[GODP] Goals of Daniel Pleasant: Tale of a Sims Football Patriarch

Many simmers tend to focus on Daniel Pleasant’s immediate family (Mary-Sue, Angela and Lilith). There are fewer stories that discuss Mr Pleasant’s athletic career in greater detail, and about Daniel’s relationships with other sims (in his family and elsewhere in Pleasantview) who share his interest in sports.

In GODP, Daniel Pleasant was a footballer (soccer player) before he became a coach. How successful is he as a patriarch, on and off the pitch? Will Daniel score the “goals” he wants in his career and family life? Or will he endure the shame of being shown the Red Card?

Pleasant Family Early 1980s: Jeff, Diane, Daniel, JenniferThe tale begins with Daniel and his younger sister Jennifer, during their early exposure to the sport in (Sims 1) Willville. How will the Pleasant siblings’ attitudes to family and football evolve, as their lives change through the decades?

GODP takes place in the same Sims universe as PVCS vs STM 2015/2035.

By AldoHyde & Sims2Player (Mar 2017 – Ongoing)


1. The Wannabe
2. Juvenile Match
3. His Biggest Fan
4. An Oldie But a Goodie
5. Pleasant-Burb Family Dinner 2015
6. Team Dynamics
7. The Trap — most “familiar” Pleasant family scenario
8. The Purge
9. A New Leaf
10. Babysitting

[Extra 1] Primary League B? Relegation?
What do these terms mean? How do they work?

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** The Main STM Machinima Series is NOT cancelled.**
I just need more time to do justice to the scripts.
Doing a side project like GODP is a good way to refresh my creative juices.

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