• If you’re open to Sims machinima / stories that are different from the norm, you’re in the right place. 🙂
  • STM Season 2: Late March / April 2013 (estimate based on my current work schedule). See [AldoHyde.com] for more consistent production updates.

    “StrangeTown Monty” is a Sims2 Simlish Machinima Series that features the default Strangetown (SciFi nhood), with touches from the default Veronaville (Shakespeare nhood). The story contains mainly science fiction & psychological themes. Unconventional storytelling styles may sometimes be used.

    Series Synopsis: Disaster strikes Veronaville, leaving only a pair of adult siblings & several children. The family feud seems to have ended, but new & more sinister problems might be lurking in the shadows of Strangetown & (what remains of) Veronaville.   [More Info About the Series. TECHNICAL: How to Move Sims From One Nhood to Another]

    Season 1 Episodes