#9: Extra – Tybalt’s Exploits

In This Chapter: [Charity Greenwood Case] [Romeo & Juliette] [2031 Capp Family Dinner]

Three chilling events involving the Q+ social network that transformed Tybalt Capp from the 2015 Teen to the 2035 Adult…

Charity Greenwood Case

Year: 2023

Charity Greenwood was a regular 13-year-old from Twinbrook, who lived a normal life like other teenage girls.

She had the fatal flaw of being careless with her personal information that she posted on the internet.

On her Q+ Profile Feed, Charity posted everything from her school result slips (to show off her good grades), to a photo of her family’s mansion, where the house number can be clearly seen.

Anyone who browses Charity’s Q+ profile could get a very clear picture of who she is… but not vice versa.

Q+ Profile - Charity Greenwood

One day, Tybalt Capp was bored, and decided to browse random Q+ profiles.

He saw Charity Greenwood’s Q+ profile, which struck him as a gold mine of personal information.

Then Tybalt browsed the web for a photo of a random “hot teenage boy” around Charity’s age, and used it as the Q+ profile picture for “Drake Manson”, Tybalt’s new fake account.

Charity and “Drake” chatted online for about 2 weeks.

Tybalt learnt even more information, adding to the existing gold mine.

Adult Tybalt Capp poses as a teenage boy to chat with Charity Greenwood

After that, Tybalt traveled to Twinbrook, where he convinced Charity’s school that he was her guardian. The school gave him complete access to Charity’s records.

Then Tybalt made an anonymous phone call to Charity Greenwood, and threatened to expose her private information. He did not mention “Drake Manson”, so Charity had no idea who the caller was, or how he found out the blackmail information.

Tybalt demanded to meet Charity at the alley near the Twinbrook Bridge at 10pm that night, to pay him §5000 to keep quiet.

He also warned her not to call the police, because he knows exactly where she lives, and will murder her in her sleep.

Charity Greenwood walks through town

So that night, Charity gathered the money in bank notes, and made her way through town, to the agreed location.

After lulling Charity into a false sense of security…

Charity Greenwood succumbs to Tybalt Capp's selfishness

…Tybalt murdered her. He threw her body into the dumpster, and ran away with the money.

This became the “Charity Greenwood Case”.

The culprit was never caught.

Tybalt never felt guilty.

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Romeo & Juliette Monty on their Gondola Ride

Romeo & Juliette

Year: 2025

Romeo and Juliette Monty were on a gondola ride along the Veronaville River, enjoying the good weather and smooth landscape.

It’s been a while since the young couple went for such a romantic getaway, since their firstborn arrived early in their marriage. Three-year-old Claudia is safe with her great-grandma Isabella at Monty Ranch, so the couple can focus on each other for the day…

Romeo & Juliette Monty enjoy a romantic getaway

The peaceful atmosphere was suddenly pierced by a shout.

Romeo and Juliette turned around.
The gondola man was nowhere in sight.

Romeo looked out into the water.
There was the gondola man, dead, with a knife in his chest.

Before he could react, there was another scream, this time from his beloved Juliette.

Romeo turned around, and saw a man in a diving suit, approaching him swiftly.

Romeo Monty is attacked by Tybalt Capp

Romeo thought the assailant’s red hair looked familiar, but soon felt a sharp pain in his chest. All went black, as he splashed into the water for the last time.

Juliette: What are you doing, Tybalt, you psycho?!

Tybalt: Saving you from that Monty scoundrel!

Juliette: You murderer! I’m calling the police!

Juliette Monty is indignant towards Tybalt Capp

Tybalt: Be grateful, or I’ll kill you too!

Juliette: (indignantly) You’ll be in jail for the rest of your life! You can’t stab your sister!

Tybalt pulls out his last knife…

Tybalt: Well, Juliette… (Stabs her) I wasn’t put into jail… the last time round. Hahaha…

Tybalt Capp - hardened criminal?

Relatives of Romeo & Juliette Monty mourn at their funeral

Claudia Monty was orphaned that day. Her great-grandmother, Isabella Monty, died shortly after the funeral of Romeo and Juliette.

Claudia’s closest living relative was her Uncle Mercutio, who was a bachelor in 2025.

Granduncle Antonio‘s twins, Bea & Ben, were already teens.

Grandaunt Bianca thought young Horatio would enjoy having a sister who is close in age to him…

Horatio & Claudia Monty in 2025

The police found no fingerprints on the knives, as Tybalt was wearing (transparent) gloves.

During the time of the crime, Goneril Capp and another townie said they saw Tybalt at his house instead.

Nobody saw him make a sneaky escape from his window…

… and nobody saw him escape from the Veronaville River, dripping wet, into the forest, where he made a clean getaway… to sneak back into his house.

Tybalt Capp escapes through the forest

Even more chillingly, nobody knew that Tybalt found out about the gondola trip from browsing Romeo and Juliette’s Q+ public profiles.

How the Fringe did Tybalt Capp cover his tracks so well, to keep a good reputation among the Capps… to the extent of him being seen as a possible “role model”?

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Tybalt Capp discusses family dinner plans with Goneril & Ariel

2031 Capp Family Dinner

2031, AFTER the Silo Incident.
Capp Manor, Goneril’s residence.

Goneril: So, Tybalt. Our Snowflake Day family dinner is next Saturday. Do we have any ideas yet? Budget, restaurant, people attending?

Tybalt: Yes, budget is as always. Same restaurant, and guests. I can count on: You, Albany, Ariel & Hal, Cornwall, Regan & Octavius and also Hermia, Puck & Kelly.

Goneril: Okay…

Ariel: Mom, Hal can’t make it. He’s going on a field trip.

Tybalt: To?

Ariel: Strangetown.

Goneril: Oh, why didn’t that boy tell me in advance?! Tybalt, can we change the date?

Tybalt: Sorry, we can’t. That’s the only slot they have for this weekend… (pretends to check his comm device) Sorry, Aunt Goneril, I need to go now, I have something else to attend to.

Goneril: Bye, Tybalt. I’ll e-mail everyone the details tonight.

Tybalt Capp boots computer

Tybalt returns home and starts his computer. He browses Kent Monty’s Q+ profile because he thinks it might be related to Hal’s trip.

Tybalt: Yeah! Here it is! I also wonder when little Octavius will start a Q+ profile, since he became 13 this year… Ah, little Hal is online now… I’ll invite him to a private Q+ chat…

Hal accepts the invite, and they start chatting.

Hal & Tybalt Capp Chatting Online

Tybalt: hey, quick fire question. Is your field trip to ST secretly to convert you to Team STM??

Hal: No, when we have another match, I will still play for PVCS…

Tybalt: btw, is “kent monty” going for the trip too??

Hal: Why you ask?

Tybalt: just curious

Hal: Maybe he is, but why would you need to know, as he’s not coming to the dinner anyway.

Tybalt: ok. but if you do see him on the trip, you’ll be doing us capps a favor if he doesn’t come back to VV

Hal: What do you mean?

Tybalt: mix some nightshade into his favorite drink

Hal: Heheh… Like he’ll drink anything I give him…

Tybalt: do it secretly

Hal: Maybe…?

Tybalt: just do it… 😡

Hal: Maybe!

~ Hal Capp has left the chat. ~

Tybalt: (thinking) Yeah, sleep well, little punk.

Puck Summerdream and daughter Kelly at the 2031 Family Dinner

By the time of the dinner party, Tybalt has yet to hear from Hal.

Puck: The salad tastes great! I love vegetarian dishes.

Tybalt: I prefer meatballs.

Tybalt Capp and Hermia Summerdream at the 2031 Family Dinner

Goneril: Ariel, are things going well for Hal?

Ariel: Yes! He contacted me on Q+ this morning, and told me that he has a fun time!

Albany: Nice to hear!

Goneril: Yes.

Ariel Capp gives an update about Hal to her parents Goneril and Albany

Tybalt is angry. Is Hal ignoring him?

After the dinner…

Waiter: That will be §4000.

Tybalt: Here you go…

Waiter: And the tip.. §500.

Tybalt: Excuse me? Since when are we FORCED TO?

Tybalt Capp doesn't take kindly to the waiter's demand

Waiter: Well, since this year, waiters are allowed to do that. Because waiters don’t have that much of an income…

Tybalt: Go ride a bicycle, you idiot! This is a 4-star restaurant! Who do you think you are? You can have my fist!

Tybalt punches the waiter.

Tybalt Capp uses his fist to end his argument with the waiter

Regan: TYBALT!!!!

Hermia: (thinking) Grandpa raised us well… especially Tybalt…. Oh Watcher…

Octavius: Poor man…

Ariel: From under which rock did you crawl out from?

Tybalt: Shut up!

Octavius: (quietly) Mom, Dad… is Tybalt still a “good role model”?

Cornwall: (quietly) I think your role models should be Dad and Mom.

Octavius Capp asks his parents Cornwall & Regan about cousin Tybalt

Tybalt was fined §10,000 to pay for the waiter’s full hospital bill, as the waiter needed an operation to fix his cheek and nose.

Tybalt’s house, the next morning…

Tybalt: (thinking) How dare that stupid waiter…

And what’s this? New Q+ private message? From who?
Oh, from Hal… What is he saying?

“Sorry Tybalt, I really wanted to, but I hadn’t got the chance…”

Tybalt Capp's Frustration in front of the Computer

Tybalt: (thinking) Shut your sarcastic mouth… I should probably hack his account… Nah, Aunt Goneril won’t forgive me for that…

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Visual “blunders” abound when you make sims do things that they can’t do in regular gameplay… like a 90-minute football match 😉

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  1. I knew Tybalt was bad, but seriously, what the fringe?! 4 murders? :O
    A valuable lesson in data security for us all…

  2. I just noticed something. I made that Q+ edit on November 11th 2015. Has it really been a year ago already? Time flies ;P

  3. god… damn! Tybalt really is such a VILLIAN! WOW! 4 murders! I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to murder Mercutio but he killed a random teen, killed an innocent bystander, killed his own sister, and killed Romeo.

    1. In Ch1 and Ch2, Tybalt and Mercutio fought regularly. We won’t be surprised that almost every one of those fights were an attempt on Mercutio’s life 😮

      In Ch3, try substituting Mercutio/Desdemona with Tybalt/Beatrice… wonder how different would the confrontation on the Silo be?

      Looks like the respective “worst villain” in both the STM Machinima and the PVCS Tale seems to get away with many atrocious crimes…

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