / New Servo”.

Contagious? No. Normal sims cannot turn into servos and vice versa.

Ages: Servos never age, and are treated as Adults.

Since Servos are considered Adults, you *cannot* activate them in Young-Adult-Only College Sub-hoods. You *can* activate them in “normal” neighborhoods, as long as you have less than 8 Sims in the household, or less than 10 total (Sims + Pets); in a similar way to the “move in” household quota restrictions.

[Pets] Werewolf

Look out for the Leader of the Pack, a wolf with glowing yellow eyes that is more likely to visit your home lot when there are toddlers/trees around. Socialize with it till you become friends, and it may “nibble” you. The “nibble” interaction is completely autonomous on the LOTP’s part. You can’t cheat to force the LOTP to nibble you.

Contagious? Yes. Once you have a playable werewolf, you can direct him/her to “savage” anyone you choose.

Reversible? Yes. Curable by drinking Lycanthropic-B.
(buy from Obedience Trainer)

Ages: Teen, YA, Adult, Elder

Werewolf Custom Skin Fix

– If your sim uses a “Custom” skintone (NOT a “default replacement”), they may not get the Werewolf fur after they transform. [Fix with this Mod]

“Controlled Lycanthropy”

[This Mod] allows you to transform on only certain days of the sim week, with the option of NOT having the gradual personality change.

No Default Werewolf Hair

[This Mod] prevents male werewolves from getting the same default short hairstyle (which doesn’t make sense especially if they have longer hair in their non-wolf form… :/ )

[Seasons] Plantsim

Plant a large garden WITHOUT a ladybug post nearby. In a few sim days, the garden will become infested with bugs. Direct your sim to “spray”, and s/he has a chance of turning into a plantsim after 15 or more sprays.

Contagious? No. Unless you use third-party mods.

Reversible? Yes. Curable by drinking Plantophic-C.
(buy from Garden Club member)

Ages: Only Adult, Elder for turning first-hand into Plantsims. Toddler Plantsims can only be spawned, and they grow directly into Adults.

[Bon Voyage] Bigfoot

Dig up a secret map for “Hidden Burrow”. Go for a mountain vacation in “Three Lakes”. Learn the “Chest Pound” gesture and the “Slap Dance” before visiting Bigfoot, as these are the two things that will win his approval.

Your sim should “slap dance” with Bigfoot for as long as possible, or befriend him (befriending the “incumbent” Bigfoot living in Hidden Burrow will achieve the Vacation Momento), until the option “Ask Bigfoot to Move In” becomes available. If he agrees, he will become a playable member of your household when your vacation is over.

It is possible to “collect” many Bigfoots in your main neighborhood by visiting Hidden Burrow many times, but you can only bring home one Bigfoot per mountain vacation. That’s because the game automatically generates a new Bigfoot “incumbent” after the previous one has moved out of Hidden Burrow.

Bigfoot is always male. He cannot engage in romantic actions (no babies), so his aspiration can only be Knowledge, Popularity, Fortune or Grilled Cheese. He gets promoted very quickly at work.

Contagious? No. Normal sims cannot turn into bigfoots and vice versa.

Ages: Bigfoot starts off as an Adult. When playable, he can age into an Elder and die of old age.

[FreeTime] Genie

Non-Cheating: Keep a high LifeTime Aspiration meter and high Hobby Enthusiasm for as many sims in your household as possible. Even with these conditions satisfied, there is only a *small* probability that the Gypsy Matchmaker will deliver the Lamp.

Cheating: Use the BOOLPROP Cheat**. Shift-click your sim, “Spawn.. / Genie Lamp”.

Contagious? No. Normal sims cannot turn into genies and vice versa.

[Apartment Life] Witch / Warlock

Go to any community lot, and look out for the Grand High Witch/Warlock of either alignment. Befriend her/him. When your relationship is high enough, you can ask them to teach you the ways of light/darkness. This will introduce you into the craft with a mild alignment of “Nice” or “Mean”.

Playable Witches/Warlocks CAN wear regular sim clothing as Everyday Wear instead of their magical outfits. Their physical appearance will alter accordingly as their alignment changes.

Atrociously Evil: Dark Green Skin Overlay + Sickly Green Aura
Evil: Dark Green Skin Overlay
Mean: Normal Skin
Neutral: Normal Skin
Nice: Normal Skin
Good: Gold Sparkles Skin Overlay
Infallibly Good: Gold Sparkles Skin Overlay + Blue Aura

Contagious? Yes. Once you have a playable witch/warlock of Magic level 9, you can direct her/him to cast “Magus Mutatio” on a sim to introduce them to the craft.

Reversible? Yes. Curable by drinking Witchbegone-E. (buy from Grand High Witch/Warlock. A playable Witch/Warlock can use a cauldron to brew ALL creature-curing potions of your available expansion packs.)

Ages: Teen, YA, Adult, Elder.

The ultimate cheat is [TREEag’s “Sim Transformer”], available at Turns your existing sim into any creature you want (Alien, Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf, Plantsim, Witch), with the option to cure them. For creatures a normal sim cannot turn into (Servo, Bigfoot, Genie), this object lets you “spawn” the relevant creature.

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