Sims 4 Emotional Paintings

Updated: Feb 15 2021 (Original: Feb 8 2015)

(Top,L-R) Sad, Focused, Flirty; (Bottom,L-R) Angry, Confident, Playful

6 out of the 16 Sims 4 base game emotions can be influenced by Emotional Paintings: Sad, Angry, Confident, Playful, Flirty and Focused.

While creating these paintings, the first five types increase the Painting skill, while the Focused “Mathematical Diagram” builds the Logic skill instead.

Emotional Paintings give off Auras which can be manually enabled or disabled by the player. Depending on the painter’s skill, the Aura strength can be Ambience 2, 4, 6 or 9.

Sims 4 Decor - Focused +1, +2, +3 & Centered By Art
Focused Decor Moodlets
(+1) no border;
(+2) white border;
(+3) white border & glow effect; (when viewed) “Centered By Art”

For example, one Playful painting with Ambience 4, with aura turned on, is sufficient to give the (reasonably small) room a “Playful +1” buff. A Confident painting with Ambience 9, with aura turned on, gives the (reasonably small) room a “Confident +2” buff.

+1 Buff: Min Ambience 4
+2 Buff: Min Ambience 9

The larger the room, the higher total Ambience is required.

For the “+3” buff, I had a small room (3×4 squares) filled with 11 Mathematical Diagrams, all of Ambience 6 (Total Ambience = 66), which was the minimum required to give the room “Focused +3”.

However, in a larger room (approx 10×6 squares), I needed even more Mathematical Diagrams (Ambience = 84) to achieve “Focused +3”.

Sims 4 Creating a Confident Painting
Creating a Confident Painting

A sim may also get an additional emotional buff (Emotion +1) by viewing the emotional painting. For example, viewing a Mathematical Diagram of Ambience 4 and above, regardless of whether the aura is turned on or off, gives the sim a “Centered by Art” (Focused +1) moodlet that lasts for 4 hours.

A sim who completes the “Painter Extraordinaire” Lifetime Wish receives the “Expressionistic” bonus trait, which allows them to create any Emotional Painting anytime, regardless of their actual emotion at that time.

Confident Paintings

Sims 4 Confident Paintings

Playful Paintings

Sims 4 Playful Paintings

Flirty Paintings

Sims 4 Flirty Paintings

Angry Paintings

Sims 4 Angry Paintings

Sad Paintings

Sims 4 Sad Paintings

Focused Paintings / Mathematical Diagrams

Sims 4 Mathematical Diagrams / Focused Paintings

How to “Complete 3 Emotional Paintings” milestone:

Note that these three emotional paintings need NOT be of ALL different emotions. They can be all of the same emotion, or any combinations of emotions.

Sims can only create emotional paintings of their DOMINANT emotion at the time they start the painting. To trigger the desired emotion…

Confident Painting:
At a mirror, choose “Psych Self Up” (Confident +1) OR
Brew and drink “Earl Grey, Hot Tea” in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer (Confident +2).

Playful Painting:
Watch Comedy on TV (Playful +1) or “Watch Funny Videos on” on the computer (Playful +1) or
Have a conversation with many “Funny” interactions. After enough interactions, this would give your sim Playful moodlets.

Flirty Painting:
Take a “Steamy Shower” (Flirty +1) OR
Brew and drink “Steamy Ginseng” in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer (Flirty +2) OR
Have a conversation with many “Romantic” interactions. After enough interactions, this would give your sim Flirty moodlets.

Focused Painting / Mathematical Diagram:
On the chessboard, ponder moves (Focused +1) and/or play Chess (Focused +1) OR
Brew and drink “Pitch Black Tea” in the Tea Magic Personal Brewer (Focused +2).

Sad Painting:
On low Video Gaming skill, let your sim take part in a video game competition, so they may lose and get a Sad moodlet.

Angry Painting:
Have a conversation with many “Mean” interactions. After enough interactions, this would give your sim Angry moodlets.
OR get “Riled Up” (Angry +2) by another sim with the hot-headed trait.

At the time of this post, there is no option to create an “Energized Painting”, but there are career reward objects that give off the Energized Aura:

– Off the Charts Music Award, §720, Energized +5, Entertainer/Music/L6

– You’ve Got Talent Award, §745, Energized +5, Entertainer/Comedy/L6

– All Star Trophy, §770, Energized +4, Athlete/Pro/L8

– MVP Trophy, §2000, Energized +7, Athlete/Pro/L10

Bodybuilder / Pro Athlete Career Rewards - Energized Aura Entertainer Career Rewards - Energized Aura Tech Guru Career Rewards - Focused Aura

In addition, here is a non-exhaustive list of other career rewards that give off other emotional auras:

– Computer Hard Drive, §115, Focused +2, Tech Guru/L3

– Innovator’s Award for Excellence in Science, §525, Focused +4, Tech Guru/L6

– Premium Prima Ballerina, §2190, Inspired +9, Painter/Master of the Real/L9

– Bars of Gold, §890, Playful +6, Criminal/Boss/L7

– The Monolith, $1580, Confident +8, Astronaut/Smuggler/L8

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