StrangeTown Monty – Technical

“StrangeTown Monty” (STM) is a Sims2 Simlish Machinima Series that features the default Strangetown (Science Fiction neighborhood), with touches from the default Veronaville (Shakespeare neighborhood). It is a scientific conspiracy & psychological drama, written for a 13+ audience.

StrangeTown Monty - Sims 2 Machinima Series (Simlish voices - English subtitles)This show does not feature conventionally attractive (or “pretty”) sims. Instead, it thrives on a strong script and thought-provoking dialogue.

Expect unconventional portrayals of situations and characters, as well as experimental storytelling methods. [Introduction to STM: For Non-Sims Players]

[For Sims players] Series Synopsis: Disaster strikes Veronaville, leaving only a pair of adult siblings & several children. The Monty-Capp family feud seems to have ended, but new & more sinister problems might be lurking in the shadows of Strangetown & (what remains of) Veronaville. [Season 2 Story Arcs]

This STM Site is also the home of other tales of premade sims, some set in the Sims Football Universe:
PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 Matches
Goals of Daniel Pleasant.

[StrangeTown: Specter Yard Conspiracy] is set in yet another alternate universe.

Like STM, these tales are NOT confined to typical gameplay limitations.

NOTE: This STM Blog only contains **100%-completed** Machinima Episodes, Story Chapters and Extras.

If you want the **PROGRESS UPDATES (in %)** of my soon-to-be-released machinima or story chapters, please check the front page of []. Thank you.

[More About the Series]