StrangeTown Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC) #10B: New Beginnings

Skull Phone’s Message:

This phone will perform ONLY ONE full resurrection, before it disappears forever. One dead sim fully restored as they were in life, with no deficiencies. Which sim would you like to resurrect? Choose wisely.

Pascal and Vidcund Curious looked at each other. After a terrible eternity of anguish, grim understanding passed between the surviving brothers. Life would be more fun if their goofy brother returned. They would go back to nagging him about messes and occasional off-color jokes. They would also continue to enjoy Lazlo’s awesome cooking.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious look at each other sadly

On the other hand, the grieving General Buzz Grunt had lost his teen son, the one whom he considered the most promising. Tank had died before having any chance to achieve anything much. Pascal and Vidcund shuddered at how it could have so easily been their teen nephew Johnny who had died instead, and understood General Grunt’s heartbreak.

This was probably the hardest decision made by the two brothers. Pascal broke the silence. “General, go get Tank back.” Vidcund nodded. Before Grunt could respond…

General Buzz & Ripp Grunt are shocked at the Curious brothers' stance

“Grunt, if your stupid son didn’t get involved, he wouldn’t have died!” Circe Beaker wailed. “Vidcund, YOU killed my husband, so your vote doesn’t count! I’m nothing without Loki… I need him back!”

“For what? To cause even more pain and suffering?” came Vidcund’s sharp retort.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious answer the accusations

“Better than innocent boy with his whole life ahead of him, than an evil psycho with a track record of domestic abuse!” Pascal agreed vehemently.

“My boy would make a better man than your husband ever was!” roared the General.

“Come on, Grunt, go ahead. You have our vote.” Vidcund encouraged.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Circe rushed forward towards the skull phone, but Ophelia Nigmos blocked her path.

Ophelia Nigmos blocks Circe Beaker's path, while  Erin restrains Loki's desperate widow

With effort, Erin Beaker managed to restrain Circe and get her safely back on the wheelchair, but she was fidgeting uncontrollably.

The General picked up the receiver, and answered the skull phone’s question with the name of his favorite son.

General Buzz & Ripp Grunt use the Resurrect-O-Nomitron

Almost immediately, a whiff of green smoke appeared. There stood Tank Grunt, dazed and confused, but otherwise healthy and unharmed.

“Tank!!” General Grunt cried, touching his son’s arms and face in an attempt to convince himself that Tank had returned in flesh and blood. “Are you OK, my son?”

“Yes Sir. Are we still in the battle? Did we win?” Tank sounded disoriented.

Tank Grunt's thoughts are still focused on the battle

“Dude, we won, but you died, and now you’re back,” Ripp Grunt tried to summarize the situation, but Tank looked even more confused.

General Grunt quickly briefed Tank about the battle outcome, broke the news about Lyla’s second disappearance, and explained the one-choice scenario of the skull phone.

General Buzz Grunt gives a quick briefing to Tank, which Ripp already knows

“So you should thank the Curiouses for graciously giving up their chance to get back their brother, so you can get a second chance,” instructed the General. “The Curiouses have done us Grunts a great favor today, so we Grunts should do our part, and stop all fighting with them. No more picking on Johnny Smith, you hear me?”

“And me too,” added Ripp, with a wink.

“Yes, no more fighting with your brothers either,” the General agreed.

“Mom’s gone again?” Tank muttered.

“Yeah. I dunno how we’re gonna tell Buck,” groaned Ripp.

Tank looked in amazement at the Curious brothers. “Your brother died, but you gave up your chance to get him back, by allowing my father to get me instead?”

Tank Grunt stares in disbelief

“Yes, it is indeed as your father said. Please make Lazlo’s sacrifice count, by living your life well, Tank Grunt,” Vidcund said solemnly.

“Be a good man — kind and honorable,” added Pascal.

Pascal & Vidcund Curious reaffirm their stance

“Thank you, Mr Curious and Mr Curious. We Grunts won’t forget this.” Tank turned to the General and Ripp. “I have a lot to think about. I need to lie down.”

Tank Grunt needs time to reflect. General Buzz is overjoyed, while Ripp would rather stare at Ophelia Nigmos

Circe Beaker eventually recovered from her injuries, but she was never the same after Loki’s death. Beaker Castle felt unusually cold without Loki, and she had little confidence on her own to kidnap another test subject to be the target of her bitterness.

Erin Beaker will NOT help Circe Beaker kidnap the garbage man, let alone Racing Man Lumiere

Loki’s sister, Erin Beaker, was willing to live with Circe for now, at least until she could finally get married. But Erin was firm in drawing the line against becoming Circe’s “accomplice” in the way Loki used to be.

Circe & Erin Beaker eat near Loki's grave

During the third battle, Circe could not see exactly who kicked her away from General Grunt, but her subconscious mind kept telling her that it was Ajay Loner. Circe had never been comfortable with Ajay anyway, and was glad that Erin had broken up with that son of a boolprop. Erin never found out the truth about how Ajay betrayed Circe that fateful day.

Meanwhile, General Grunt was so pleased with Kristen Loste and Ajay Loner’s Team Grunt performance, that they both became regular visitors at the Grunt house. As Kristen and Ajay got to know each other better, they both acknowledged the possibility that they may become more than friends in future.

Ajay Loner & Kristen Loste on the swings at Grunt Boot Camp - allies of the Grunt family

Ajay guessed that General Grunt would likely not speak too often about incidents involving the military man’s own weaknesses, but only as a context to instruct his sons to be kind to Ajay Loner.

General Buzz Grunt tells a tale of heroism to sons Tank, Ripp and Buck

Vidcund Curious’ faithful stargazing resulted in his very own alien baby, a daughter named Vivian. Despite being technically first cousins, Newton and Vivian Curious were raised as siblings.

Two alien babies: Pascal Curious carries Newton, Vidcund Curious carries Vivian. Racing Man Trent Ivanov is here on business.

Though Pascal and Vidcund were very pleased with their alien offspring, they could not help but wistfully wonder how it might be like if Lazlo had lived, so there may be three Curious Cousins instead, one for each of the three original Curious Brothers.

Nervous Subject arrives in Gondola Park, Veronaville, in the car of Racing Man Duncan Xu... and where Sepp Rossi is fishing

Meanwhile, Nervous Subject arrived in a new neighborhood. After Ophelia told him the identity of his father, Nervous decided to introduce himself as “Nick Grimm” to the new people he would meet.

Nervous Subject and Racing Man Sepp Rossi at Gondola Park, Veronaville

Nick took in the beautiful scenery of the park. The large pond and the dividing river beyond was a refreshing change from the desert of Strangetown.

“Hopefully, there’ll be a lot less feuding in this quiet neighborhood…” he whispered to himself.

Nervous Subject approaches his first two Veronaville natives, Bianca Monty and Kent Capp

STSYC #10A is the other equally plausible alternate ending.

For maximum appreciation of the double endings, comparison of screenshots between 10A and 10B is highly recommended.

Now you may VOTE on which ending you prefer, and try the [STSYC Quiz]. This one is significantly easier than any quiz I’ve published so far.

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For the POLL on Tank Grunt, vote according to what happened in your game, or what you like to happen in your own story.

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  1. Man, the Curious bros are so nice – I wish both families could have got their people back though. I hope this experience helps the Grunts be nice people from here on out 😉

    1. Tank seems peaceful in every pic in this chapter, and the fact that the General told his sons to honor Ajay Loner… those are good signs that the Grunts are likely to keep their promises to be nice 😉 Pity that this had to come at the cost of innocent Lazlo Curious 😦 Who knows if all is not yet lost… in the chance that this tale may continue? 😮

      Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed STSYC! 🙂

      1. You should try a sims 2 megahood blog and try to get a sim that can track its family tree to everyoane from:Plesantview,Strangetown,Veronaville,Belladonna Cove,Desireda Valley and Riverblossom hils.What do you think? This blog has been amazing

  2. This ending seems a lot happier as it seems like the Grunts and the Curious’s both get along better. Although I’d be happier if Circe was still confined to a wheelchair. (I’m terrible :D)

    1. Fun fact: This Tank ending was written earlier, but only released later because there were so many more votes for Lazlo 😮 For some fans, their preferred ending may be as simple as their preference for the Curious or Grunt families. For others, the dramatic fights or overall happiness of the characters may play a greater role.

      Circe recovered because she didn’t fall down in Specter Yard… as if her fall and subsequent paralysis in 10A was a punishment for trying to take on General Grunt again, while being more severely injured than him – ironically not “obeying” her own taunt in #8 – “wounded soldier not resting, but still fighting?”

      (Xviex200, would you be interested in joining a private Sims Discord group? If you are, just let me know, and I’ll send you the invite to your hidden email address for this post. If not, no worries, no obligations 😛 )

      1. Pretty interesting how you used the votes to determine the release order. I also like how often you tie events back to previous ones. I did notice the reason for Circe not recovering but not the irony behind it.

        (If we’re speaking in brackets about the discord sure I’d like to join :D) Just had to.

      2. It’s always a fun challenge for me to tie back to earlier events within the same tale, and also similar events within the other STM-related universes. I appreciate it very much when simmers notice these details 🙂


  3. I think it’s funny how the majority voted for Lazlo to be the resurrected one, but now after both of the endings have been released they prefer the Tank ending. Is it because this chapter is less bittersweet than the other one?

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