Analysis (1.01-1.06): Bianca Monty’s Character

(Written by breaksystembse)

Bianca Monty is a rural, uptown woman who is friendly, open-minded, and optimistic. She has developed a interest for exploration due to “feeling trapped” by her family’s traditional, but restrictive socialization with other families, mostly the rival family Capps, who are equally unkind in socialization due to an aging feud.

Because of this, she takes her family’s tragedy as a cue to go outside of her home neighborhood to explore the unique and intriguing haven of Strangetown. Her destination choice gives the impression she has “longed for something different” as Pleasantview, BellaDonna Cove, and others offered the same metropolitan life she grew into and is use to, but her choice is completely outside her natural element.

She seems to get the “different” she wants as upon arriving, she is welcomed by the locals, and instantly learns about “Extraterrestrials” inhabiting the area. More so, she learns of both the wonders and dangers of the neighborhood. Her judgement of the area comes from comparison with her “original life” in Veronaville, feeling that while many elements resemble each other, many still contrast each other as more “open-world” than before.

Unfortunately, her presence in the community seems to have stirred the more “vague, shadowy” personalities, and her “openhearted” demeanor may gain her allies as well as lead her down a darkened path into Madness.

In other words, she’s an extra from a “faerie tale” whose gained her own standing in a “Sci-fi” story. Her open-mindedness and observant personality makes her perfectly fit into a world whose metaphysical nature entices curiosity, especially since she may have wanted something “different” in the first place?