StrangeTown Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC) #2: Pizza & Family Gatherings

Pizza was also prominently featured in STM 1.02 Arrival.

101 Road to Nowhere, Smith Residence

Johnny, what’s going on there?” Jenny Smith frowned at her smug-looking son, as another teenage boy ran away in the opposite direction.

“Mom… Tank Grunt was picking on me again, but I gave him a piece of my mind!”

Johnny Smith grinning

“Johnny, you shouldn’t go fighting like that. Imagine what that could do to your scholarship for La Fiesta Tech! Maybe they’d think you’re too much of a liability for their campus!”

“Don’t worry, Mom, it won’t happen again.”

“You jolly well remember that, young man. Anyway, I invited my brothers to join us this evening for pizza and a movie. So you better take a shower quickly.”

Jenny Smith scolds Johnny Smith for fighting

Grateful for the quick exit, Johnny Smith ensured he cleaned himself up enough in the bathroom, so his uncles would not guess that he had just been in a fight. Moments after Johnny was done, Jenny opened the door for her scientist brothers, Pascal, Vidcund and Lazlo Curious, as well as Pascal’s newborn alien-sim hybrid son, Newton Curious.

Jenny Smith welcomes her brothers Pascal, Vidcund & Lazlo Curious, and alien baby Newton Curious

Pascal's alien baby Newton Curious has different eyes in the STSYC alternate universe

“Hey sis, how are you doing? PT9, Johnny, Jill! Good to see you all again.” The oldest brother, Pascal, spoke first. Vidcund smiled in agreement. But Lazlo, the youngest and most playful brother, had other fun ideas. He turned to his young niece.

“Hey Jill, I know a fun game to play in the swimming pool, wanna join?”

“Later, Lazlo,” chirped Jill’s father, Pollination Technician #9 Smith. “The pizza should be here soon, so you guys better not get wet now!”

Pollination Technician #9 Smith (PT9) addresses Lazlo Curious and Jill Smith

The doorbell rang earlier than expected.

“Wow, that’s definitely a fast courier service. Who’s delivering? Speedy Gonzales?” Johnny reached into his pocket for spare change.

“Haha, I’ll get it.” Jenny rushed to the door, as Johnny slipped a few notes into her hand.

Danielle Greaves delivers pizza to Jenny Smith's house

“That’ll be 40 simoleons.”

“You guys are quick! Can I have your name? I want to write a positive review on your website when we’re done.”

“My name is Danielle Greaves. Can I have the cash?”

“Of cou… Wait, I have it in my purse.” Jenny balled up her fist, hoping the pizza girl did not notice the cash in her hand. “Hold on, I’ll get it quickly.”

As Jenny backed into the house without the pizza, Johnny looked askance.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Johnny tried to keep his volume down. “I just gave you the money.”

“I know. But guys, this ain’t right. The pizza girl’s name is very strange.”

It was PT9’s turn to look puzzled. “I haven’t seen you so worked up about a name since you heard mine. What’s so special?”

Johnny and Pollination Technician #9 Smith wonder about Jenny during the Curious-Smith family gathering

“I remember that girl. She was also delivering pizza when I was a kid…”

Jenny now had the attention of everyone in the room. Pascal cut into what he thought was Jenny’s illogical line of reasoning.

“What do you mean? The pizza company only employs young adults. That’s just a few years older than Johnny. So it wouldn’t be possible to have a pizza delivery girl who’s 70 years old!”

Pascal Curious offers his reasoning, while Lazlo carries Newton

“I haven’t finished! When I was a little child, I remember hearing a newsflash on TV. A pizza girl named Danielle Greaves, with the same appearance as her, went missing and was never heard of again, presumably dead. Now she’s here at our doorstep delivering our pizza, and she hasn’t aged one bit! Call me crazy, but I know what I saw, and I don’t trust this one bit.”

Jenny Smith explains, while Jill remains silent

“Hmm… Jenny.” Vidcund had been thinking quickly, and had an impromptu idea. “Pascal and I will tail her back, to see if we can possibly find out anything shady.”

Vidcund Curious volunteers himself and Pascal for a stealth mission

“Vidcund?” Pascal wondered aloud. Why was Vidcund volunteering him for what might be a mere wild goose chase?

“OK, I’ll just give her the cash now, before she suspects anything,” concluded Jenny, as she rushed to the door.

As Jenny opened the pizza box, the whiff of cheesy fragrance almost made the brothers change their mind.

Jenny Smith brings in the pizza

However, Vidcund quickly regained focus. “I’m sorry that we have to pass up the pizza, but Pascal and I have to find out what’s going on. She’s probably just someone with the same name.”

“Don’t worry, Vidcund,” PT9 spoke slowly. “I’m not feeling well enough for pizza. So both of you, please come back later and finish up my slices.”

“Newton’s safe with me,” added Lazlo.

Pollination Technician #9 Smith (PT9) decides not to eat pizza during the family gathering

Vidcund & Pascal Curious in their car

“Just like in the movies, Pascal. A safe distance of two car lengths, and park up when she stops at a traffic light.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Vidcund. She’s turning into that road, and there’s only one house there.

13 Dead End Lane! That old woman, Olive Specter, lives there. Do you think she’s got anything to do with this?”

“Not at all. I think Specter just ordered a large pepperoni pizza with soda. Why else would a pizza girl go there?”

Pascal Curious is sure that Vidcund is being paranoid

“Does that old lady even use her phone for anything besides long hours of gossip?” Vidcund smirked. “I don’t think she ordered a pizza. I think something else is going on with her. We’ll have to be careful.”

“Maybe Ophelia ordered a pizza. Sigh… you and Jenny really are Dad’s children after all… ” Pascal frowned. “Paranoid freaks,” he added quietly to himself.

The brothers parked their car, and crept by the front gate of Specter Yard.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious park their car at the RM Car Lot, before going to 13 Dead End Lane

Inside the house, Olive Specter smiled upon receiving the 40 simoleons from Danielle Greaves. However, it was not the cash per se that made her happy, but the fact that she had succeeded at a more complex version of her previous experiment.

Olive Specter is pleased with Danielle Greaves' pizza delivery mission

Nobody else in Strangetown knew that Olive Specter had intercepted the neighbors’ next phone call to the pizza company, magically conjured up the requested order, and sent Danielle Greaves to deliver it. Now Olive Specter could technically make her millions running a magically-conjured food delivery service.

There was no way the Curious brothers could have known any of this, just by standing outside of Specter’s house.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious wait outside Specter Yard

“Pascal, the pizza girl has been in there for more than ten minutes. Something is wrong.”

“You’re right, Vidcund. Let’s stay for ten more minutes, to see if she comes out.”

Pascal & Vidcund Curious wonder what happened to the pizza delivery girl

The door creaked open. The Curious brothers’ hearts leapt into their mouths, as they beheld a glimpse of Olive Specter at the door, instead of the pizza girl.

Out comes... Olive Specter... instead

“Never mind, Vidcund. let’s get out of here NOW.”

“Where’s the pizza girl?”

“I don’t know. But if we don’t leave now, we might meet the same fate as her!”

Both brothers tried to make themselves look like innocent passers-by, in their brisk walk back to their car.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious... and Prometheus Hyde... try to look like innocent passers-by at Specter Yard

Loki Beaker welcomes sister Erin Beaker and Ajay Loner

Later that evening, Loki Beaker was greeting his visitors at the front door, no, front arches, of his residence, Beaker Castle.

“Hey Erin! Good to see you again, sister. What’s your boyfriend’s name again?”

Ajay Loner,” Ajay quickly answered for himself.

“Of course. Come in, Erin and Ajay. There’s a reason we invited you here. We have something to discuss.”

Erin Beaker leaned in to Ajay’s ear. “Don’t expect a Myshuno party when Loki invites you,” she whispered.

Loki & Circe Beaker host Erin Beaker and Ajay Loner

“So, what’s the reason for your generous invitation?” Erin turned to Loki and Circe.

Erin’s sister-in-law, Circe Beaker, spoke grimly. “Yesterday, a mysterious old lady named Lerato Muenda came to visit our house. I had a terrible first impression of her.”

“Why? What happened?” Erin’s voice was full of concern.

Loki seized his chance to speak. “She took a lot of interest in our ‘Nervous Subject’. Remember him, Erin?” Erin nodded.

Loki & Erin, Beaker siblings have an important conversation

“She tried to force us to give Nervous to her, because she claimed that he was her son. She didn’t even ask politely. She was very bold and rude. Then she threatened us, but we scared her away by threatening to call the cops.”

“Oh, that’s horrible, Loki! I really hope you guys are OK.”

“Umm… may I add something?” Ajay saw no objections from the Beakers. “I know the old lady you guys are talking about. She’s using a pseudonym.”

Ajay Loner has information

“Why would you think so?” asked Circe.

“Before I came to Strangetown, I lived in Moonlight Falls, a place very close to Midnight Hollow, the town where Nervous Subject is originally from. My late father told me that a woman named ‘Olive Specter’ used to live in Midnight Hollow with her toddler son, who got taken away by social services. She moved to Strangetown after that. This Olive Specter is probably the same woman that visited your lot, and she wants her long-lost son back. Believe me, you don’t want to be on this lady’s bad side…

“Wow, interesting.” Loki broke into an evil smile. “Well, that old lady won’t get Nervous back, because he’s OUR test subject, and we can’t test our inventions without a test subject!”

Loki Beaker insists on keeping Nervous Subject

“You’re right, Loki,” chimed Erin. “You must not let this woman get in your way of achieving great success as an inventor.”

Meanwhile, Ajay Loner was privately processing this “meet-the-in-laws” session. “Oh dear,” he thought. “They’re all insane. It could’ve easily been me who ended up as their test subject. A Loner in Strangetown with no connections here whatsoever. Luckily, I’m now in a relationship with Erin. I’m sure Loki isn’t that crazy to hurt his sister’s feelings.”

“Thanks for notifying us, Ajay,” Circe nodded. “If Olive Specter comes here again, she’ll know better than to be so bold again.”

Circe Beaker thanks Ajay Loner for the information

“What about Nervous? Can’t you guys give him a break once in a while?” Ajay felt a subconscious obligation to speak up for this underdog.

Loki frowned.”Excuse me? Do you think I became an inventor by having a break? Of course not!”

Loki Beaker will NOT give Nervous Subject a break

“I’m sure Ajay didn’t mean it like that, Loki. We’re both supporting you and hope this gets resolved soon.”

Erin Beaker speaks for herself and Ajay Loner

Erin’s supportive sister stance was starting to unnerve Ajay. His thoughts were racing.

“I only support Erin. Loki and Circe are crazy. If anything happens to Nervous Subject, they’d probably kidnap the garbage collector as their replacement test subject. And… oh no. If Erin supports Loki, and if, touch wood, my relationship with her goes south, I’d better be ready to flee Strangetown immediately…”

Ajay Loner wonders what he'd gotten himself into...

– Which sim would Olive Specter resurrect next, and why?
– What would PT9 Smith crave for more than pizza?
– Will Ajay Loner be able to act on his second thoughts on Erin Beaker’s loyalty?
Find out in the [next chapter]

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    1. Olive definitely loved Ichabod Specter the most among all her ex-husbands. Yet she chose to resurrect Earl E. DeMise and Danielle Greaves first… to run errands for her. Let’s ask ourselves what Olive’s priorities seem to be 😛

  1. With all these Sims coming back to life the whole thing feels like an inverted murder mystery 😛 Personally I think Olive will continue to resurrect low-level dead people until she’s sure whatever her plan is will work.

    1. “Inverted murder mystery”… interesting observation 😉 Or a parody of a murder mystery 😛 It does appear that “low level” sims are necessary for her plan to work.

  2. I’m wondering what Mr Hyde’s role in all of this will be. Will he send people into the specter yard similarly to STM or will he do something else. It seems slightly odd that he’s walking outside the Specter property as very few sims are friends with sims in that household and therefore would have little reason to pass by as it is at the aptly named 13 Dead End Lane…

    1. I’m glad you’re pondering about these possibilities 🙂 It’s true that the Specter household has few friends for gameplay regular walkbys… but in STM-related universes, “Fringe Observers” (or in STM’s case, the Racing Men) tend to patrol around, especially when something significant is happening, or is about to happen. Their main role is to “observe”, and rarely directly intervene. At some points, STSYC may even seem like an “anagram” of STM, as these sims universes are all related, and there’s always a possibility that they may also intersect.

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