STSYC Extra: Bloopers

Bloopers and extra screenshots from the STSYC series. You may be surprised at which scenes produced the most bloopers…

#1: The Pleas

Nervous Subject’s positive outcome on the Eclectic Enigmatic Energizer, undoing all the effects of Loki Beaker’s attempts to torture him for the night.

Nervous Subject vs Eclectic Enigmatic Energizer - Good Outcome

Olive Specter enjoys Ophelia Nigmos’ cooking.

Olive Specter thinks Ophelia Nigmos' cooking smells yummy

This confrontation is going to get complicated, and possibly awkward.

Loki Beaker chemistry with Olive Specter

#2: Pizza & Family Gatherings

Birth of Newton Curious.

Pascal Curious and newborn alien baby, Newton Curious

This is NOT the reason why Pascal and Vidcund Curious had to leave the family gathering early…

Pascal and Vidcund Curious leave for work

Dr Hyde: Hurry up, Curious brothers! Get out of Specter Yard before it’s too late!

Prometheus Hyde runs away from Specter Yard, urging the Curious brothers to follow suit

#3: One In, One Out?

The Smith-Grunt confrontation, or the first meeting of the (latent) Specter Yard moles / spies.

Before Dr Hyde decided to delegate the patrolling Observer roles to the other Racing Men.

Prometheus Hyde Observer at Smith Grunt Confrontation

#4: The First Battle

The 0th Battle at Smith Residence: Johnny Smith shoos away unwanted visitors from Specter Yard.

Johnny Smith shoos away Earl E DeMise and other visiting Specter Yard Zombies

Ripp Grunt: Ophelia, I’m so NOT into you, but don’t get me wrong… you’re a really good friend.

Olive Specter and her zombie minions are enthusiastic about their first mission.

But it’s way too early to start… (the attack began past midnight).

Olive Specter Zombie Minions Briefing - too early - blooper

#5: Two More Teams Join the Fray

Ophelia: Sorry, Aunt Olive, please try harder. That’s just the Dramatic trait of a vampire wannabe.

Ophelia Nigmos comments on Olive Specter's epic fail fainting ruse

#6: The Second Battle

Extra shot: Johnny Smith vs Tank Grunt

Johnny Smith vs Tank Grunt fight

Gameplay outcome of the fight

Gameplay outcome of Johnny Smith vs Tank Grunt fight

#7: Liaisons

When Circe was out…
Erin caught Loki cheating…

in chess.

Erin Beaker catches Loki Beaker cheating... in chess

Loki swears by the River Styx that he’s using the chess opening “Beaker Defense, Electric Fence Variation”.

Nervous Subject agrees that Loki has a huge attitude problem.
“He should try living as the ‘monster in the pit’, and see how he likes it.”

Nervous Subject wonders if you know how it's like to live as the 'monster in the pit'...

#8: The Third Battle

Why would Tank Grunt lag behind during the Charge of Team Grunt?
Shouldn’t it be Ripp instead who is the least enthusiastic?

Tank Grunt lags behind during the charge of Team Grunt

RM Xu: Ophelia, please try harder. What you’re seeking is not here.

You’re also distracting Team Grunt’s charge formation, which is a strangely difficult thing for me to oversee.

RM Duncan Xu tells Ophelia Nigmos to try harder

#9 / #10A / 10B

Ripp Grunt’s eyes are too scary.

Ripp Grunt scary eyes

Erin Beaker has an idea of who she may date next, though she may take a while to have any positive relationship with him.

Erin Beaker chemistry with General Buzz Grunt

The most frightening potential outcome of the Specter Yard Reconciliation Meeting…

Sorry, Loki. You don’t stand a chance.

Olive Specter is brought back, and the Resurrect O Nomitron is still around!

The STSYC authors’ interpretation of the [StrangeTown families’ timelines], in terms of number of years before the start of STSYC.

The Specter family timeline is examined in greater detail in the short prequel, [Olive Specter’s Timeline].

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STSYC Chapters:

1. The Pleas
2. Pizza and Family Gatherings
3. One In, One Out?
4. The First Battle
5. Two More Teams Join the Fray
6. The Second Battle
7. Liaisons
8. The Third Battle
9. Ultimatums
10A. New Challenges
10B. New Beginnings

STSYC Bloopers
StrangeTown Families Timelines / Lola & Chloe’s Age Discrepancy

Olive Specter’s Timeline (STSYC Prequel)

1. Early Years: Danielle Greaves, Earl E. DeMise

2. DJ Spectra: Rigger Mortis, Hugh Thanasia

3. Midnight Hollow: Thanatos Grimm, Nervous Subject, Doe Family, Ichabod Specter

4. Elder Guardian: Ophelia Nigmos, Lyla Grunt, Strangetown Bella Goth / Jane Doe

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