#3: Silo Incident & Secret Communications

In This Chapter: [Silo Incident] [Secret Communications]

The Silo Incident

Around 2029-2030, Mercutio Monty proposed marriage to Miranda Capp, and she accepted.

Miranda was so excited that she forgot to take off the ring before going home that night. Goneril saw the ring, guessed it’s from Mercutio, and yelled at her. Albany demanded that she give him the ring, so he can throw it in Mercutio’s face. Miranda ignored her parents and kept the ring on.

Goneril & Albany Capp are Angry

Miranda’s sister, (Desde)mona overheard this commotion, and saw it as an excellent opportunity to play the hero and become her mother’s favorite child, so…

Miranda Capp wants her way, Mona Capp spots an opportunity

Mercutio Monty Relaxing

It was a quiet and relaxing Saturday evening. Mercutio is lounging outside, between his farmhouse and silo, enjoying his recent Happy moodlets.

The plants had already been watered, and the whole house is clean. He’s so happy that Miranda accepted his proposal during their date earlier today. Life is sooo wonderful!!

Until Mona Capp confronted him.

Mona Capp spots Mercutio Monty

Mona: Monty scum! You better give up on my sister!

Merc: What’s this got to do with you?

Mona: You’d better, or else…

Merc: Or else what?

Mona Capp confronts Mercutio Monty

He runs up the silo. She follows.

Mona Capp runs after Mercutio Monty

At the 2nd level…

Mona: I’ll kill you, Mercutio Monty.

Merc: (tauntingly) I see. You want me for yourself…

Mona: How dare you!!

Mercutio Monty taunts Mona Capp

They run up to the roof.

Merc: It’s dangerous up here.

Mona: I said I’m going to kill you.

Mona Capp threatens Mercutio Monty

She lunges at Merc, who dodges. Mona loses her footing, and plummets three levels.

Mona Capp falls


Mercutio runs downstairs. Mona is struggling with her last gasps of breath.

Mercutio Monty survives

Merc: I told you it’s not safe up there.

Mona: Forgive me, and curse the stupid Feud… (dies)

Merc: (thinking) Oh boolprop. Now there’s Capp blood on my property.

He sends a quick text message to Miranda:
“Emergency. Call me back immediately.”

Two minutes later, the phone call comes.

Miranda: Merc, what happened?

Merc: Miranda dear, your sister Mona came to my house to force us to break off our engagement. She chased me up the silo, but fell off trying to attack me. She’s dead now. I’m calling the police, because I’m innocent.

Miranda quickly reflects on the circumstances of the two previous “Capp turncoats”. Unlike her, Juliette & Uncle Kent did not have a tight “deadline” to get together with their Monty spouse.

Miranda realizes that once her parents find out about Mona’s death, it would be even harder for her to break free to be with Mercutio, unless…

Miranda: I believe you. Can I move in by dawn tomorrow? I’ll pack my things tonight. I love you.

Merc: No problem. I love you too.

Mercutio Monty & Miranda Capp - Emergency Call

So Goneril & Albany lost two of their four children in less than 24 hours.

Albany’s Aspiration meter crashed. He cried in the bathroom. “Watcher? How could that happen? Did I do something wrong?” Albany’s head was spinning. He became angry.

That son of a boolprop killed Mona. He just threw her off his silo, and then Miranda just moves in with him? And happily drinks nectar from his bar with him?

“I’m a Capp now, I can try killing him too… Goneril would love to. But I can’t… Still, it’s a Capp priority AND responsibility to hate the Montys… but if I get a chance to avenge Mona, it’s my duty as a father… oh, I don’t ever want to lose Hal and Ariel…”

Albany Capp Aspiration Failure

Goneril and Albany failed to convince the police that it was murder.

After Mona’s funeral, Goneril’s heart hardened. If she can’t ensnare Mercutio, she will get her hands on another Monty. After all, someone has to pay for Mona’s death…

So this couple began to taunt Claudia Monty (young daughter of the late Juliette Monty) mercilessly. They have already begun to “work on” Horatio, aka Kent Monty’s son, a few years before.

Goneril & Albany Capp vs Horatio & Claudia Monty

They also tried harder to brainwash Octavius, because they think his parents, Regan and Cornwall, “don’t seem to be doing enough”, by glorifying Tybalt as a role model.

Goneril prefers Hal to be a short-haired businessman instead of a ponytailed scientist. But on the bright side, at least he’s definitely playing for Team PVCS. Good thing Ariel is a businesswoman, but if only she’s more active in the Feud… Sigh… these days, kids have a mind of their own…

Goneril Capp's remaining children: Hal & Ariel

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Regan Capp on a Secret Excursion

Secret Communications

A week after the 2015 match, Regan Capp quietly made her way to a specific spot in the forest clearing on the Capp side of the Veronaville River. She felt somewhat uncomfortable in her white turtleneck dress.

Regan also took care to do her hair differently, but was having some difficulties seeing without her spectacles. Surely, this must be the right spot… at last?

Regan Capp sees a Soldier

There stood a soldier in uniform. But when Regan squinted, she knew that was no military man.

Kent: Regan, put on your spectacles. You can’t afford to squint like this.

Regan: (puts on her spectacles) Oh my Watcher, Kent… what did you do to yourself?

Regan Capp is Shocked

Her brother Kent‘s blond hair had never been so nearly combed since he renounced the Capp “family tartan” at the age of 8(1). She remembered how he shaved himself bald at 17(2), but grew back his messy hair in his 20s. The short beard that Kent had proudly sported during the match had been reduced to a minimal stubble.

Kent: Same thing as what YOU did to yourself, Regan. Of course I recognize Cordelia’s(3) dress.

Regan: Yeah, but I don’t recall Antonio or Claudio(4) ever joining the army…

Kent: I borrowed one of General Grunt’s old uniforms. (Regan smiles) But the Curious Brothers are more valuable contacts for me in the long run. (he grins) Don’t worry, my beard will be back in time for the wedding.

Regan: That’s wonderful. I’m glad it all worked out for you.

Regan Capp is Happy for Kent Monty

Kent: Yeah, thanks. (Takes out a small scrap of paper) I created this new Qmail account yesterday. Here is the login name and password. Just read it, and DO NOT speak it out.

Regan: (reads the info) I see. I’ve memorized it already. I think it’s complex enough not to be easily guessed. So how do we prevent a login conflict?

Kent: You login at the beginning of each month, so you can see the birthday messages I left for you. I will login at the middle of each month, so I can see the birthday messages you left for me.

Regan Capp & Kent Monty's Secret Plan

Regan: Brilliant. But what if there are life-threatening, time-sensitive messages outside of this schedule?

Kent: For urgent life-and-death messages, we better ask Oberon or Titania to relay the message in person.

Regan: Sounds good. I will be careful to login only on my phone, in private mode. I won’t store this account on my phone’s Qmail App, of course. I won’t tell Cornwall about this, but have you already told Bianca?

Kent: I will, within the first few days of our marriage. I think she’ll understand.

Regan: Yeah, I wish Cornwall will understand too. But I better not take the risk… (She impulsively embraces Kent, and her tears begin to flow) I’ll miss you, brother….

Regan Capp & Kent Monty - Sibling Embrace

Kent: (tears welling in his eyes too) I’ll miss you too, sister. You’d better compose yourself quickly, and get back to your house on time, in “Regan mode”. We’ll catch up in our virtual sandbox.

Regan: Yeah… just to confirm, the username is (Regan points somewhere), and the password is (Regan makes a gesture).

Kent nods, and they both grin.

Kent: We better go now, before the Summerdreams think they saw “Cordelia hugging a soldier in the forest”. Take care!


So the siblings logged in faithfully each month. They shared news about their careers and exchanged updates about their new families, but carefully sidestepped the issue of the Feud.

Kent's Secret is safe with Bianca Monty

Kent accessed this account freely on his bedroom computer. The secret is safe with Bianca. The children, Horatio and Claudia, are forbidden to use the bedroom computer anyway, and MUST share the living room computer.

Horatio Monty's Turn to Use the Living Room Computer. Claudia Must Wait...

Cornwall (and later, Octavius) never suspected Regan‘s secret, as she was extremely careful and discreet. But sometimes, Regan feels like she’s having an affair, without actually having an affair.

Regan Capp Accesses the Secret Qmail Account Discreetly - Away from Her Menfolk...

However, Cornwall detected that Regan became less interested in the Feud after Kent was disowned. So Cornwall also starts to bother less about the Feud. He and Regan focused their energies on their business and on raising Octavius.

Regan, Cornwall & Octavius at their Sports Shop


(1) See STM 2.06(B), time 4:33-4:38 and 5:25-5:37. This version of the Capp family wore coordinated garments, until 8-year-old Kent refused to “cooperate”.
(2) See STM 2.05(B), time 8:40 onwards. A reference to Kent’s “premade default appearance”.
(3) Cordelia Capp: The late sister of Goneril, Regan & Kent. Mother of Tybalt, Juliette & Hermia.
(4) Claudio Monty: The late brother of Antonio & Bianca. Father of Mercutio & Romeo.

Here’s a Blooper that I couldn’t resist uploading 😉

Tybalt Capp - the Worst Possible Eavesdropper

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What tensions are brewing before the match starts?

What bizarre fact was overlooked during the 2015 Match?

Next Chapter: [Before the Kickoff]


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[2015 Match]

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