StrangeTown Monty 2.11: Kenternate II

The night it happened: from a different perspective.

Monty siblings Bianca and Antonio continue to ask Kent Capp and Dr Prometheus Hyde questions about the parallel universes. What shocking similarities and differences finally explain the phenomena in the main universe?

What will the Windmark (Beaker) gardeners attempt next, in the aftermath of their extreme actions last episode?

How is Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject)’s condition after the last confrontation?

Buckle your seat belts. This third quarter of the last lap is gonna be a long ride.

“Last Lap”: This is a full episode in the main STM universe, available only in screenshot story form (no video), because the author only has time for screenshots these days.

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StrangeTown Monty 2.08(B): XB-602-1023 (Part 2)

Alarm bells sound at Hyde Dynamic Strangetown: how much does this have to do with Kent Capp‘s deepening crisis, and the Secret Project logbook that Vidcund Curious was so keen on obtaining?

How far can Bianca Monty‘s patience be tested? What about Jane Doe (Bella Goth), when she next opens her eyes?

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Bella Goth / Jane Doe in the UFO Vidcund Curious & Kent Capp - the difficult conversation Kent Capp & Vidcund Curious on the stairs

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